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How to hang with friends and still get a’s

Honor Council Student Skills Conference 2015: Balancing Social LIfe & Academic Life by Mitzi Harris, Bear Reisinger, & Mr. Kamper

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How to hang with friends and still get a’s

  1. 1. How to Hang with Friends and Still Get A’s Mitzi Harris and Bear Reisinger
  2. 2. Do your homework right when you get home from school Sports = “excuse” - Find your order 1. Activities 2. Working Out/Sports 3. School 4. Friends 5. Sleep
  3. 3. Turn off your phone and log off of Netflix - Sleep - 7-9 hours - realistically, try to make the sleep a good quality because this might not happen
  4. 4. Plan your schedule far in advance
  5. 5. GOALS (monthly or weekly) - write down current and goal grades for each class - at least three ways you are going to achieve goals - meeting with teacher - working farther in advance - etc. - big assignments coming up in the week
  6. 6. Be responsible - Every once in awhile stay home on a weekend night - Don’t ruin your Sunday with bad choices on a Saturday - choose the right times to be with your friends - Collaborative and free period vs. weekend night
  7. 7. Scenarios: Let’s talk them out 1) Homecoming and a busy school week following it 2) Best friend throwing huge party and project due Monday 3) All day activity on Saturday and essay due Monday What do you do?