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Lan Desk 9 Solutions Overview


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Lan Desk 9 Solutions Overview

  1. 1. LANDesk IT Management ® Solutions Overview Bluthmeister’s award winning copy will go here
  2. 2. “Whether it’s software distribution, “LANDesk has given us greater “In the healthcare industry, inventory management, remote visibility, flexibility and control securing your environment is key. control, patching, or desktop over the management and You cannot risk having any of your security, LANDesk saves us time, security of our endpoints, while equipment exposed or vulnerable money, and effort.” significantly increasing our overall to outside attacks. LANDesk user satisfaction. It has been a enables us to keep our machines — John Cullen great success for us.” updated, current, and secure.” Senior Desktop Engineer Charming Shoppes — Ranabir Dey — Edward Skaff Director of IT Manager American Institute of Certified Exempla Healthcare Public Accountants (AICPA)
  3. 3. Cut Costs, Reduce Risk and Boost Productivity Is change the only constant in your workday? Are you forced to do more and be accountable for more, but with fewer resources? Does your IT team juggle solu- tions from multiple vendors with the accompanying complexity, maintenance and cost burdens? If so then you’re ready for the relief you’ll experience with LANDesk® solutions. “With its highly granular reporting Developed with your IT and business needs in mind, LANDesk® systems man- features, ITIL®-compliant agement, endpoint security, asset lifecycle, and IT service management solutions processes, and comprehensive enable IT to help power the enterprise and achieve objectives. record of all IT service Choose LANDesk solutions and equip IT staff to: management-related activities, LANDesk® Service Desk helps ■■ Reduce IT costs and complexity with single-console management of any us maintain our credibility with system from anywhere. customers and regulators, and ■■ Completely secure all of your deployed systems. ultimately enables us to provide ■■ Automate and control your IT processes. the best possible service to the ■■ Integrate your service desk and systems management functionality. NHS and the wider public.” — Daryl Barber Customer Service Manager Derbyshire Health Informatics Services
  4. 4. Systems Management Are you coping with an IT infrastructure overloaded with too many tools, agents and databases from various vendors? Do you know what IT assets you have, where they are and how they’re being used? Are the systems beyond your firewall well managed? Rest assured, with the single-console simplicity of the LANDesk® solutions, you can manage your computing infrastructure and boost the performance of IT staff while reducing the number of vendor offerings that must be learned and maintained. LANDesk Management Suite ® Discover, Manage, Update, and Protect All Your Endpoints Automate systems management tasks and proactively control desktops, servers and mobile devices with single-console management of any system from anywhere. LANDesk® Management Suite delivers added value by reducing cost, minimizing business risk, and increasing productivity and efficiency: ■■ Know what IT assets you have, reclaim software, manage assets through the complete lifecycle, save on power costs, manage mobility, and deliver 24x7 services and connectivity ■■ Benefit from real-time, component-level inventory and hardware monitoring ■■ Ensure compliance; provide layered security for infrastructure, endpoints and mobile data; meet regulatory demands; and perform patch management and system updates ■■ Deliver IT service management, empower employees, automate IT processes, and progress in IT business maturity LANDesk Management Suite leverages existing investments in database, application and directory service technologies across mixed IT environments. And thanks to the integrated nature of the platform, it’s easy to add additional security and management capabilities. For example, the LANDesk® Management Gateway Appliance lets you securely manage remote users without purchasing or maintaining a VPN or leased line—and without purchasing, installing, configuring or maintaining a server. Simply plug in the Appliance for a trouble-free way to manage and secure systems anytime, anywhere. LANDesk Application Virtualization ® Reduce Multiple Application Regression Testing Costs Create, distribute, and run a needed application without ever having to install it. LANDesk® Application Virtualization requires no preinstalled client software and can be run from any LAN, WAN, USB, CD-ROM drive and more, with zero-footprint on the host PC. Use it to reduce the need for expensive, time-consuming multiple application regression testing. The solution also reduces the cost of maintaining secure, locked-down desktops by running isolated applications in restricted user accounts without host modifications. It also empowers you to consolidate server use; accelerate software development; and enhance user mobility, business continuity and disaster recovery. LANDesk Inventory Manager ® See, Monitor, and Maintain All Hardware and Software Assets Take control of your IT assets through extended asset tracking and maintenance planning. Available stand-alone or as a built-in component of LANDesk® Management Suite, LANDesk® Inventory Manager offers a unified asset repository that brings asset information together so you can transform raw data into business intelligence. The solution automates key IT asset management tasks: ■■ Discover networked computing devices ■■ Maintain detailed hardware and software inventories automatically ■■ Gather and track custom data fields ■■ Plan upgrades and maintenance And as your systems management needs expand, you can move seamlessly to complete those tasks with LANDesk Management Suite.
  5. 5. LANDesk Server Manager ® Keep Servers Available and Running at High Performance Levels Help IT staff maintain high server performance with minimal intrusion on the server operating environment. LANDesk® Server Manager employs a single agent, console, database and architecture for managing server performance and availability. The solution can help you: ■■ Monitor hardware and software performance in real time and predict hardware failure ■■ Distribute software, updates and tools using on-demand technology ■■ Recover crashed IPMI-enabled machines over the wire with remote power control and problem resolution tools ■■ Configure alerts on performance, availability and recovery status You can assess server status instantly and keep servers available and running at high performance levels, plus you can plan capacity and upgrades proactively and access data through log consolidation, grouping and software license monitoring. LANDesk® Power Manager Minimize Power Consumption while Maximizing User Productivity Included in LANDesk® Management Suite and also available as a stand-alone product, LANDesk® Power Manager software enables you to centrally manage power consumption by optimizing power policies to fit your operating environment. The solution helps you understand how much money and power your organization can save by employing specific power-management policies, allows you to track historical savings over time, helps combat PC insomnia to make sure systems comply with approved policies, and allows administrators to delay the application of power management while specific applications or processes are running. LANDesk Power Manager helps you minimize power consumption while maximizing user productivity. It’s a smart, green solution that can save your organization a significant amount of money.
  6. 6. Endpoint Security Management Do you juggle multiple applications from different vendors to protect your enterprise from spyware, viruses and zero-day attacks, plus handle even more point products for systems management? Do you know where you’re vulnerable, and can you secure and patch systems beyond your firewall and those devices rejoining your office network? LANDesk layered endpoint security solutions—composed of IT vulnerability assessment and patch management capabilities, antivirus software and remote control software—enable you to protect your mixed IT environment from a single console. LANDesk® Security Suite Access the Layered Endpoint Protection You Need Completely secure all of your deployed systems, ease patch management and deployment, control and encrypt USB and other devices to prevent data leakage, enforce endpoint security policies for the mobile user, and grant network access control to protect the organization from virus outbreaks and unauthorized access. Without question, LANDesk® Security Suite provides the layered endpoint protection you need, plus it integrates easily with LANDesk Management Suite through a single console. LANDesk Security Suite helps you: ■■ Discover devices on the network and monitor for new devices in real-time ■■ Scan for patch needs, malware threats and configuration vulnerabilities ■■ Research, prioritize, download and distribute patches ■■ Remove spyware, adware, key-loggers and other malware ■■ Deny launch of unauthorized or prohibited applications ■■ Develop policies to automatically maintain security rules for each device ■■ Restrict network access and use of communications ports ■■ Control removable media use, encrypt data written, log files transferred, and shadow copy ■■ Assess compliance to security standards set by NSA, NIST, CIS, SANS, PCI, etc. ■■ Implement the LANDesk Firewall or manage the Windows Firewall ■■ Enforce security policies on devices outside the corporate firewall when accompanied with the LANDesk Management Gateway Appliance ■■ Enforce third-party antivirus solutions to ensure protection and compliance ■■ Enforce application control through either blacklisting, whitelisting or behavioral control LANDesk® Antivirus Safeguard Data and Keep Endpoints Secure and Operational Available as a subscription add-on to LANDesk Management Suite, LANDesk Security Suite, or LANDesk® Patch Manager, LANDesk® Antivirus helps you protect workstations, file servers, mail systems, Internet gateways and other systems from all types of malware in real-time. It is built on leading antivirus technology that is known to find more viruses than other solutions and performs scans quickly. Plus it updates signatures hourly to ensure maximum protection. IT teams have only one agent to install and one console to use, reducing complexity while boosting efficiency and productivity. LANDesk® Antivirus – Mail Server Add Protection for Microsoft® Exchange Server The new LANDesk® Antivirus – Mail Server solution adds another protective layer to endpoint security by safeguarding your corporate mail servers against external threats, preventing virus outbreaks within corporate networks, and filtering out unsolicited email. It defends mailboxes, public folders, and relayed email located on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 against malicious programs with real-time scanning of all email, including attachments, OLE objects, and attached messages. LANDesk Antivirus – Mail Server is available as a stand-alone product that also works with and complements other LANDesk and Avocent branded solutions.
  7. 7. LANDesk® Host Intrusion Prevention Add Prevention to Protection As part of LANDesk® Security Suite, LANDesk® Host Intrusion Prevention, also known as LANDesk® HIPS, provides added assurance that you’re equipped to prevent zero-day threats and rootkits even before a fix is available. It features application control capabilities and optional whitelisting to not only block known bad programs, but to allow known good programs as well as rootkit detection and prevention. Your enterprise gains precise control over what users can and can’t run on your systems, so you go beyond protecting against known malicious attacks by stopping the types of behaviors typical of those attacks. LANDesk HIPS capabilities within LANDesk Security Suite extend the protection of the LANDesk security platform to offer you the most complete, layered security solution available from a single console. LANDesk® Network Access Control Keep Infected or Unprotected Systems from Connecting in the First Place Prevent out-of-date or unpatched and/or unmanaged computers (such as contractors, visitors, or malicious persons) from connecting to the network. Available as an add-on software module to LANDesk Security Suite, LANDesk Network Access Control helps you extend the power and benefit of security policies you’ve defined in LANDesk Security Suite and enforce network access control. The solution supports 801.1x configurations and includes quarantine and remediation capabilities, and PEAP authentication. LANDesk® Patch Manager Keep Pace with Security Threats and Patches Available as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on to LANDesk Management Suite, LANDesk® Patch Manager is a renewable service that automates vulnerability assessment and patch management across mixed IT environments and enables you to establish and maintain baseline security, stability and performance for applications and operating systems. The solution enables IT staff to: ■■ Quickly evaluate systems with active vulnerability scanning ■■ Identify vulnerabilities against tested, validated information sources ■■ Research, review and download available patches ■■ Efficiently remediate known vulnerabilities through automated targeting and patch distribution ■■ Establish active management policies that automatically maintain patch currency ■■ Enforce patch standards on devices outside the corporate network with the addition of the LANDesk Management Gateway Appliance
  8. 8. IT Service Management Solutions Does your IT team devote hours to redundant manual tasks? Are you ready to automate processes without relinquishing control over the steps taken or the outcome achieved? What about your help desk analysts who answer the phones, deal with users’ frustrations, and endeavor to resolve problems with a “once-and done” call? LANDesk® IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions deliver efficient, world-class support to employees, citizens and customers while improving service levels and reducing costs. These solutions combine LANDesk® Service Desk, LANDesk® Process Manager, and LANDesk® Asset Lifecycle Manager to establish a comprehensive ITSM platform. Together with LANDesk Professional Services, LANDesk ITSM solutions enable you to implement well-defined best practices such as ITIL and IT asset management within one framework to facilitate delivery of effective, quality IT services that meet the expectations of your end users. LANDesk® Process Manager Automate and Control Your IT and Business Processes Only LANDesk Process Manager offers organizations in the mid-market a single tool to both build and execute consistent, predictable IT processes, rescuing IT staff from endlessly repeating the same tasks. It can be used as a stand-alone application, or as a perfect complement to other LANDesk solutions—from LANDesk Management Suite to LANDesk Service Desk—offering customers one more way to simplify IT management with less infrastructure and resource investment. Only LANDesk is approaching process automation from the IT entry point, helping IT staff work smarter and become more proactive, less harried and more innovative. LANDesk® Service Desk Integrate Your Service Desk and Systems Management Functionality LANDesk Service Desk is a next-generation consolidated service desk solution that helps your enterprise provide outstanding support services to employees and customers. It combines incident, problem, change and configuration management into a single application, providing access to everything you need to monitor, trend, diagnose and remediate user needs proactively. You can define and follow multiple support procedures, ensuring consistency in how incidents and problems are dealt with. Each user gains real-time access to relevant, tailored information to ensure visibility and understanding of responsibilities, status and effectiveness. And you experience complete control to align your business needs with your service and support needs. LANDesk® Asset Lifecycle Manager Proactively Manage the Operational, Financial and Contractual Aspects of IT Assets Inventory data is the foundation of many IT Service Management processes, ensuring that organizations can use assets in the most efficient way, enabling their users to receive the services that they need in a cost-effective and timely manner. LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager offers the asset lifecycle control necessary to build a strong foundation to support the demand for IT asset management. By combining workflows, asset state mapping, and a flexible asset repository, LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager helps you track assets, understand the asset lifecycle status—and report on these assets while working within a best practices framework, delivering actionable information to the business that enables informed decision making. Together with LANDesk Service Desk and LANDesk Process Manager, LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager can form the foundations of a comprehensive service delivery and optimization platform.
  9. 9. Which Solutions Are Right for Your Enterprise? All LANDesk® solutions are integrated to give you a comprehensive, business-centric approach to IT management that meets your targeted needs. The Right LANDesk Solutions My Enterprise Needs... for My Enterprise Are… Hardware and software management of desktops, notebooks and handheld devices with: ■ Enterprise scalability ■ Software license monitoring ■ Ultraefficient software distribution technologies LANDesk Management Suite ■ OS deployment and profile migration LANDesk Management Gateway Appliance ■ Remote control and problem resolution ■ Inventory management ■ Basic core vulnerability detection technology ■ Support for multiple platforms Easy, client-less, conflict-free application deployment and rollback using true LANDesk Application Virtualization isolation capabilities. Visibility and tracking of computer resources with inventory scanning, software LANDesk Inventory Manager license monitoring and reporting. Built-in to LANDesk Management Suite The ability to instantly assess the health of servers, patch them and keep them LANDesk Server Manager available and running at high performance levels. The ability to centrally manage power consumption by optimizing power policies to LANDesk Power Manager fit your operating environment. Active endpoint security and patch management for desktops and notebooks with: ■ Advanced vulnerability detection and security configuration ■ Remediation tools, including controlled access to drives, ports and wireless channels ■ Prevention of zero-day threats and rootkits even before a fix is available LANDesk Security Suite ■ Patch management tools ■ Antivirus enforcement for McAfee, Norton, Sophos, Symantec and Trend-Micro and firewall capabilities ■ Monitor and remediate for CIS, NIST and the SANS top 10 Enterprise-ready antivirus protection and rootkit detection for desktops and LANDesk Antivirus notebooks. The ability to safeguard mailboxes, public folders, and relayed email located on LANDesk Antivirus – Mail Server Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 against malicious programs. The capability to identify and quarantine infected managed and unmanaged LANDesk Network Access Control computers; the solution supports 801.1x configurations. Automated vulnerability assessment, remediation and ongoing patch LANDesk Patch Manager management—including application patching—for desktops and notebooks. Built-in to LANDesk Security Suite The ability to design, model, document, automate and optimize IT and business processes and to execute workflows and automate LANDesk Process Manager processes for LANDesk software distributions, patch management, vulnerability scans, software license monitoring and more. Enable support to resolve problems before they become larger problems; keep users happy and equip IT to quickly understand a user’s issue and LANDesk Service Desk close help desk tickets faster. See what assets are in your environment, who owns them, how they are maintained and charged back. Make informed decisions about the changes that occur to LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager the asset over its lifecycle, such as changing users, departments, cost centers, functions, jobs, and more.
  10. 10. LANDesk Services Offerings Some software solutions providers loudly trumpet their technology, only to fall silent on service once the sale is complete. In contrast, LANDesk offers a wide spectrum of professional services, training services, and customer support offerings to help you realize the most value from your software investment. Our Services teams draw from the experience, talents, and abilities of the people who develop award-winning LANDesk solutions, helping customers experience the most worry-free implementation, training, and support experience possible. Professional Services – Certified LANDesk® Deployment Bring the experience, talents, and abilities of the people who develop award-winning LANDesk solutions to your deployment process. Whether you need design, consulting, or deployment services, LANDesk Professional Services can provide you worry-free onsite, on- budget, and on-schedule engagements tailored to the needs of your IT and business environment. We offer you direct access to a team of LANDesk professional consultants that work in concert with you and your team to provide: ■■ Enterprise design and project scoping ■■ Application repackaging ■■ LANDesk software upgrade projects ■■ Health checks ■■ LANDesk product installation and deployment ■■ Desktop security analysis and remediation ■■ IT project management ■■ OS migration ■■ Server management consulting ■■ Asset management consulting ■■ IT and business process management consulting ■■ Gap analysis By taking advantage of LANDesk Professional Services, you can be confident your deployment will be designed, validated, and implemented by field-proven members of the our Worldwide Professional Services Team in accordance with industry best practices and standards. Training Services – Training and Certification You can maximize your knowledge of LANDesk solutions through valuable training courses and the Certified LANDesk® Engineer (CLE) exam. ■■ LANDesk® Training Courses—Learn directly from professionals what LANDesk solutions can do for you and your organization. Instructor-Led training (ILT) is available at LANDesk division headquarters as well as onsite at customer facilities. Instructor-Led Online (ILO) training is delivered live over the Internet by an instructor using a shared desktop application. All ILO courses are interactive and include access to hands-on virtual exercises. ■■ LANDesk® E-Learning Library—LANDesk Education has created a library of E-Learning modules that supplement the ILT and ILO training offerings. This training resource provides convenient and concise access to basic training material. All E-Learning courses are recorded by LANDesk subject matter experts with topics that are primarily technical in nature. New and expanded material is added regularly. ■■ Certified LANDesk® Engineer Exam—Capitalize on your LANDesk training and product experience and become a Certified LANDesk Engineer (CLE) through LANDesk’s industry-recognized certification program. The Certified LANDesk Engineer exam tests an administrator’s knowledge of the key functionality found within LANDesk Management Suite and LANDesk Security Suite. Customer Support Services LANDesk has created a points-based support system that offers you a range of service and support options designed to meet your operational requirements. The levels of the program have been structured to ensure you receive the service you need and deserve. Customers who purchase a LANDesk maintenance program are awarded “points” according to the level of their investment. The accumulation of points, at initial purchase and throughout the year, determines the level of support you automatically qualify for. Four levels of support are available: Base, Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus.
  11. 11. Available Support Upgrade Options: ■■ Support Program Upgrades—Customers wanting to upgrade within the LANDesk support programs can move from one level to another by purchasing additional LANDesk products or by purchasing points to reach the service level they desire. ■■ LANDesk Software Upgrade Protection—Stay current with the latest advances in LANDesk systems, security, and service management technologies through a Software Upgrade Protection (SUP) service agreement. As new products are released, you are notified and given immediate access to the latest major and minor product updates. ■■ LANDesk Incident Pack Support—Customers who qualify for the Base Support tier have the option of purchasing incident packs to augment their service level. Packs are available in quantities of 5, 10, 25, and 50 incidents. LANDesk Technical Account Manager A LANDesk Technical Account Manager offers your organization a single point of contact for all your support needs. You enjoy dedicated, personal support because each manager is assigned to only a few accounts. Plus you have direct land-line and cellular phone access to your account manager, so there’s no need to wait in a hold queue. You can rely on a professional who works on your account and who is familiar with your business environment, processes and objectives. Features and Benefits: ■■ The highest level of support available from LANDesk, with a single renewable annual agreement for one yearly fee. ■■ A single point of contact for all technical support needs—no explaining an issue to multiple people multiple times. ■■ A dedicated account manager who will help you realize the most value from your LANDesk investment. ■■ Proactive technical mentoring for fast, knowledgeable support—on the phone and in person. ■■ Remote diagnostic support services. ■■ Access to a LANDesk product expert who’s in direct contact with the engineers who developed the solution. ■■ Direct land-line and cellular phone access to an assigned Technical Account Manager—no waiting in a hold queue. ■■ Half-hour to two-hour response times depending on the program chosen, with priority escalation of all support issues. ■■ Unlimited incident support; proactive information on patches, bug fixes, hot topics and more. ■■ Free vouchers for LANDesk training courses and events, including eligibility to participate on the LANDesk Customer Advisory Panel. TAM Program Options: ■■ Premier Regional-Based Program: The TAM serves no more than seven accounts, and is located within reasonable geographic proximity to the customer. Includes six days onsite at customer location annually. ■■ Premier Factory-Based Program: The TAM serves no more than seven accounts, and is located with engineering and product management at LANDesk division headquarters in Utah. Includes three days onsite at customer location annually. ■■ Enterprise Program: The TAM serves no more than three accounts, and is located within reasonable geographic proximity to the customer. Includes 12 days onsite at customer location annually. ■■ Dedicated Program: The TAM serves a single, dedicated account only. Is located within reasonable geographic proximity to the customer, or can even work at the customer site up to four days per week.
  12. 12. Why LANDesk? For more than two decades, LANDesk has been a proven leader in the IT systems management industry, creating some of the most recognized and award-winning solutions available. The company continues to develop IT systems, security, asset lifecycle, and service management solutions to meet customer requirements. LANDesk IT management solutions help you do more with less effort, expense and training, and with little or no new infrastructure. Technologies exclusive to LANDesk include: ■■ LANDesk® provisioning: An exclusive way to completely install and configure systems and servers—from OS installation to application deployment, patching and configuration—using a single task. ■■ The LANDesk® Management Gateway Appliance: Includes patented technology to help IT manage previously unreachable users across the Internet—without a dedicated leased line or VPN. ■■ LANDesk® Targeted Multicast™ technology: Reduces network traffic by using a temporary subnet representative to simultaneously distribute large OS or application packages to multiple systems. ■■ LANDesk® Peer Download™ technology: Speeds configuration policy management by using packages from previous recipients on the same subnet to reduce the number of packages sent over the WAN. We’re Ready to Serve You LANDesk is also widely recognized for delivering impeccable service. Said Greg Smith, Certified LANDesk® Engineer for Fulton County School System, “I’ve done quite a bit of work through contractors and outside vendors and am blown away with LANDesk’s commitment to making things work. The commitment to our success is unparalleled.” LANDesk also stands ready to serve you. For more information, please call us at 1-800-982-2130 or contact your LANDesk Solutions Provider. Visit for more information. Copyright © 2010, LANDesk Software, Inc. and its parent or affiliated companies. All rights reserved. LANDesk and its logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of LANDesk Software, Inc., and its parent or affiliated companies in the United States and/or other countries. Other brands and names may be claimed as the property of others. LSI-0869E 0110/BB/NH