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Mundy Pharmatech Broch

  1. 1. Workforce Solutions for Pharma/Biotech EnviSion
  2. 2. EFFECTIVE _Today’s pharmaceutical or biotechnology company is focused on new challenges in research to sustain future growth. Global competition requires a disciplined approach to cost management and productivity to stay competitive and to increase profits and enhance shareholder value. We understand. And we can help. For more than five decades, Mundy’s expertise in consulting and providing a managed contract technical workforce for manufacturing and manufacturing-support operations have produced significant cost savings that translate to the bottom line. We have partnered with many clients in various industries to address similar challenges of profitability, productivity and performance. Whether you utilize our consulting expertise to focus your workflow processes, or to employ our skilled contract workforce, Mundy offers a solution. With our proven process called The Mundy Method,© we deliver a customized audit to improve your productivity, or depending on your need, provide a skilled contract workforce based on a measurable plan. Either way, the deliverables are designed to help improve your operations. Contact us to put The Mundy Method © to work for you.
  3. 3. EnSurE » A business partner committed to your success
  4. 4. EXPERIENCE _ For life sciences companies that are faced with organizational redesign and cost pressures, outsourcing your non-core functions will save money. Mundy can help. We have real world experience on staff that has worked in the industry and has a track record of success in dealing with these issues. Additionally, we offer access to specialists who have the skills and expertise to perform non-core yet still essential functions. our customized programs reflect effective procedures and accountability measures proven over time to improve profitability and reduce operating costs. Among our services are: » Consulting » Manufacturing Support » Maintenance » Small Capital Projects » Facilities Support » Supply Chain Management » Purchasing » Turn-arounds Why not consider a new way to allocate your internal resources knowing non-core business practices are handled responsibly? Many companies have found our flexible workforce solutions, tailored to their needs, deliver continuous improvement in operations and asset performance. in addition to pharma and biotech, we serve other industries where critical attention to quality and safety are paramount including food and beverage, refining, chemical intermediates and petrochemical. Call us today to discuss how we can impact your manpower productivity and cost-reduction objectives.
  5. 5. ExpEct » Innovative solutions to new challenges
  6. 6. EVOLVE _Staying competitive and meeting market expectations in this evolving environment has never been more challenging. As a new generation pharma and biotech company, we know you are engaging in different ways to control costs and enhance productivity. outsourcing non-core competencies to allow internal resources to focus on key priorities has been a successful solution for our clients. We have decades of experience helping business and industry with new strategic initiatives that are flexible and proven to achieve greater efficiencies. our skilled professionals, powered by best-in-class training and safety practices, are engaged in your operations to bring you new and innovative ways of achieving results. Let us partner with you to develop a contract workforce solution based on your unique challenges.
  7. 7. EnGAGE » A skilled and motivated contract workforce
  8. 8. EVaLuaTE_is Mundy the right partner for you? ThE MuNdy COMPaNIEs Call today for a consultation. We welcome the Pharma/Biotech Division opportunity to demonstrate the economic value 11150 South Wilcrest Drive that clients receive from our proven processes Houston, Texas 77099 and extensive experience in managed contract 281.530.8711 workforce solutions.