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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Highly Effective School Library Programs Creating a Recipe for SuccessMonth Day Year
  2. 2. Outcomes Elements of the revised and rebranded program Key ingredients for success Shifts in Practice for 21 st century
  3. 3. Great School Library Ingredients?3
  4. 4. Highly Effective School Library Program
  5. 5. • Use the Evaluation Rubric to assess your program. 1. • Select two or three areas for improvement and formulate these into goals aligned with your school’s 2. SIP. • Use these goals to fill out the Action Plan and upload on the HESLP wiki 3.5
  6. 6. Teacher-Leaders View Principal as a Collaborative Partner
  7. 7. We do not ask your overall rating I got 15 ineffectives!!
  8. 8. Action Plan Template
  9. 9. Participation More inclusive than Power Library Model Cohort for anyone to participate (pilot year) Access to HESLP wiki to view others’ action plans, see web presence ideas, view applications of those who earned recognition….
  10. 10. Recognition
  11. 11. • Multimedia presentation (3 minutes)1. • Two letters of recommendation (one has to be from principal or direct supervisor).2. • Your Action Plan3.
  12. 12. Recognition – Rigorous Process with Higher Rewards
  13. 13. Key IngredientsRisk-Taking Leader Persistent Collaborator
  14. 14. Key IngredientsInstructional/Digital Literacy Coach - Innovative (Risk-Taker)Persistence and Patience needed!
  15. 15. “Traditional libraries were viewed as the grocery store…”
  16. 16. ....but, 21 st century librariesare viewed as the kitchen.” J o y c e Valenza
  17. 17. Shift in Practice is Essential
  18. 18. Ensure Today’s Students Thrive in 21 st -century Workforce
  19. 19. Outcomes Elements of the Revised/Rebranded Program Key Ingredients for Success Shifts in Practice for 21 st century
  20. 20. CONTACT INFORMATIONBecky Russell, MLIS |Certified School Librarian/21st C. Skills Specialist | Colorado Department of Education | 303.866.6772 | OR |www.coloradostatelibrary.orgJudy Barnett| Highly Effective School Library Coordinator | Colorado Department of Education | 719.964.5352 | or |