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Optimize - Innovate - Accelerate. 3 steps to BSS transformation


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Published in: Technology
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Optimize - Innovate - Accelerate. 3 steps to BSS transformation

  1. 1. ACCELERATE INNOVATE OPTIMIZEOptimizing architecture for ness processes, or modifications of the Accelerating time to market forlowering costs existing ones, calls for a modern, consoli- faster business results dated BSS.IT departments are forced to optimize costs. The changes on the telecom market are hap-One way to do this is to reduce the number Innovating without limits for pening faster than ever, and the pressure onof redundant IT systems used for similar a winning product portfolio IT departments to keep pace is increasing.activities. Therefore, a good way to optimize Shortening the time to market from a merecosts is IT consolidation by using the same Communication service providers must be buzzword often becomes a in various domains, e.g.: able to introduce new products and enter > pre-paid and post-paid as well as mo- new markets easily. An example here can One of the biggest problems with the time bile and fixed customers on the same be entering the M2M market, strengthening to market is that legacy systems force you platform an operator’s multi-service offering or si- to configure new products in various places, > retail and wholesale domains on one multaneous use of various business mod- with different rules. This involves a complex platform, with the possibility of sharing els such as reselling, enabling or two-sided. process of testing, limits the possibility of information IT departments play a significant role in this managing the entire process of a product > interconnect, roaming, revenue sharing, area – they need to ensure that IT systems launch, and does not allow for obtaining M2M and MVNOs on a single platform used in their company empower innovation. consistent product performance data. BSS is one of the crucial elements here, soApart from the time and cost savings it also it should not create any limitations or block This calls for the architecture to be trans-brings more flexibility, shortens the time to innovation, but support it in the best pos- formed so that it includes centralized prod-market, and can be an additional driver of sible way. uct management and unified order captur-transformation. ing for all sales channels. Such a change While innovation is best expressed by add- lets you configure products in a singleAnother way to optimize costs is to eliminate ing new products to the offer, the majority place, which radically decreases configu-revenue leakages. This can be achieved by of pre-existing products must still be main- ration time. In addition, product life cyclegaining more control over processes, qual- tained. So the total number of products to management lets you better organize pro-ity and revenue assurance tools, as well as maintain is continually growing. BSS must cesses connected with designing, imple-reducing the amount of manually performed be able to support the growing number of menting and terminating products.tasks by automating certain processes products and at the same time eliminatemanaged by various departments across the need for creation of redundant products Another key condition for quick introduction ofthe organization. by mechanisms such as personalized pric- new services to the market is pre-integration ing and promotions. of BSS and OSS that lies in a common, stan-Cost optimization also requires flexibility in dard data model. Such a model empowers thelaunching new products designed by the Innovation also requires constant develop- user, by allowing a uniform view of the networkmarketing department and expected by ment of existing IT systems. Whole new in- and service layer. Pre-integrated BSS and OSScustomers. This means introducing new tegrations and systems have to be added provides the ability to ensure high quality ofproducts without expensive, risky and time- to the BSS. Such development can be sup- service and thus better customer experience.consuming system upgrades. The need of IT ported by applying Service Oriented Archi- Additionally, this approach allows automatingdepartments for cost-efficient introduction tecture using open interfaces to help limit many processes and in turn accelerating theof new products, configurations and busi- the overall complexity of the solution. business. Learn more – go to: