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Each ILEAD USA Team has $1000 in grant funds to help make your project a reality. Jean and Christine will cover what the funds can be used for, and the necessary procedures.

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  • As part of the ILEAD USA initiative, each team can receive up to $1000 to spend on technology related tools to help with the completion of your project.
  • Each team has a copy of the Technology Grant Application in the table, and your USB’s each have a copy as well.In order to supply the funds, one library from a participating team must be responsible for purchasing and receiving the needed items. We will need to know what library will be receiving the funds by July 1, 2013. Email W-9 to Jean HeiligTechnology grant applications will be due July 15, 2013. The applications require a brief description of your team project, a list of the needed items complete with cost estimates (and URL of where you got the cost estimate), and a brief explanation of how the technology is relevant to your project completion. Email to ChristineAlso needed on the form, the name of the library who is accepting the grant, a signature from someone at that facility (authorized to sign for that library) and the library’s fiscal officer.Once completed application is received Jean will distribute draw down forms for reimbursement
  • Technology equipmentDigital cameraMicrophone ScannerSubscription/licenseDomain name registrationsoftwareServiceGraphic designWeb site hosting or server spaceGrant funds cannot be used for food or furniture. It can also not be used to specifically market one of your libraries. It can be used to market your project/service.
  • All changes in purchasing must be approved in advance of purchase by Christine. Email Christine with the proposed change and the reason for the change. She will send confirmation within 24 hours via email.
  • Checks will be issued by the end of July, 2013.
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  • ILEAD USA what can your technology grant buy

    1. 1. What Can Your Technology Grant Buy?
    2. 2. Timeline• ReceiveApplicationJune 19, 2013• Submit W-9 forrecipient libraryJuly 1, 2013• Applications Due• Receive Fundingby end of monthJuly 15, 2013• Purchasingcompleted• Submit receiptsSeptember 15,2013
    3. 3. Technology Related Items:Technology equipmentSubscription or licenseServiceWhat Can We Buy?
    4. 4. PurchasingExcluded VendorsExcluded Parties List System• These parties are excluded from receivingFederal funding• Debarred and Suspended
    5. 5. ChangesWhat if We Change Our Minds?
    6. 6. FundingWhen will we get our checks?
    7. 7. FundingUnspent funds must be returned to theState Library by October 31, 2013Checks should be made out to the ColoradoDepartment of Education
    8. 8. Technology ConsultingColorado State LibraryNetworking and Resource Sharing UnitKieran Hixon303-866-6975