Aflac diversity presentation 2013


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Aflac Diversity Symposium 2013

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  • Talk about video!Introduce Diversity Council members & other Aflac attendees
  • Before I provide a definition of diversity, I would like for you to stand and remain standing if the statement that I shall read apply to you. There may be several of these statements that may apply to you and that’s okay.You were born between 1960 and 1980 (Gen X)You were born outside the United StatesYou speak more than one languageYou played any type of sports in High School or college or play nowIf you ever been a student at a college or universityYour race is HispanicYour race is black or African-AmericanYou were born and raised on the West CoastYou have a brother or sisterYou are a female You are a male Now, everyone in here should be standing. You have just defined diversity.  Diversity includes all the differences that can be observed and experienced such as race, gender, ethnicity, physical abilities and age; AND it also includes those less obvious and less visible characteristics such as level of education, level of income, religion, life experience, life style, sexual orientation, geographic location, family status and on and on. This definition defines our workforce at AFLAC
  • Your resources are changing; those in the work pool will be more diverse; Look at the demographicsYour business leaders will be more diverseYour business owners will be more diverse; women & minoritiesYour customer base will be more diverseLegal Requirements are changing: LGBT / Most of the time, Aflac is proactive and do things not because of legal mandates, but because it’s the right thing to do.FINANCIAL IMPACT
  • UGA conducted a Multicultural Economy Study this year and this is a result of their report:The buying power is the income left after taxes, not including savings.Hispanic consumers in the US will command a $1.2 trillion market in 2013 – a figure higher than the entire economy of Turkey – thanks to high birth rates, immigration and an increase in Hispanic entrepreneurship.Additional…African Americans will add $1 trillion, Asians will contribute $713 billion and Native Americans $96 billionAs these minority groups buying power continues this pace, they should see more tailored treatment from advertisers, producers and media outlets.The report outlines where & how minority groups spend their money, highlighting trends that can help US business move beyond their approaches to targeting clientele.
  • Helps to understand your employee base, customer base and shareholdersMust understand those you want to do business with. Potential for offensive and misunderstandings. Mutual respectNeed to have the infrastructure in place to understand your customers.Why is it important to engage the employees – it’s the powerful force that will multiply the talent you have. They will achieve superior performance.They understand the business and how they impact the business and each other. There is a willingness and interest to go above and beyond when people feel that you care about them as an individual. Attitudes shift as people grow older. Priorities are different with the Gen Y & Net Generation. We would work all night because we felt we had to…’s different with this generation. We are seeing some different ways on how they want to work and the influence that technology and modern media are having on their lives. They way they communicate is different. Share info on “Workplace” networking blog.
  • RecruitmentContinuously diversify our recruitment efforts by targeting minority job fairs and universities. Mutual respect for colleaguesRetention – Dan’s PhilosophyFocus on retaining a diverse workforce in order to better service our customersRecognitionRecognize the diversity in our organization and reward our employees; also focus on opportunities for company diversity recognitions & rewardsRe-enforcement Continuously reinforce our commitment to diversity through education and awarenessRelationshipsNetwork and build relationships with community and national women and minority organizations; seek new opportunities to establish business partnerships
  • In 2010, Aflac unveiled an interactive Spanish –language website to connect with consumers and employers.Comment from one of our Texas sales agent: When making important decisions about finances and family protection, I find that many people are just more comfortable communicating in their preferred language.
  • Important to understand culture & Market; things we do there may not be able to do in US. Distribution channels: Banks and Retail shops (Post Office – buy Financial services)More than 19,700 sales agencies with more than 120,700 licensed sales associates represent Aflac Japan.Nearly 90% of the companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange offer Aflac products to their employees.Aflac covers more than 140,000 small businesses in Japan.Aflac insures one in every four households in Japan.In 2003, the Aflac Duck made is first appearance in Japan, where he has become one of their favorite advertising icons.Japan – 97% Brand AwarenessJapanese Home Stay
  • Fusion of two networksABC and Univision collaborated efforts to make history by combining their programs--"Good Morning America" and "Despierta America“ (Wake-Up America)The collaboration of the two shows was organized to celebrate the launch of ABC and Univision's lovechild: Fusion network. The English-language network is targeting millennial Hispanics and will constitute hard news, commentary, sports and anything relevant to 16- to 30-year-olds.the leading Spanish-language morning show is showing double-digit percentage growth with the Adults 25-54 audience (+36%),
  • Aflac diversity presentation 2013

    1. 1. Diversity at Aflac… Is It What It's “Quacked Up” to be? Brenda J. Mullins 2nd VP, Diversity Officer
    2. 2. Key Points • What is Diversity? • Why Diversity? • How Aflac embraces Diversity
    3. 3. Diversity…..What Does It Mean? Perspectives Skills Religion Educational background Ethnicity Language Gender Nationality Sexual orientation Personal Style Thinking Style Hobbies Age 4
    4. 4. Population of the U.S. by Percentage Now and Looking Ahead Year 2012 Year 2050 • Passel, Jeffrey S. “U.S. Populations Projections 2005-2050” Pew Research Social & Demographic Trends. 2008. • Census Bureau Representative. 2013
    5. 5. Minority Buying Power in 2013 Consumer Spending The nation’s total buying power is projected to reach $12.4 trillion in 2013. A 12% increase from previous years. • UGA News Service “Minority buying power up in 2013”. UGA Multicultural Economy study. 2013. 6
    6. 6. Minority Owned Businesses The Number of Businesses versus Amount in Receipts • Census Bureau “Number of Asian, Black, Women, Hispanic-Owned Businesses Increase. Census Bureau News Release. 2011.
    7. 7. Why is Diversity Important? DIVERSITY New Relationships Survival Under Penetrated Markets Full Utilization of Talents Attract Best & Brightest Communicate Better Infrastructure Increase Retention Rates Improve Customer Relations
    8. 8. Embracing Diversity on a Corporate Level How Aflac is Embracing Diversity? 5R’s Recruitment Retention Recognition Relationships Re-enforce 10
    9. 9. Embracing Diversity on a Corporate Level The Addition of a Spanish Website 11
    10. 10. Embracing Diversity on a Corporate Level Aflac’s partnership with Japan Aflac became licensed in Japan in 1974. Today, it is one of the most respected insurance companies in Japan. It became the number one life insurance company in terms of the number of individual policies in force in fiscal year 2003, and has maintained the status ever since.
    11. 11. Embracing Diversity on a Corporate Level Good Morning America and Despierta (Awake) America New York Miami
    12. 12. Embracing Diversity on a Corporate Level Aflac’s Diversity Celebrations Military Day Healthy Hobbies Art Show Taste of Diversity
    13. 13. Diversity Awards and Recognition Aflac’s Accolades
    14. 14. Conclusion Our workforce is changing rapidly. Aflac draws great strength from effectively using and managing its diversity. Personal morale and productivity improve when all members of a work group are valued and respected. It makes good business sense to value diversity. 16