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Video confrences with our partners


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A presentation about our videoconferences during the project.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Video confrences with our partners

  1. 1. Videoconfrences with our partnersVideokonferenciák partnereinkkel
  2. 2. We collected our questions beforehand.
  3. 3. The whole group was very excited.
  4. 4. Our teachers turned on the webcam.
  5. 5. Everybody wanted to sit in front of the webcam.
  6. 6. We laughed a lot during the videoconference.
  7. 7. We talked about funny things with our partners.
  8. 8. We tried to answer the questions individually.
  9. 9. Girls were brave in talking English.
  10. 10. It was interesting to see our partners in person.
  11. 11. They’re the pupils from class 8.
  12. 12. Thanks to all of our partners for chatting.