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Back to school ppt


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Back to school ppt

  1. 1. 2014 A new year is a time to start anew It will be better than 2013
  2. 2. Technology Policy • Phone use only with permission • Unauthorized technology use without permission may result in a Saturday School • Ask permission to take photos in class even if they are of notes
  3. 3. Attendance • You don’t get the same experience making up work as actually being in class and paying attention • If you know you’ll be in the hospital or out for a valid reason, please let me know- in writing is best, I can’t remember everything • Students with multiple absences don’t do as well on tests especially 9 week exams • The effect on EOC’s? Let’s not go there
  4. 4. Routines • Routines give clear expectations about what you should be doing • Classes that can follow routines get more done and have more free time at the end of class • Routines are adjusted as necessary
  5. 5. If you have a concern that is not a emergnecy • You can let me know before class starts but I won’t be able to address until the class is doing independent work • You can see me after school on most days • You can send me an e-mail at • If you have a true emergency, please tell me
  6. 6. Entering the room • Go directly to your seat • Get out your notebook and a pencil or pen • You’ll need a pencil on most test days • Our goal is to start class at the bell
  7. 7. If you are late • Sign in on the sign-in sheet using your full name • Quietly go to your assigned seat without fanfare • Turn in your work quietly if work was due at the beginning of class • Pick up on the class activity & get to work
  8. 8. Materials • As high school students you should be responsible for bringing materials for your work • If you need to borrow materials, ask another student before class starts • Ask the teacher as a last resort so you appear to be responsible for yourself
  9. 9. If you are sick • Please tell me as you enter the room so I know why you have your head down etc. • Do not wait until I come to see why you are not working to tell me you are sick • Administration wants you working- it is my job to have you on task if you are able
  10. 10. Heading your papers • The format for heading your paper is Your full name Date assigned Your class period • 10% point deduction if any of the above is missing because figuring out where it goes in the gradebook wastes a lot of time
  11. 11. Late work • I accept makeup work but not late work. • Makeup work is late due to an absence and should have “makeup work” above the heading • You have one day plus the number of days you were out to turn work in • Late work is work you didn’t turn in on time. See me privately if you have questions
  12. 12. Grading
  13. 13. Honors only
  14. 14. Important to know • I was unable to change the format Mrs. Freeman set up for Honors so the 9 week exam grades for that class only are recored as “End of Course” • All American History students will have the End of Course grade entered after the school year is over. There is no Sociology EOC [yet]
  15. 15. Your grade • Skyward is the way to keep up with your grade- all Skyward passwords were reset to a default- you have no reason to not have access to your grade • Makeup work and tests are graded in batches and will take some time to be entered • Makeup work not turned in in a timely fashion is not graded
  16. 16. Posting assignments • Assignments are posted on the board. • By the end of the day they are put in the “What Did You Do When I Was Out?” book. • Check above for makeup work
  17. 17. When you are absent • You have one day for each day out plus one day to get your makeup work in. • You are responsible for securing makeup work using the “What Did You Do...” book • If you miss a test you’ll have to make it up after school on a pre-announced dayusually a Tuesday • Makeup work is graded in batches so it won’t show up on Skyward right away- be sure it says “Makeup Work” clearly
  18. 18. Locating worksheets if your’re absent • You can get the questions from another student and copy or type it along with your answers. • I will set up a place for worksheets but I don’t order tons of extra copies so if we run out you’re stuck doing the above • You may take pictures of such with permission only
  19. 19. Distributing & collecting materials • The person at the front of a row gets papers for the row and passes them back. • The same thing happens in reverse when papers are collected • If your paper is not passed up when they are collected it is your responsibility to see that I get it [without creating a disruption]
  20. 20. Don’t all cry at once • There will be no more open note tests for the rest of the year • has Jeopardy games and helpful information that can supplement your classwork • I will continue to do reviews before 9 week exams but they are not a substitute for actual studying
  21. 21. When you finish early • Planning to complete work at home and not is class does not constitute “finishing early” • Show me your work and then you may read or do work for another class • Texting is not doing work for another class
  22. 22. Leaving the classroom • Sign out on the clipboard by the doorcomplete all of the information • Unless you have a medical excuse or are sick there is a 3 pass per 9 week limit • Be sure to sign back in