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Things Mandoo don't do


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"I will never make any of the 10 main mistakes" Mandoo

Published in: Business, Technology
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Things Mandoo don't do

  1. 1. “I will never make any of the 10 mainmistakes”
  2. 2. The 10 Main Mistakes1. A watched pot… Never boilsCause you to lose time with facilities so that you can use our service afterlong waits and on prior payment of specialized technical personnel.2.Don’t Move!You can only work with our tool from a single site when you leave this place ourservices will be totally unusable.3. Better with glassesYou will need to sign a term contract to be reviewedwith a fine tooth comb.
  3. 3. The 10 Main Mistakes4. Theory about MORE is MOREAt Mandoo firmly believe that much more expensive,much better. Only products that are sold at high pricesare quality products.5. Make an appointment!We have a specific and strict timetable in order to meet ourcustomers and without any kind of personalized service. Welike to make them wait and we never manage your requestsquickly.6. Dead endOur tool is very complex, ourclients have difficulty to handle it andnobody manages to control it, they needus. They depend on the expert, somethingthat they will never be.
  4. 4. The 10 Main Mistakes7. Zero downloadsYou can view the data in your computer,but under no circumstances you will beable to download them.8.All is paperwork…If you want to contract another one of our products you mustpay much more, redo the contract type, wait until our technicalstaff say to you that it’s okey and perform the necessaryadministrative formalities, all without any kind of flexibility andadjusting to the periods stipulated by the company.9.Segmentation a la carte? What is this?We provide very little information about your customers; you can’t relyon our services to determine if your online marketing campaign willsolve a problem. Unthinkable work with micro-segmentation.10.Stop! Private Property!When you stop using our service you must return all the data that we have generatedin our platform.
  5. 5. The 10 Main MistakesSome of this sounds familiar to you?Then, contact