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Columbus CyberKnife Announces Milestones in Prostate Cancer Treatment


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Ohio-based cancer treatment center treats nearly 140 prostate cancer patients; prostate cancer patient shares a personal story.

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Columbus CyberKnife Announces Milestones in Prostate Cancer Treatment

  1. 1. March 14, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Sarah Tiambeng, Zehnder Communications, (504) 962-3731, Columbus CyberKnife Announces Milestones in Prostate Cancer Treatment Ohio-based cancer treatment center treats nearly 140 prostate cancer patients; prostate cancer patient shares personal story. COLUMBUS, Ohio – Since opening in 2010, Columbus CyberKnife has treated nearly 140 prostate cancer patients with stereotactic body radiation therapy, accounting for 30 percent of the center’s total patients treated. Columbus CyberKnife offers the only CyberKnife® technology available in central Ohio and is one of only three CyberKnife programs in the state. CyberKnife is an advanced technology that treats patients noninvasively with stereotactic body radiation therapy. During the procedure, prostate cancer is treated with high-dose, precisely targeted radiation beams delivered in five or fewer outpatient treatment sessions. Though capable of treating tumors throughout the body, the CyberKnife has a unique advantage when treating prostate cancer. CyberKnife tracks the motion of the prostate during treatment and automatically corrects the aim of the radiation beam when movement is detected. Radiation is delivered to the targeted tumor location with pinpoint precision, minimizing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. Following treatment, patients can return to their normal routine. “We are seeing more and more prostate cancer patients seeking an option that will not interrupt their work and family schedules,” Dr. Douglas Widman, medical director of Columbus CyberKnife, said. “Despite the name, CyberKnife requires no incisions or sedation and requires no more than five treatment sessions, compared to an average of 40 for conventional radiation therapy.” Recent patient Jon Megert turned to Columbus CyberKnife when a friend recommended the treatment after his diagnosis in the fall of 2012. “I met with Dr. Widman and felt a complete comfort level with him,” Megert said. “I don’t think anyone reacts without some apprehension when they are told they have cancer, but I couldn’t have had a better experience. Through the five sessions, I didn’t even know the radiation was happening and there were really no side effects.” Megert is currently cancer-free and recommends CyberKnife treatment to friends and family. “I sent an email to about 80 of my contacts stressing the fact that they owe it to their fathers, their friends or themselves to look into CyberKnife for any type of cancer treatment,” he said.
  2. 2. In addition to the convenience of CyberKnife treatment, Dr. Widman sites CyberKnife as an important option for patients who may be opposed to other standard forms of treatment due to potential side effects that can impact quality of life. “When seeking treatment for prostate cancer, it’s important for men to educate themselves on the treatment options available for their diagnosis,” Dr. Widman said. “For those who are candidates, CyberKnife treatment is a painless, nonsurgical alternative with little to no recovery time. Some men, particularly those who work or travel regularly, are drawn to these benefits of CyberKnife treatment.” Along with prostate cancer, Columbus CyberKnife treats malignant and benign tumors in the brain, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidney and orbit of the eye. The center also has treated several patients with trigeminal neuralgia, a debilitating nerve disorder. Columbus CyberKnife is a service of Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital and is located at 495 Cooper Road, Suite 125 in Westerville, Ohio. For more information, call (614) 898-8300.