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Solution Brief - SAP Web Channel Experience Management


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Solution brief for SAP Web Channel Experience Management, next generation eCommerce platform supporting B2B and B2C on a single platform

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Solution Brief - SAP Web Channel Experience Management

  1. 1. SAP Solution BriefSAP Customer Relationship Management Objectives Solution Benefits Quick FactsSAP Web Channel Experience Management Enrich Customer Experience with Multichannel Commerce on a Single Platform
  2. 2. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Establish a strategy for Web channel optimizationEstablish a strategy for Web channel How much easier would life be if you could manage e-commerce, e-marketing,optimization and e-service on a single platform? and run multiple Web sites, help business users build Web channels, and keep data consistent across the platform? See how the SAP® Web Channel Experience Management application makes it all possible by unifying business-to-business and business-to-consumer processes. The primary goal of a Web shop is to turn the rates in e-commerce. The latest smartphones Internet into a profitable sales and interaction and tablets make the Web an even busier hub channel that delivers convenience and satis- of consumer interaction. Your customers are faction to business partners and end con- now extremely sophisticated shoppers. And sumers. Your first commerce-enabled Web let’s not forget how much more powerful they site certainly helped you serve the uniniti­ are with the rise of social media. You need to ated consumers of the time effectively in offer equally powerful incentives to keep them the business-to-consumer space. And it loyal. Running an ordinary Web shop is no o ­ ffered convenience for peer businesses in ­longer enough. the business-to-business space. SAP Web Channel Experience Management But recent improvements in online security helps you manage your Web presence to and connectivity have increased adoption a ­ ddress these recent trends. 2
  3. 3. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Outstrip competitors with leading-edge featuresOutstrip competitors with The typical Web customer increasingly uses Naturally, you differentiate your firm fromleading-edge features a mobile device and has direct interaction e ­ -business competitors by giving your Web with other customers through social channels. customers the most compelling multichannelEnhance the experience for You no longer control engagement through shopping and service experience. Today, thatyour three key user groups traditional customer relationship manage- means implementing a strategy for a context- ment techniques and a plug-in Internet aware, multiple-device customer experienceSimplify infrastructure to c ­ onnection that chains the customer to a that doesn’t end when the customer logs offlower costs and complexity desktop experience. Engagement is now an or hangs up the phone. In fact, the experience on-the-fly, community-driven phenomenon. continues right through to the moment cus- And with the competition a mere click away, tomers enter a physical store or take delivery you need to think more holistically about the of shipped goods. complete multichannel customer experience. Continued on next page Now you can act from a comprehensive and real-time view of all customer information to deliver the best personalized offer. 3
  4. 4. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick FactsOutstrip competitors with SAP Web Channel Experience Management feeds, and check before paying that the mer-leading-edge features was conceived to align with a solid, end-to- chandise will be available to ship. They can end multichannel strategy. It offers mobile even order on the Web and pick up their mer-Enhance the experience for device–enabled tools for product filtering, chandise at an outlet down the street. Theyyour three key user groups d ­ etail views including appropriate images can follow guided navigation paths with visual and multimedia files, and online loyalty cues that help them move through complexSimplify infrastructure to management. Customers can check product procedures in a series of screens. And theylower costs and complexity availability on the Web, read syndicated can do it all on a tablet or smartphone. reviews and opinions through social media The competition is just a mouse-click away on the Web. Let SAP Web Channel Experience Management help you impress every valuable visitor. 4
  5. 5. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Enhance the experience for your three key user groupsOutstrip competitors with Both business customers and consumers And what about your own stakeholders wholeading-edge features e ­ xpect access to easy-to-use and powerful manage the Web channel? They now have a online self-service functionality. With SAP single administration tool called a Web channelEnhance the experience for Web Channel Experience Management, you builder to create, manage, and extend their on-your three key user groups provide them an attractive, intuitive, and rich line channels to achieve optimal Web presence. common user interface. Casual users can Business users can make tightly targetedSimplify infrastructure to make purchases and request support online, cross- and up-sell recommendations, executelower costs and complexity and their experience is consistent across all special campaigns, create and update catalogs, points of contact. Your business partners and manage orders start to finish. They can can manage their ongoing relationship with continuously roll updates into production with- you through additional, more sophisticated out extra IT assistance – step-by-step Web site options – all handily accessible in one place. management procedures that make things easier for newcomers to the process. Take advantage of the global infrastructure and enterprise business rules that help you maintain existing e-commerce channels and open new ones. 5
  6. 6. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Simplify infrastructure to lower costs and complexityOutstrip competitors with As social media and mobile devices proliferate, demanding customers. The application deliversleading-edge features your infrastructure must evolve to help you comprehensive processes for e-commerce, manage the new communications and inter- e ­ -marketing, e-service, and Web analytics. ItEnhance the experience for action channels atop traditional ones. People presents a common user interface for viewingyour three key user groups can spot the gaps in a piecemeal infrastructure catalogs, shopping, checking out, paying, that make their experience less than optimal. tracking orders, returning goods, requestingSimplify infrastructure to You need to foster Web channel profitability service, and making complaints. You can alsolower costs and complexity in the long term while remaining responsive implement self-service rewards mechanisms to customer demand now. to boost customer retention rates. Flexible and scalable by design, the application incor- SAP Web Channel Experience Management porates Web 2.0 technologies to offer options also gives you a hand with that task. It lets for user-interface design and interoperability you run all Web channels on a single plat- with tools for content management. form to help you cut IT costs while satisfying It’s time to ensure a consistent and reliable customer experience online and at all touch points – and support every sale with superior service. 6
  7. 7. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Deliver key benefits to all stakeholder groupsDeliver key benefits to all All e-business stakeholders benefit signifi- the online catalog through centralized func-stakeholder groups cantly from SAP Web Channel Experience tions to create content once and reuse it at Management. Your e-commerce managers will. Master data is imported automatically can increase conversion rates to capture from enterprise resource planning software. maximum revenue, make commitments based With mass maintenance and multidimensional on reliable inventory figures, and reduce costs search, you enter each change only once and of sales. Your marketing managers can per- change multiple products in one pass. sonalize the online customer experience through deep customer intimacy, making Look for these general business benefits from offers ­ ompelling and improving return on c SAP Web Channel Experience Management: spend. And your service managers can •• Improved customer experience and empower customers for self-service and ­heightened loyalty help retain high-value customers. •• Expanded market reach and preparation for greater globalization Your savings in time and human capital are •• Reduced costs and higher revenues to equally substantial with SAP Web Channel boost profitability E ­ xperience Management. Business users •• Lower total cost of ownership through with no Web design experience can manage ­integrated processes 7
  8. 8. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Summary Solution The SAP® Web Channel Experience Manage- •• One platform for business-to-consumer ment application lets you run all Web channels and business-to-business e-marketing, on a single platform, delivering integrated e ­ -commerce, and e-service processes for e-commerce, e-marketing, •• Easy integration with Web tools e ­ -service, and Web analytics in one application. •• Nontechnical site administration You can reduce IT cost and complexity and •• E-marketing, including loyalty and campaign empower business users and channel man- management agers, while enriching shopping and service •• Rich e-commerce with in-store pickup, for consumers and relationship management r ­ eal-time availability, and one-click ordering for partners. •• E-services for live assistance and self-service •• Integrated content and knowledge Objectives ­management •• Keep the consumer and partner experience consistent across all touch points Benefits •• Attract and retain loyal customers with rich •• Enrich the customer experience personalization •• Boost brand loyalty •• Enable self-service shopping and postsales •• Extend market reach processing •• Support globalization •• Conduct and analyze e-business on mobile •• Raise profitability devices •• Lower total cost of ownership •• Use social media to capture attention and foster engagement Learn more Call your SAP representative, or visit us online at /web-channel-experience/index.epx. CMP19223 (12/05)Copyright/Trademark | Privacy | Impressum 8 ©2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.