Project colors of life 2011 2012


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Project colors of life 2011 2012

  1. 1. Colorss Foundation – Baroda | PuneProject Colors of Life:Project Goal:Project Objective: | +91 960 494 1020 | |
  2. 2. Colorss Foundation – Baroda | PuneProgram Structure: Twice a week Adult-facilitated drawing and writing activities geared to encouraging teens to open their minds and explore new ideas Translation and language skills enhanced (aimed to ultimately help children translate articles from mother-tongue to English) Technology skills developed | +91 960 494 1020 | |
  3. 3. Colorss Foundation – Baroda | PuneBenefits of ‘Colors of Life’:Akash Sakat 10th Grade, Mahadji Shinde High School, Pune “Upon joining Colors of Life, I came to know another side of myself. Colors of Life is an institution that fosters confidence in children. While working with the program, I faced many challenges but through working with Colors of Life, I learned to overcome them. I was surprised to see how much I could achieve. Now I feel confident that I can do anything as long as I have the passion for it. I developed an interest in education and difficultsubjects seem easier. I feel happy to know that I made a difference for myself.” | +91 960 494 1020 | |
  4. 4. Colorss Foundation – Baroda | PuneBeneficiaries: Sr. Name of Activities Total no of Observation N School Beneficiaries o Male Female Mahadji 40 students We started the project with 25 1 Shinde High from 5th to students on 15th Nov 2010 School, 10th grade. 17 23 today we have 40 students.. Wanorie The project Most of the students are able to runs twice a understand American accent as week they communicate well with our international volunteers. This is indeed an achievement. Dr. 23 students We started the project with 10 2 Ambedkar 8th to 10th students on 15th June 2011 and Memorial grade. The 14 9 today we have 23 students. The High School, project runs programme is conducted in the Sholapur twice a school hall. The e-zine Bazaar week magazine will be launched next year. The target is 50 students for next academic year. Navprerna, 27 students We started the project in June 3 Baroda from 6th and 2011. There has been a 7th grade. 19 8 considerable change among the The project children. Their creative instincts runs twice a are visibly seen in the activites week that they do. Boys 9 Boys 17 Girls Girls 23 14 Mahadji Shinde High School , Pune Dr. Ambedkar Memorial High School, Pune Navprerna, New Sama Road, Baroda | +91 960 494 1020 | |
  5. 5. Colorss Foundation – Baroda | PunePhoto-updates: Mrs. Rachel Koshy, CEO Pune Cantonment Board inaugurating the first E-zine of the project ‘Colors of Life’ Saurabh (Volunteer) conducting the classes at Mahadji Shinde High School, Pune | +91 960 494 1020 | |