Mundy Industrial Broch


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Mundy Industrial Broch

  1. 1. Industrial Turnarounds & Construction On Time. On Budget. a Mundy CoMpany
  2. 2. We’re Not Too Big...for the Small Jobs Also. “Ours is a service organization. Our Success depends not on the claims we make but on our continuing ability to deliver proven performance, always related to the economic benefit of our customers, and at the same time provide secure and rewarding work opportunities to all our employees.” A.J. Mundy Jr.
  3. 3. Even Small Projects Have Big Needs. That’s why we formed You want a project that’s company has brought to Industrial Turnarounds executed on time and on the bigger jobs for the last & Construction (IT&C), budget, with minimum 50 years. We’ll provide the newest member of the hassle and maximum the right people, the right Mundy Companies family. results. Consistent with tools, the right processes, We know that, no matter our commitment to cus- the responsive service what size your project, tomer satisfaction, we’ll and the customer focus it you want – and deserve – make your goals our own. takes to ensure that your the best. project runs smoothly and We’ll plan and execute efficiently, from beginning every aspect of your turn- to end. around or capital project with the same commitment to quality, productivity and safety that our parent The Mundy Companies 01
  4. 4. Small Jobs, Big Benefits IT&C may be new, but we We’ve developed alliance That’s why our continuing offer all the advantages of agreements with prequali- commitment to safe work working with an established, fied specialty subcontractors has made us a leader in con- reputable company. The – scaffolding, abatement, tractor safety performance. benefits we bring to you, asset utilization, hydroblast- our client, have a direct ing and industrial hygiene, Since we’re headquartered and positive impact on among others – to ensure in Houston, the heart of your project’s bottom line. that we have the full range the Gulf Coast industrial of capabilities required for corridor, we’re close at Even in emergencies or your job. hand, ready to respond periods of peak demand, quickly when and where we’ve got plenty of Whatever your project we’re needed. personnel – high-caliber entails, we’ve probably people with knowledge, done it before. We can We’ll document each step skills and motivation for draw on our parent compa- of your job, providing a maximum performance. ny’s half-century of diversi- comprehensive paper trail fied experience to antici- for future projects to follow. pate and handle the most unique and complex problems. We know that safety concerns can jeopardize both people and profits. 02
  5. 5. The Mundy Companies 03
  6. 6. step: 01 PlaNNiNg: Paying attention to Your Details Proper planning provides the foundation for success on any project, large or small. It helps prevent scope creep. It promotes speed without jeopardizing safety. It mini- mizes surprises and misunderstandings. And, it helps ensure that results are delivered as promised. At IT&C, we employ the best job planning technology – like Mundy’s Automated Construction Estimating (MACE), our proprietary, state-of-the-art estimating and budgeting tool, and Microsoft Project, a user-friendly, highly compatible, highly efficient program for aligning resources and business activities with your strategic objectives. Or, we’ll use the system of your choice, combining our talent and your technology to determine the scope of your project and the resources and controls needed to make it happen – on time and on budget. 04
  7. 7. step: 02 ScHEDuliNg: Meeting Your Deadlines We know the pressures of the marketplace. We understand the importance of getting your project up and running so it can start contributing to your company’s profits. That’s why we’ll adjust our schedule to meet yours and make every effort to bring your project online when you need it. We can even operate around the clock, if that’s what it takes to get the job done. It’s all part of our commitment to satisfying our customers on every project, large or small. The Mundy Companies 05
  8. 8. step: 03 REcRuitiNg: Putting Quality People on Your Job Quality performance comes from quality people who are properly supervised and motivated to excel. From our local database of more than 55,000 carefully screened, high-performing, multiskilled personnel, we’ll select the right mix of people for your particular job. We’ll ensure that every employee has been certified and recertified in their areas of expertise through a program developed by our in-house subject matter experts. We’ll encourage them to contribute ideas that improve our performance on your job and we’ll recognize and reward them for work well done. 06
  9. 9. step: 04 ExEcutioN: Doing it Right State-of-the-art equipment and technology, proven work processes, quality personnel who are carefully chosen and well-supervised. Everything we do is aimed at ensuring that your project runs as smoothly, efficiently and safely as possible with a close eye on cost control. As we put the final touches on your project and ramp down to minimal staffing, we’re keenly aware that the startup of your project provides the ultimate test of our commitment to you, our customer. You’re assured of getting your project online on time, on budget – a “no leak” startup that’s problem-free. The Mundy Companies 07
  10. 10. step: 05 cRitiQuE: adding Value to Your Project Consistent with our commitment to continuous improvement, we document your project at each step along the way. This documentation will provide a benchmark for gauging future construction projects. What’s more, the lessons learned can help you save even more money by increasing the efficiency and shortening the schedule for turnarounds and other projects down the road. 08
  11. 11. The Mundy CoMpanies 11150 South Wilcrest Drive Houston, Texas 77099 P: 281.530.8711 F: 281.530.8561
  12. 12. IT&C Opportunity Worksheet Tell us what you have coming up and we’ll tell you what it will cost. projeCT Work area: ______________________________ (in square feet) naMe of projeCT: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ projeCT sTarT daTe: _______________________________ Size of the Project or Turnaround Unit Type Active Project Window CrafT hours your esTiMaTe desCripTion your esTiMaTe (in %) CheCk one (doesn’t include pre or post activity) Zero to 10,000 ____________________ Civil/Underground ____________________ ❑1 Week ❑2 Weeks ❑3 Weeks 10,001 to 25,000 ____________________ Structural ____________________ ❑ 12 Weeks ❑ 24 Weeks ❑ 52 Weeks 25,001 to 50,000 ____________________ Equipment ____________________ ❑ Other Name: ____________________________________ 50,001 to 100,000 ____________________ Piping ____________________ Title: _____________________________________ 100,001 to 250,000 ____________________ Electrical ____________________ Contact Info: ______________________________ 250,001 to 500,000 ____________________ Instrumentation ____________________ __________________________________________ > 500,000 ____________________ Insulation & Paint ____________________ __________________________________________ ToTal: 100% Fill out the form above, tear along perf edges and return to The Mundy Companies.
  13. 13. Place Stamp Here The Mundy CoMpanies 11150 South Wilcrest Drive Houston, TX 77099