Water Gardening


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Building the perfect pond

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Water Gardening

  1. 1. i: L;i‘f Building the perfect
  2. 2. l. '.'3lei garcleninti is increasingly betuniing J pc-pulsar hc~l1b; l. And win, ‘ nut? Water g. .=. rclens add a uniqiie ilimeiislon in ha .25 and even wlili limited space, you can design a water feature that brings the beauty of naluie into youi baclysrti. Tnanls lo pund eqiilpmenl -r. ;tli as laguna pumps, filleis, and llilE. ’S, you can easily create your own b.3tl7y'aid aquatic oasis This guide Wl ll show you hnw , _ ‘,7 . V‘ A- M’ ii 7 x. ,§ fr’. :‘ The key to a bi: -auII‘ul pond ls planning a‘ead. 8e'ore pizking L: ~ ycur tape meaSL'-:1 and sro'. -el, rate the time to plan out ', ":‘L' pom. This w I rot or ‘y crevert rrlistakes, but it will also save time and money. lake a g: -:-: ) i-zolr. at the layout of ycur land. Selecilrvg the night 5'19 icr your water garder is essertiel. C0n5|d€( the foil-: -wiry; g>Jli. ‘)9ll. ’Ie'S that will help -, ~:. -. choose Lte test site for yc-L: water gar-zen. A Choose a location that receives a rrlnirr _rn c-16 l'C»l_. "S of sunlight per day. Most a: r.a7.ic plants ill ":5:-I in si_"ight. Hawever, Cb no: ch: -:»se so yea that geLs direct si_r‘wght all : ‘.ay‘, as tr‘: could cause Ire ; -:-: ':3 *o cw-erreat and make it more difficult to rnalntan. Fl"-1 a spot away‘ from overhangfg trees as la lng ‘eaves that may p-zllute ire : -:~r‘d water will doc-zrnpose 1 cause pr-: A: ‘ems. in at: tic-n. roots wit also hamper digging a. " 1 poter e y change tre shape of your pond or cause damage to pr: -formed : -:-rags. I: if possible, use natural slcoes l” your yard to create waterial . s and -: >t? ‘>'. =r landsca; -e ‘eatures D Choose a level a'ea in an -: :en ‘OIZSIJOFL crefaably where I1 can be seen ard enjoyed from the house or path, Chozw a location rear 2: water souce. Srrial ponds can easily lose 1 ‘rich per day due to evaporation. ‘. '-: u'l| need to top up pond water c r. a regular basis. F Chocse an area close to an elecrn-: al source with at least 2 G. Fl. rated electrica‘ -: -uric-15. H-: ~m; -vet, fcur outleis are preferat-‘e *l' 5 would allow you to cornsxt Mo pumps and a UV Sterilizer wille st. l'. a'. 'lng cne -: ‘. _‘J-31 left for other use‘; equipment such as pond ' ghting -: vr additional pumps for spirters. _'. ——«, ~._ . . "$13 9 £9;-*’*: c: - ‘- -; _"E- : NOTE OF CAUTION: Children are drawn to water‘ Take the necessary steps to ensure that your pond is safe. Always monitor young children near ponds or open water of any kind.
  3. 3. V. Iater gardens come in all sorts of styles and sizes which one ts right for you? 1 to 5 Galen Ponds — offer a carefree way to enjoy small water Dlants up -dose. 20 to 40 Gallon Ponds — get your feet wet Provide a serene area for you to enjoy small to medium sized pond plants. You can also have a small purro and maybe even a goldfish. Even better — they’ re easy to maintain, 50 to 500 Gallon Ponds — a great place to start, not a big i: ommitrnenL However, once you discover your enthusiasm for pond keeping, it won't be long before you're making plans to expand son to 31% Gallon Ponds A this size will allow you to keep fish and a large variety of pond plants. Consider location, liltratlori and the number of plants and fish that you want to keep when planning your pond. 3.000 Gallon Ponds and over ~ many people find water gardening and fish keeping to be the hobby of thelr dreams and will invest the time and money to get the maximum engoyment out of their water garden. with water gardening the only limit ls your imagination. Once you know the size of your pond and selected your location. you need to decide on either using a preformed or linenrype pond There are several advantages to using a preformed pond. They take a lot of the guesswork out of designing your water garden. They are made of heavyouty, ngid polyethylene, are designed to withstand extreme conditions such as hot summers and lngid winters, and they come in a vanety of shapes and slzes. The disadvantage is that you are limited to the pre-formed shape. A pond liner offers many advantages whm dabgning your water garden. The Sofi nbber liner Is highly llem: -le and unable, which make them ideal fol’ custom Installations. However. be careful what you buy, Some liners are not intended for pond use and can contain oils and fungicides that are hannful to fish and plants Laguna 454rni| Durashield Pond Liners are fisn—frlendry and durable — tl1ey‘re glarameed for 20 years! You will also have to decide whether you want a waterfall or a fountain or perhaps both. Remember, a pond is a combination of trarquil sounds. movement and color By creating a pond, you are bnrwging the beauty of nature into your garden The sensory dimension that your pond will act’! will amaze and delight you.
  4. 4. e A beginner's guide to water gardening La-gt. -na pre-lomted ponds are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and depths. Many come with are-cont: -i. re-:1 shaves and steps Choose a style that best suits your garden and selected location. Another point to consider when selecting your pre-formed pond is water depth lf you wish to winter your fish in a harsh climate you will need to select a pond with a depth at at least 4. feet therelore a liner may be more suitable. ’r>-. -'. ‘:-. v‘m: r_i 5:; :»-Jo: iii; .r prw l i Place the pond in position and carefully mark out its shape with pegs iill_il DO NOT place the prefonned : -c-nd upside down to outline the shape, or your hole will not match the shape of the form. Position the bond nght side up in the exact place you want It and use it as a guide or template while digging around the stak-5. Make your outline 4 — 6 Indies larger than the pom itself . . Check the first level and star‘! digging dawn to the shelves Reposition the pond‘ mark out the inner deeper section and continue digging out to the bottom. Be sure that the hole is slighuy deeper than the actual depth of the preforrned pond am VE-Tlfy that the bottom is level Remove any stcmes or roots that may pierce the are-forms-:1 pond when the weight of the water is added Once you are satisfied that tre hole is the proper SIZEIQCRI1 and anectation, and about 2 irazhes of sanzi in the base level and shelves -III| .4Z-. llusvnllrxotectthelinerfmrndamagediiietoexzaosadrc-otsctrodrs insert the pra-formed pond and make a final chad: to make sure It is level liil.5I-. B3I1—fi| | any spaces left from digging with sard . n._. .n_. l5_ wunfnu-". :nun Rafi i "17-I V >579‘ . 71055" ‘ lS1uII: WulIxMan 12:3 l ‘5"""' 71- sir ll’ 1:: F lllanuilligudul 1% i ]m"' m. }‘! .". "i’. ';'. :.‘. 'Z. .. "€z“z3‘i? " 19- ~ Now you are ready to add water. The weight of the water as it is added will help the pro formed pond settle into place. . .,: :‘. -73.2.‘. -2.. . = °.~. %s-“ ram- arurxzr l4Iél‘. E.I? M“ ‘mm I57-'. Iix ll9m16| an m£. ‘i§. .“. ’.‘3i¢. "°ia‘%“l‘i? “ _‘ =50-n
  5. 5. -5‘ f‘ A beginner's guide to water gardening For those who want to design an original pond. Laguna 45 mil EPDM Pond uners allmv you to create a unique and natural looking water garden, Before you go out and buy a linen you will need to calculate the correct size Use the following fctmula or the calculators found at wwwJag. inapondsoorn to help calculate the size of liner you will need. First. determine the maximum length, width and depth of your pond. then, double the depth and add it to the values of the length and width Once you have this measurement add 2 feet for overiwping the pond edge This will give you the correct size that you will require Here's an example, llyou'rel: iuiIdinga pondthat‘sEiftwldex8ftIongx2ftdeep. an the follolmng calculations: 2feetindepthx2=4feet 6i‘eetinwidth+4feet= l0ieet 8feetinlength+-tfeetzllfeet Now calailate ll) feet + 2 feet =12 feet forthe total width and 12 feet + 2 feet = 14 feet for the total length. You will need a liner that is l2 1: 14 feet 1 Once you have decided on your design, outline the shape that you want to create using a rope or hose. Mark the depth of sheives for platmng. 4 Dig out the hole. making sure to create internal shelves for planting. Use a plant: and level to ensure that the hole is level. Check for any sharp stones or tree roots that may puncture or damage the liner. . _.J Add a layer of sand or geotexttle This will protect the actual liner from damage due to exposed roots or rocks la Now it is time to lay in the liner. Let it warm in the sun bneliy to make it more flexible and easy to handle. (Do this on a dnveway. never on grass as the heat will quidzly damage grass). Add some water so that the liner starts to settle into place. it is impossible to eliminate all wnnkles so let the weight of the water form the natural flow oi‘ the liner and gently pull the liner as the pond fills trying to keep the wrinkles to a minimum. Lay patio stones or slate around the penmeter of the pond. This will hold the liner in place and create a decorative touch. Use mortar or foam to keep these decorative pieces in place. Keep filling the pond with water. line liner will metch and mould meif to the shape of the pond and adiust the weight as the liner settles. Be careful when filling the pond with water. lithe liner is allowed to contort and stretch too much It may be damaged. Once the pond is full, tnm off any excess liner from around the edge of the paving slabs. leaving an overlw _ of at least 6', Make sure that the trimmed liner is above the desired water level. TIP — After placing all rocks and edging, empty the water from the pond as it will be dirty from the mortar and rod: debris. The simplest way to do this is with your pond's filter pump. Ensure that the purm olrdet hose is a good distance away from the pond as the mortar may discolor your lawn for several weeks,
  6. 6. -5’ e A beginner's guide to water gardening Whether you have a preformed or liner pond, the following stays are common to both. ifyoudecidedtocreateaslmplepondallyouneedtodosaddwater. decorate and enioy your aeauon. However, if you've decided to do a little more planning and work. you can enhance the beauty of your water garden by adding a waterfall. A waterfall is very beneficial 5 it will provide needed oxygai while adding the soothing sound of running water. Whether pre-formed or a liner and natural rocks, your waterfall will need to be carefully checked for water leaks and steady flow in order to prevent water loss or stagnant areas. Ensure that the base of your waterfall is sold. Fill any gaps or crevices with sand or soil and lamp into place. Make sure that the upper levels overlap the main pond or liner to assure a smooth flow of watu. Althoug1 the waterfall may look artificial to start it will quickly become more natural looking as your pond ages and matures. Adding live plants will also rnalte the waterfall look more natural. As much as possible conceal the hose from your water pump. To achieve this you can use rocks, small stones muldi and plants. Planning ahead will help you determine if you want flowers or omamemal shrubs planted around or alongside your waterfall. The addition of laguna lighting and ornaments can also make a striking visual effect of your pond. Once you have achieved the waterfall look you want, it is time to add the water The water may appear doudy or dirty depending on your type of installation. Don't worry about this. As soon as you have your water accessones Instatled, it will dear up quickly. Now the fun begins, tweelung and tuning the vigterfall for sound and flow. Any water garden will benefit from the use of a pump. Water ITILEI flow constantly for effective filtration to take place. Filtration is critical in lteq)ing pond water healthy, clean and dear. Fish and plant life will thrive in a well-circulated pond. Without water circulation and filtration your pond could suffer from a lad: of oxygen and, consequently, poor water quality. Befuebuymgyowptinuyoiimistnistdeuernwieliwrnudiwakyoiiare askingIttiJdo. Wllli‘t)ustdruJatewatei'orwill itpumpwaterizhmugiauv. stenlizet waterfall, fountains anarneris. and hlter. Ansnering thesequations willhelpdetennlnetheszeclyoi: tiiinui. Themorefeauiresyouadtithemtre wortywzeasldrigyutpmptodqaridmerefuediemorepcuveihflnhas tobe Alsciitisagoodideambuyawrnpwimacxiaotyslgidygeaterman yourinitialneedsapedallyslnceyourriaywanttnaddtoyousysternlatec To keep ponds healthy, a general ride of thurma is that pond water should be circulated at least once every two hours. A Soogallon pond, for example, requires a pump cmable of generating a minimum flow of 250 gallons per hour. To figure out the volume of water your pond will need to nruilate use the following calculation Please note that you should state measurements In feet for thse calculations. For a square or i». =-: zaIigui'. ai pond LengthxlNicithxAverageDepthx 7.5 = Imal gallons For a round pc-. -id 0.785 it (Top nameter 1: Bottom aameter x Depth) 1: 7.5 = Total gaflons. Another Important factor in dioosing the nght pump for your pond is ‘Head Height‘. Fountains and waterfalls reaice flow (gallons per hour) available for circulation. This flow reduction depends on the total head helght. which is the distance from the pond surface no the top of the fountalnhead, plis the distance from the water surface to the top of the waterfall. Exalnpfez A 500 US. gallon pond, with a t’ fountain head and a 2’ waterfall (total head height of 3’) requires a pump apable of producing a minimum 250 GPH (U. S.) flow at a 3' head height. Two other factors to consider before buying a pump is the width of your waterfall and the length of hosing used to connect the pump to equip- ment You need an additional 75 to 100 GPH in flow rate for every inch in width of your waterfall. In addition, you must calculate one foot of head height for every ten feet of hosing used in the entire system.
  7. 7. -‘t is afways a gocd baea to buy a larger pump than ycu raqmre inmally_ as it will allow mu to add additional equicment or more now to the waterfall if the need arises. F? , L '4 . -J 2: 1,. _. 1-) total gallons of water in your pond Bi The total head heigltt of fountains and waterfall Cl The width of your waterfall Di ? he total length of hosing used Refer to the LAG‘-JNA PDWERJE1 and MAXFZO Pt. -mp Performance Ci-arts to detennine which model you need. Lagi. -r-a has 3 wide variety of pumps to meet all your water garden needs. Your pump must be submerged In you pond The intake should be posittor. -ed away from any pot: -mial flow obstruCn<: ns such as zlants or 3 side wall when Installing a pump it is important to read and follow all instn. -cticns. X . ' hi; i. .. iiiiir . ... -.- I E 3 eezaasi. llllgfl “Q. - iii: Ilium. . ... Elfllll illiiiii . ... lllliiillirl lllllll III III III ‘ III III III II All :2-: -nos will benefit from the addition of a filtration system. Filters keep por-x clean, clear and heaithywimout a filter, water quality can suffer. impurities could azcumulate and create a toxic and cloudy environment. Filters perform three flltratic-n functions: mechanical, biological and chemical. Mechanical filtration refers to the following process’ as any water flows through filter foam or other mechanic! rredla it traps dirt and debns. iiltered water returrs to the pond free of clebns. A filter foam must be as fine as the debns it is removing, Biological filtration refers to the process of : -ronding an area where beneficial bacteria can grow and multi; :i‘y. This is important to biologically break down harmful toxins such as ammonia from fish waste and respiration. An ideal media to support large colonies of beneficial bactena ls Lagura BioAMax. 8io»Max is pre~pa-zked with a mesh bag for convenient placement and can be added to almost any filter. Once biological toxins are broken down, chemical filter media and pond plants can help to coimol the raultirig compounds. Chemical filtration refers to the process of COMIC-lllrug and changing speufic water coitdltic-rt; This does not mean that the media is a chemical Products such as laguna Phcs—X will trap phosphate. nitrite and nitrate. Natural products can be considered chemical media.
  8. 8. Laguna offers a wide range of filters to suit your pond needs. Remember you can never have too much filtration. P-; r.-re-v F/ (I Hirer nai FIJI». -<5 Submersed in the pond, lntemal filters provide pre-filtration for all pond purrvs and reduce the frequency of maintenance. Although these underwater filters are ideally salted for ponds up to RCO gallons expansion diambers for the PowerFlo Underwater Filter are available separately. Powerfio Medlankal tlrldervvater Flter removes dirt and floating debns to improve water quality and clarity. It also protects the pond pump from clogging and thus reduces maintenance. It can be positioned near the pond's edge opposite the waterfall (if present). for quid: access and easy maintenance. Povverflo Max Biological Underwata Flter is ideal for use in ponds that contain fish. The filter provides the same powerful mechanical filtration 3 the Powerilo. plus it features biological filtration with Laguna's patented Bic»Max filter material. The efficient ceramic media provides a huge surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive. This media will support the decomposition of ammonia and nitnte to less harmful nitrate which can be controlled by aquatic plants and water change. Povirerflo Undoiwmw llormd Filter is equipped with a large 19' surface that allows water to flow through easily while trwplng suspended debris. The filter comes complete with mechaniel, chemical and biological filter media. This filter can be connected to all Lagima Purros In addition, it can provide a stable base for fountainheads as well as two pond lights it also serves as a prefiltec preventing the pump from clogging 8: reducing purrc maintenance. its low-profile design is perfect for ponds as shallow as 5 indies (18 cm). Srnali or medum sized pebbla can also be placed on top of the filter providing additional mechanical and biologiai filtration. r"*r-error ». :—r’. ‘o F. l.’I'9!5' Lagmla Pressure-Flo Filters are high performance water iiitering sys— tems that keep pond water dean and healthy. These ali—in-one filters pro vide mechanical. biological‘ and LTV Sterilization and are designed to work in tandem with a solids handling pumps such as Laguna‘s Max~Flo. They also feature a revolutionary Badtwash-Cleaning System that easily deans the entire surface of the foam filters without opening the filter. This patent-pending system is one of a kind. Badcwasli deaning can be done easily and comfortably in a few minutes without opening the lid. This fea- ture ensures that the filters perform at optimal levels for marry days and prolongs the time between full maintenance sasions. An easy»view clean» ing indicator signals when it's time to perfonn backwash cleaning. ‘ PressureFlo 700 does not have a biological filtration chamber. Pc-L-. '—: -:FJo Ex T»3i. ’l3/ F. :ir»; is: The Laguna PowerFlo Skimmer Filter 5000 and PowerFIo Filter Falls 5000 are both high performance filters that provide the ultimate water managernent solution for large ponds in to 5000 US gallons (18,925 liters). in addition, Laguna Filter Falls (an be connected to the Slammer Filter for extra tiltenng apacity for ponds up to 10,000 US gallons (37,850 liters]. Each filter has a list of key benefits induding clear and healthy pond water, low maintenance and of course, a pleasant water garden environment you can be proud of. Laguna Povirerfio Skhllllef Flter features 3 large capacrty charrbers that can accommodate special filter pads as well as biological and diemical media. The first chamber is super-sized and designed to collect leaves and other large debns As ware’ flows through the media chambers it is thoroughly filtered. The result is clean and healthy pcnd water for fish and plants to thrive in. Laguna Povirefl-‘Io Filter Pals features three largecapacity filter chambers that can accommodate special filter pads as well as biological and chemical media. As water flows through the media chambers, It is thoroughly filtered. The result is clean and healthy pond water that allows fish and plants to thrive. The Filter Falls unit comes complete with a spillway. The water exits the filter through this l$inch spillway to create a captivating waterfall. Threaded bulkheads on the spillway allow you to divert water to small waterfalls, streams or other filters.
  9. 9. Installing a fountain A fountain can help aerate pond water and pruvlde soothing water sounds it is Installed by submerglng the pump Ln the desired area and making sure it is level and unobstructed. Adjust the water now for the desired height and lountain head spray. '. Wl1en installing a lountatn, It ls important to read and follow all instructions Insrallmgr a UV $l'9l/ .'lZ-.3! Youmaywamtoconsidermeaddiuonofauvstemlzertuworkln con| unctJon with your filter to heb control geen vater. UV Stenltzers diminate green water and create beneficial pond condtlms for flsh and plants. when Installing a UV Sterilizer, it ts inoortam to read and follow all instrucuons Install light/ ’n[i The addition of underwater and accessory lighting can make a pond come alive at night. Make sure to plan aheazl If you intend to add lxghttng and have the extra electrical GFI outlet nearby. Expenmem with the direction and color of your lighting until the deslred lool: or mood is achieved. The aodmon of plants to your pond will complete its natural look. However, care should be taken tn the selection and placement of plants in or around your water area. There are four categones of pond plants: Oxygsanarlng Plants Fish and water quality benefit greatly from oxygenatlng plants Thee plants use fish waste as fernlizer and provide oxygen to the water In addition, they help maintain a natural balance for your pond by competing with alge for any nutrients in the water thereby limiting the growth 0! algae. lt should be noted that plants may not be ale to prcmde all of the oxygen necasary for your pond's livestodt. so help may be needed from a fountain waterfall or aeration ldt. Floating Plants Floatingplants indutttg Ilyparrsslloindccwaabrgepeiteruageoftriesltlacezea ofyourpond. Thiswll1 intitndgaedardopI'rler1tarI1proatcbimportai1tst1adewtnd1 Mlnumaidpla1BIkeveterliHesmnlmeynntuea1dhare| eaveslageenwgi todremqmsrole Depending on the tune of floaters you have, It is Important to wait until the nsk of frost is over before introducing them to your pond. D«_= »:a, '.» l‘l/ at-. =r Plants These plants, water lilies for exarrole, provide decoration. flowers and shade and shelter for fish and other inhabitants of the pond. [L131 ginal Plants The heart of natural filtranon, these plants are placed in plxmng pots or platted in a naturalized pond and submerged on pond shelves so that water covers the pots by a only couple of inches. These plants give a natural, soft appearance to your pond as well as adding colour. Avoid placing most plants directly in the path of the water flow as this may inhibit their growth. TIP lagnn Oncea Vbarfanlimrflbndspiaare spxfitzllydagledfiarpottaipaodplarru. Easytncseamieflaiive. theyaeinsarradinto thesainearplantroots srmplyahginparbnt mmition toaqualicplamstoronelidyaar:
  10. 10. fa“ 7 A beginner's guide to water gardening Now that all the asentiai corroonents have been installed to sustain a healthy pond environment it‘s time to arid your pond fish. Fish add color. movement and gate to your water garden, However were are several rule of thumb that should be reviewed before you add your fish. Limit the lniual number of fish you Introduce into your pond, as they produce a lot of waste, this waste is potentially toxic to them, better to hate too few than too many. Fish will often reproduce and grow quickly in a pond environment Treat them with great care Any handling or transportation, even irrtroaicing them to your pond, can induce stress. 1 introduce them to the pond slowly, rriatching the water temperature by lloadng the bag In the pond before release 2 Addrtionaliy, you can add a lime pond water Into the bag to help them get used to any differences there may be in water quality. 3 After approrurnateiy 20 rninuta of this gradual introducuon process. you may release your fish into their new home. Any handing oi the list: should be minimal. Use a soft net to hancle them. TIP Whenathglish toymtpond. tlaartzhevtanerwrrlrlagunawaterhw. Yh.5prudiu1nHkesrapwataQfeI<1fisham1plaritsbyel#n¥alhghannfu toxic meials. haddiobn, ircnats-and prouzctsfinsandsralm tliatmmcihavebmrrdalrragednrhetrfislrarahattled aroranspa-rad. FtIoo&IjlIIuil&1uIuah&I. .gx&IlFflIClIIG§G-Illflufi n- Warm temperatures, intense sunlight. and the accumulation of organic waste are factors that can contribute to an unattractive pond, There are a number of prod ucts availaale that can help offset the results of these erwironrnental conditions One or the best things you can do to control and prevent cloudy water is to ensure that your filter is clean and working to capacity. To Inaease the utility and productivity of your filter, adding finer media such as LAGUNA Pl-IDS-X will help absorb and trap phosphate, nitrite and mtrate Phosphate and nitrate In particular: are maior nutrients that can lead to undesirable pond conditions. (7?/ re: lioslg; T31.’ , ')IC'-’/ U‘ 5 r/ .Ic. ltm'-: - Laguna Barley Straw Pellets: a completely natural product that supports dean pond conditions and is beneficial to plants Laguna Peat Grariuies for Poms: a natural product that will help support excellent water quality, Pond peat produces a naurral amt: -er tint that acts as a ligtt filter, which reduces the amount of sunlight penetrating the water surface, in addition. it contains acids that aid in lowering both XH and pH levels You may also want to consider the addition of a UV Sterilizer to control geen water. UV Steriliners prevent and eliminate geen water and aeate beneficial pond water tnridtions ‘lor fish and plans For a "quick fix’, add a tradrtional water treatment, such as Laguna Oear Fast. This product's fast acting formula helps clear cloudy or green water try causing minute partldes of organic waste ; to clump together. The filter easily traps the resulting ciurrps In addition. Laguna Filter Wool should be used in your filter to help remove debris. Laguna Phosphate Control is an excellent preventative measure against undesirable pond concltions as it he-ps reduce ‘ phosphates naturally. it also adds ‘ benafidal microor9arusi'nS irroroving biological filtration and water quality.
  11. 11. r L. ‘-%»‘:2g? IA, :VTa; u:: T:ajaA', R w; ;-;1!ALIT(ih= . kr ? .?Ie: j1i: :4%; {[ Eelpflli Tips: 1 Alwaysueatpondvuaterbefoceadd; -ng Hvestndc. Gnlonne and chtotarnlne ! l'I lap Mata" nay lall or injure ftsh. Usel; agurIaVV‘aIaPrepforfastancIdfecuve dedmlonrnanon. 2 Keepsharpobjecsauayfrotnp-ondltners. 3 Install pumpson bnds orbloclcs kaepcngthanfrom the bomom ofthe pond to mlnlmuue dogging. d. Thern&n1»urnhei-gut ofyourfotxntainshoukinoteaured halfihevvidflw ofyourponcl. S Allowfor 1 Inch offtshpa'sqauarefooI: ofsurfiaceanaa- You can allow 2 ltndua persquarefootvnnth ltratoval ffluanon from a Lagurn Sklrnrner I’-Htz'ot Finer Falls. 6 lfynuaregolng tolaqxlargafiogflzelshouidbelcaptrrl larggweil flixaredpoc-ads. Thepcndst: ouldbeatIeast3ft (‘I In) (5%: 7 Oxygenatlng plants prxnnde oxygen only dunng daylight. Rd: an sufferstress during vrann, sun nights unlgs extra oxygen Iss| .=ppued. VVaterag‘t: a1:Iun axtzd bya Q: -lfinng founaxn c~rvratn'faf! Is ideaL 8 Although lnost purnps operate Lang 3 norrnal electnal sL; p(y, the zztstallatson should be a pennanent one Lang 3 GFI (Ground Fault lrnetrupten. Airways use cables and oomreclncsdslgnedforoumoorandvvanaytdetlusa Haveyoursystezn Instauedordmedoedbyan eleclncxan. 9 The flnSa£ng touchz. his Itrxpormrrttn choose the tight fish and plans for your pond. Consutl your I-otzi pet shop and garden 1112! for advice at find mote lrlfonnzuon at vvIUvv. .l. agunaponds. coul. ag-; %ju%+«’j«iFt4 : ui1:u: —*