Cushman Wakefield Presentation: Evolution of a Startup


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Cushman Wakefield Presentation: Evolution of a Startup

  1. 1. The Evolution of a Startup
  2. 2. A startup is a unique specimen. From a co-working office and a flip-flop sporting founder, to international headquarters and a high-powered CEO, these high-growth, technology-oriented companies have an evolutionary pattern all their own.Co-working First Office Headquarters National//Shared InternationalNumber of Monthly Costs: Number of Monthly Costs: Number of Monthly Costs: Number of Monthly Costs:Employees Employees Employees Employees1-10 >$15,000 10-100 $75,000 100-500 UP TO $500,000 500-10k >$500,000Size of Space: Size of Space: Size of Space: Size of Space: 500 - 3,000ft2 3,000 - 20,000ft2 20,000 - 100,000ft2 >100,000ft2
  3. 3. Headcount Funding Stage CRE Decision Makers Office Typestage C-Suite, Cofounders, 1 1-10 Owner, Angels Single Biz Dev, Small Coworking, Shared, team of Engineers or Own Officestage 2 C-Suites, Cofounders, 10-100 Series A-B HR person, office manager Own Officestage HQ, minimal multi 3 Series B-E COO, Facilities 100-500 venture funding Director, Csuite still involved market expansion, usually by acquisitionstage Facilities Director HQ, large 4 500-10k Private or Public and team, CFO, less involvement from national/international presence, talent CEO acquisitions
  4. 4. Startups in the Space Characteristics Size of Space Densitystage 1 Getaround, Kiip, High density, 50- Udemy, AppsStores Creative, Open 500 - 3,000 ft2 150sq per personstage Betterworks, 2 Creative with Thumbtack, limitations 3,000 - 20,000 Mid to high density Foursquarestage Square, Dropbox, More diversity in 3 Preserve some space, common Etsy, Ngmoco startup feel, less 20,000 - 100,000 areas, 100-200 per creative RSF per personstage Building Amenities, 150-200 per RSF per person, different divisions 4 Facebook, Twitter, Campus, Less have different densities, Linkedin, Salesforce Startup and more >100,000 permanent and free address, different offices Corporate specialize
  5. 5. ! Terms Up Front Costs Monthly Costsstage 1 Month to month or 1-2 year deals None or minimal $300 - <$15,000stage Modest to create 2 $15,000 - $75,000 2-5 years identity and the right “look and feel”stage Upfront costs for IT infrastructure, imrovments 3 Up to $500,000 to maintain brand and 4-10 years creativity, and tenant improvements shared between tenant and landlordstage 4 5-15 years, may Expensive to create consider purchasing best-in-class space >$500,000
  6. 6. Considerations Advantage Challengesstage Keep costs low, but important to recruit Flexibility, intimate 1 community, Distraction, security, initial team, maintain collaboration, focus, cost startup feel but build freedom camaraderiestage Greater monthly budget, anticipating First bigger office, shorter term, find Tough to time a 2 scale, higher rental growth, greater creative spaces, obligation relative to downfall if grow or remain in core funding, revenue shrink too early/late markets/submarketsstage May achieve startup 3 characteristics, better Time to Volume, Term and Scalability idea of time to volume Scale are a challenge growth patterns and annual headcound goalsstage Facilities department, national Global presece, go Significant real estate 4 expense, unavoidable and international where the talent is, corporate space, lost expansion, lease outsource, scale startup mentality and vs buy real estate