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Talk AGU 2012


Published on (starting from min 46)

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Talk AGU 2012

  1. 1. Seafloordynamics in convection modelsN. Coltice, T. Rolf, P.J. Tackley, M. Seton, R.D. Müller
  2. 2. Geometry of ocean-continentboundaries
  3. 3. Fluctuations of spreading rate
  4. 4. sss
  5. 5. sss
  6. 6. • Continents force consumption of youngseafloor •Time-dependance of mantle convection alsodoes • Continents enhancetime-dependence of mantleconvection •Stronglithospheremoderates the intensity of the spreading rate fluctuations• Time scales of fluctuationsmaybelonger than the time of the reconstructions Coltice et al., Science (2012) Rolf et al., EPSL (2012) Crystal2Plate session today