M-Lab. : Open Measurement for an Open Internet


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Measurement Lab. presentation: Open Measurement for an Open Internet - Session 2 - TunIXP workshop - Tunis - 29-04-2013

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M-Lab. : Open Measurement for an Open Internet

  1. 1. Open Measurement for an Open Internet Ben Scott: Open Technology Institute
  2. 2. Openness is crucial Why? ● The Internet is vast, decentralized, and dynamic. ● Hence, measuring Internet performance is a complicated science. ● Complicated science requires collaboration, peer review, and above all, replicable results. Openness makes this possible.
  3. 3. M-Lab: a diverse partnership supporting open network research
  4. 4. M-Lab provides: ● Open, verifiable, public data and tools ● Facts at scale 700+ terabytes of raw, complex public data, and growing ● Open, global infrastructure designed and managed specifically for measurement
  5. 5. Open testing ecosystem
  6. 6. M-Lab's diverse suite of tools 12 tools, more on the way ● Browser-based NDT, Glasnost, Shaperprobe, Neubot, and more ● Hardware-based BISmark, SamKnows ● Mobile MobiPerf, NDT, more on the way Multiple vantages and methodologies provide important layers of meaning. There is no one way to measure. The key to any choice is to ensure that it's open and verifiable.
  7. 7. Global servers mean global data 100+ global servers, and growing. A bird's eye view:
  8. 8. Regulatory participants ● Austria, RTR Mobile tool using NDT, supporting M-Lab servers ● Cyprus, OCECPR Adopting Hyperion dashboard, supporting M-Lab servers ● European Commission SamKnows study running on M-Lab ● Greece, EETT Hyperion dashboard using M-Lab's NDT and Glasnost tools, supporting M-Lab servers ● Thailand, NBTC Initial stages, supporting M-Lab servers to gather open data ● US, FCC Consumer Broadband Test, Measuring Broadband America report
  9. 9. Regulatory resources, available right now to everyone Use the available data. M-Lab offers a huge, rich dataset (700+ terabytes). You can shed light on problems reported by a consumer right now (or before consumers report anything!). ● Compare consumer reports to the available data. ● Engage with researchers and other experts to examine the data and see what it says. ● If needed, conduct more targeted studies to learn more. Visit: measurementlab.net/visualization, measurementlab.net/data
  10. 10. Using open data (Greece)
  11. 11. Using open data (Greece)
  12. 12. Using open data (France)
  13. 13. Using open data (France)
  14. 14. Key take-away: openness first Any measurement solution must be open. Open means: 1. Open-source tools 2. Openly available data 3. Open, consistent infrastructure 4. Open analysis 5. Open collaboration with researchers and other stakeholders M-Lab isn't the only way, it's just the biggest and most well- established.
  15. 15. How can you get involved? 1. Make it clear that "Openness" must be a requirement for any national regulator's measurement program. 2. Partner with M-lab. Engage with the data, host a server, adopt an M-Lab tool, (or suggest another way). 3. Engage with university researchers to answer your questions openly, using open data. 4. Tell M-Lab and Internet researchers what you need. The platform is there, the tools can be built.
  16. 16. Do you want to know more? A community is waiting to answer your questions ● Ask now, or ● talk to us later today, or ● visit the M-Lab site, or ● contact us directly in the future measurementlab.net measurementlab.net/contact