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S. america tips


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S. america tips

  1. 1. Tips for Traveling in South America 1) Carry your old school ID. Dont carry your passport or drivers license. In this case, anyone who needs to identify you will be able to based on your name and state, not sensitive identifying numbers. 2) Take a look a few blocks ahead. If you see a gang, or pack of stray dogs, or its really dark, or you just dont have a good feeling – DONT GO THERE! 3) Get to know the locals. If anything you will feel more welcome. 4) Tell everyone you are volunteering on a local project. Even if this is not true, you will appear poor and devoted to helping others, both will display the image of “humble gringo”, something you rather be. 5) DO NOT EVER TELL ANYBODY YOU HAVE, OR HAVE ACCESS, TO ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY. JUST DONT DO IT. 6) Never ware a wrist watch, carry an expensive cell phone, or ware really nice cloths. If you have money just make sure nobody knows. 7) Smile a lot and dont look at people in the face and dont appear like you are very interested in anything. This will help you blend in as a S. American. If you are amazed by the street fight or other ridiculous things going on, you stick out. Dont stick out. 8) Have fun and pretend like you have lived in S. America for 50 years. The image you portray from beneath, how you really feel, is what people will pick up on. You are a go-happy, not interested, quick, poor, and elusive, whiter person :)