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50 states


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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50 states

  1. 1. 50 STATESColton Williamson WilliamsComputer apps. P 2
  2. 2. CALIFORNIA• State Flower: Poppy• State Bird: Valley Quail• Slogan: Find Yourself Here• 31st state• Capital: Sacramento
  3. 3. ARIZONA• Capital: Phoenix• Slogan: Grand canyon state• State Bird: Cactus Wren• 48th State• State flower: Saguaro cactus blossom
  4. 4. NEBRASKA• Capital: Lincoln• Slogan: Genuine• State bird: Western meadowlark• 37th state• Flower: Goldenrod
  5. 5. NEVADA• Capital: Carson city• Slogan: Discover both sides of Nevada• State bird: mountain bluebird• Flower: Sagebrush• 36th state
  6. 6. NEW MEXICO• Slogan: land of enchantment• Capital: Santa Fe• State bird: Road runner• Flower: Yucca flower• 47th state.
  7. 7. FLORIDA• Capital: Tallahassee• Slogan: sunshine state• State bird: Mocking bird• Flower: Orange blossom• 27th state
  8. 8. HAWAII• Capitol: Honolulu• Slogan: The islands of Aloha• State bird: Nene• Flower: Hibiscus• 50th state
  9. 9. ARKANSAS• Capital: Little rock• Slogan: the Natural state• State bird: Mocking bird• Flower: apple blossom• 25th state
  10. 10. OREGON• Capital: Salem• Slogan: things look different here• State bird: Western meadowlark• Flower: Oregon grape• 33rd state