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Vigan Arch


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A presentation of the Historic City of Vigan in the Philippines.

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Vigan Arch

  1. 1. - Juan de Salcedo explored the Ilocos region - the lush, green plants growing along the riverbanks. - "biga'a"
  2. 2. - Villa Fernandina, (Town of Ferdinand) - named after Prince Ferdinand, the first born son of King Philip II of Spain. - Ciudad Fernandina de Vigan, (Ferdinand’s City of Vigan)
  3. 3. - Vigan is an island which is separated from the mainland by three rivers - a coastal trading post in pre-colonial times
  4. 4. - Chinese traders came to Island of Vigan via the Mestizo River - traded goods from Asian kingdoms in exchange for mountain products from the Cordilleras region.
  5. 5. - Don Juan de Salcedo founded "Villa Fernandina de Vigan" in honor of King Philip II’s son
  6. 6. Calle Crisologo
  7. 7. Calle Crisologo
  8. 8. Burgos Museum
  9. 9. Palacio de Arzobispado Nueva Segovia
  10. 10. Cathedral of Vigan
  11. 11. Cathedral of Vigan
  12. 12. Bantay Bell Tower
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