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Missing school seminar

2015 Honor Council Student Skills Conference presentation by Joe McAllister & Mrs. Llufrio

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Missing school seminar

  1. 1. Missing School Seminar Joe McAllister & Mrs. Llufrio You forgot a blue sheet?!
  2. 2. Which one(s) need a blue sheet? My Qualifications ● Frequently miss Friday classes for tennis tournaments ● Missed 2 weeks straight for mono ● Missed approximately 25% of classes this year ● And have managed to catch up
  3. 3. Absence Type 1: Planned ● Athletic Event, College Visit ● Teachers do NOT have to grant an extension ● Student is REQUIRED to have a blue sheet filled out 24 Hours in advance ○ Not necessary for school-sponsored athletics ○ Should talk to teachers before this ● Consider taking quizzes in advance if possible ● Get as much done before you are gone as you can No I don’t “have to give you an extension”
  4. 4. Absence Type 2: Unplanned ● Illness, family emergency, or anything you could not have foreseen ● Parents must call Mr. Calise ● Don’t expect teachers to get you caught up; this is still your responsibility ● One extra day per missed absence EXCEPT on long-term assignments ○ If you are sick Wednesday, the homework due Thursday is now due Friday ○ (Typically) only applies to missed classes ● Your dean is an asset if necessary
  5. 5. How Not to Email Teachers: Is this kid serious? What’s wrong with this email?
  6. 6. How To Email Teachers: ● Individual emails are best ● Use appropriate grammar ● Show that you are flexible and willing to help ● BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE ● Be straightforward with why you missed class ● Include Mr. Calise/Dean if appropriate
  7. 7. Being Your Own Advocate ● Understand your limits with workloads ● Approach your teachers honestly ○ They really are on your side and want to help ● Time management: maybe postponing that episode of American Horror Story is a good idea ● MEET WITH TEACHERS ○ Show you care about your classes ○ Collaborative time and free periods are meant for work
  8. 8. Strategies: ● Keep up with Canvas ○ English: do the readings and stay on track ■ Teachers want to help; essay extensions are often granted ○ History: do the readings or you will regret it on the next quiz ○ Science and Math: do the homework problems ■ Math builds upon subjects; you will have to do the work ○ Arts: take your work home if possible ■ This area is often flexible ● Reach out to your dean if necessary ● Prioritize classes ○ AP Courses may be more rigid ○ Try a to do list ● Taking advantage of teaches will always backfire ○ Short term vs. Long term thinking
  9. 9. (NOT) Taking Advantage of Teachers ● Examples of taking advantage of teachers ○ Lying about why you missed school ○ Asking for extensions when you have enough time to do the work ● Think about your reputation ○ Is that the student you want to be? ○ Teachers talk and will figure it out ● Suspensions do not go away ● If you miss more school and really need these extensions, you will not get them It’s not worth it You will regret it
  10. 10. Questions?
  11. 11. Group Activity Example 1: Student A knows that she will be missing this Friday for her professional figure skating tournament and has an essay, a math quiz, and a lab due on Friday. What should she do in the week leading up to her absence? Example 2: Student B woke up today with a horrible sore throat. After going to the doctor, he found out he has Strep throat. It is likely that he will miss the next three days. He has missed so much work that he isn’t sure where to begin. As soon as he feels up to it, what should he do?