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The Family Center


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A for-purpose organization, The Family Center provides legal and social services to families confronting a crisis, illness or loss.

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The Family Center

  1. 1. The Family Center serves as an expert support system for New Yorkers confronting a family crisis or loss.! • • • ! Our team of social-service, legal, and health professionals uses a comprehensive yet personalized approach. We tailor programs for each family, so that they get essential care on all fronts. Together, we work to keep families stronger, longer.! Since our founding in 1994, we have specialized in helping New York’s most vulnerable families when a parent or other primary caregiver faces a serious or terminal illness, such as HIV or cancer. Our seasoned team coordinates options for both immediate needs and long-term planning, so that families can prepare for a secure future. Working with their innate strengths, we help our clients stabilize and regain control. ! At-home visits are a cornerstone of our business. Our representatives can meet at each family’s home for every type of service, at any point in a program. With a staff of medical care managers, lawyers, social workers, early childhood specialists, and more, we provide the right advocates at every step, until these families are back on their feet. Our results show that this integrated process is key to sustainable success. We also build a sense of community among the Center’s families, broadening their support network. Our offerings are confidential and of no cost to the families.! To continually improve our agency, we regularly evaluate both our organization and the community we serve. By analyzing internal data and participating in independent research studies, we pinpoint the most effective strategies for our clients. We also respond to emerging challenges, such as the spiking rate of diabetes. With clear business principles and passionate dedication, we restore families’ health and hope.
  2. 2. TTTTTTTTTTTTT THE FAMILY CENTER TTTTTTTTTTTTT KEEPING FAM I L I E S S T R O N G E R LONGER TTTTTTTTTTTTT THE FAMILY CENTER WORKS TO STRENGTHEN FAMILIES AFFECTED BY ILLNESS, CRISIS, OR LOSS TO CREATE A MORE SECURE PRESENT AND FUTURE FOR THEIR CHILDREN. WORKING WITH US, FAMILIES STAY STRONGER. LONGER. ANNUAL REPORT 2012-2013 We worked with the Foundation, Taproot, which is comprised of professional writers, editors, digital designers, photographers, and others, to produce a coffee-table sized Annual Report. Photos for the report featured Family Center clients, leadership and volunteers, and were shot over a span of a month by Taproot photographer Wilhelm Scholz and with guidance of myself of the Development & Communications Director.
  3. 3. The Irene LeeKong Health & Wellness Institute THE IRENE LEEKONG HEALTH & WELLNESS INSTITUTE AT THE FAMILY CENTER IS A FULL SERVICE MENTAL HEALTH CLINIC THAT PROVIDES COUNSELING, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES.! ! The Institute specializes in children and teens struggling with mental illness, but also provides an array of programming to assist in the positive growth of the entire family. This programming includes:! • Mental health assessments for minors of any age! • Play therapy services and specialized techniques for addressing mental illness in young children! • Dedicated services proven to engage teenage clients in their therapy sessions! • Full-time clinic director, psychiatrist and numerous licensed mental health counselors, including an LCSW, LMSW and LMHC -all possessing significant expertise working with children and adolescents! • Bilingual services in French Creole and Spanish! • Immediate assistance with familial crises! The clinic had its grand opening in the new location in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn on September 12, 2013. It welcomed building donors, Board and junior Board members, city council members, and staff from Senator Kristen Gilibrand’s office. The opening was also covered by Uptown Magazine and included the above picture.
  4. 4. The Family Center’s Buddy Program pairs adult mentors with children who have been affected by a family crisis or loss. These mentors, or “Buddies,” provide mentees with fun, friendship, new experiences and a positive role model. The Buddies experience is consistently cited by both mentors and mentees as one of the most rewarding aspects of their lives.! The benefits of mentoring “at-risk” youth are well documented and include: ! • Better attendance and attitude toward school! • Decreased risk of drug and alcohol use! • Improved social attitudes and relationships! • More trusting relationships and better communication with parents! • A better chance of going on to higher education! Our Buddies are committed, compassionate, and reliable individuals who make a one-year commitment of 6-10 hours per month to help expand a child’s horizon and enrich their lives and future. The Family Center also sponsors free group events throughout the year for all Buddy matches in the program, including professional sports games, picnics, trips to museums, and holiday parties.! The Family Center’s approach involves careful assessment and orientation of all parties, thorough training, thoughtful matching and ongoing support. In the last 14 years, over 250 children have been matched with an adult mentor through our Buddy Program. May 15, 2013 BLOOM WAS HOSTED BY THE FAMILY CENTER LEADERSHIP COUNCIL TO BENEFIT THE BUDDY PROGRAM. ! ! The Buddy Program pairs responsible adult mentors with at-risk youth who have been affected by parental illness, crisis, or loss. Mentoring has shown to create positive results for mentees -from better school attendance to decreased drug use- and mentors have life changing experiences as well.! BLOOM was attended by 200 guests, included a speech by a Buddy pair, a luxury auction with items from Coach and tickets to the Book of Mormons, dancing, and a buffet style meal. The evening resulted in 15% net revenue growth from the previous year.!
  5. 5. TFC Turns 20! In 2014, The Family Center celebrated its 20th Anniversary with TFC Turns 20! October 16th at City Winery. The event was a sit down, 3-course dinner, featuring a silent auction and followed by an after party. The dinner included an award ceremony with Lauren Glassberg of WABC7 as mistress of ceremony, four honorees, and a short film about one Family Center client family. ! ! The dinner treated 190 attendees, while 150 individuals celebrated at the the after party. Tables of ten were $5,000, individual dinner tickets were $250 and after party tickets were $100 online purchase and $150 at the door. The event was one of the most successful to date, yielding nearly a quarter-million dollars.
  6. 6. Months leading up to the gala, the Taproot Foundation connected The Family Center with Fineas Media to collaborate on a film demonstrating The Family Center’s work and to be debuted during the event. During the process, Pauline extended the film so it could be entered into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation film competition. The new film was seven minutes long and considered too long for the gala. The video footage was used later in this shorter version which was shown at the gala.
  7. 7. ← Brasserie Magritte Hosts An Award Winner! The Family Center Unveils A New Logo →! !! Full of Heart Posted on February 26, 2013! ! Joe’s Pub hosted a near full house Saturday night for the 5th annual Three of Heart concert benefitting The Family Center. The three artists- Lindsey Wilson, Mark Anthony Lee, and Beth Arentsen- gave outstanding performances and made the show worth weathering the rain.! Three of Hearts uses music as a catalyst for raising awareness about socio-cultural concerns in our community while entertaining its audience with some of the best independent musicians and vocalists from the New York City music scene. All proceeds from Three of Hearts concert and ! auction benefited our work keeping families strong, longer.! The evening started out with a powerful performance by Brooklyn-based Lindsey Wilson. Mark Anthony Lee continued the night by illuminating the stage with his electrifying presence. Following Lee’s performance, Three of Hearts producer Christian John Wikane, introduced poet Daniel Carlton, who kept everyone involved with his interactive piece, “I’m Five”. The concert wrapped with Beth Arentsen wowing the audience with her intricate piano-based pieces.! Three of Hearts 2013, set the bar high and will have the Joe’s Pub crowd and Family Center supporters eagerly anticipating the next year.! We tremendously appreciate all the time, effort, and heart Lindsey, Mark, Beth, and Christian gave in making Three of Hearts possible!! This entry was posted in News. Bookmark the permalink.! ← Brasserie Magritte Hosts An Award Winner! The Family Center Unveils A New Logo →! Christian & Ivy Beth, Christian, Ivy, Mark & Lindsey
  8. 8. All You’ve Given Posted: March 1, 2013 | Author: The Family Center | Filed under: Our Cherished Children & Families, Social Service Story | Modify: Edit this | Leave a comment »! ! Christopher was truant from school, smoking marijuana and behaving aggressively toward his mother and step-father when his mother walked into the ACS office seeking out-of-home placement for him. After going through previous programs, they were referred to The Family Center’s YouthNet Intensive Prevention services in June 2012.! Within the same month, I started individual and family counseling with Christopher and his family. During our sessions, I recalled my family situation as my older brother struggled with the same issues as Christopher. After I shared that my brother eventually lost his battle to drugs and how riddled with regret my father was, Christopher seemed motivated to change.! Christopher’s behavior has recently begun to show improvements. He attends school almost daily and has stopped smoking marijuana. Although his step-father initially refused counseling, he is now willing to build their relationship due to Christopher’s changed behavior.! At the end of the year, I received this heartfelt note from Christopher’s mother- “Thanks Mr. Taylor and staff for all you’ve given this year. We appreciate you and this program for sending someone who cares about our youth.”! -Edward Taylor, Family Center Youth Net Case Planner! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Christopher & siblings The Family Center always gives it our all on behalf of our clients. If you want to give your all to keep families stronger, longer, please donate here.
  9. 9. ← Full of Heart! Lessons in Personal Safety →! The Family Center Unveils A New Logo Posted on March 15, 2013! !After nearly two decades, The Family Center is growing into a brand new logo. Although our original black and white logo has served us well, years of watching our families grow helped us realize it’s time for The Family Center logo to reflect this incredible growth. Throughout the years we have created a network of families who support each other; through research, we have demonstrated effective results of our support systems.! Our new logo is a celebration of life, growth and a reflection of our strength. Like the new logo, we are brightly moving forward to keep our families stronger, longer and reaching greater heights together.! ! This entry was posted in News. Bookmark the permalink.! ← Full of Heart! Lessons in Personal Safety →! !
  10. 10. ← Lessons in Personal Safety! BLOOM 2013: Helping Lives Blossom →! ! TFC & Dancing Inspire a Powerful Workout Posted on March 25, 2013! ! Buddy Program Mentor and DMF dance-fitness instructor Lindi Duesenberg hosted Dance For A Cause on Sunday, March 24th at DANY Studios. All proceeds from this fabulously fun fitness event benefited The Family Center’s Buddy Program.! Dance For A Cause engaged over 30 participants in 50-minutes of dance geared toward cardio and strength training. The work-out/dance session empowered everyone to stay fit while still having a good time -and all to support a good cause, The Family Center’s work keeping vulnerable families and their children stronger, longer!! If you weren’t able to make it to the event, but would still like to donate to The Family Center, please click here.! This entry was posted in News. Bookmark the permalink.! ! ← Lessons in Personal Safety! BLOOM 2013: Helping Lives Blossom →! !
  11. 11. ← BLOOM 2013: Helping Lives Blossom! JFK Runway For A Cause Posted on April 15, 2013! Sunday, April 14th, Family Center Board members Shamoun Afram and Mark Boyer participated in the 41st annual JFK Runway Run to benefit The Family Center.! This race is a 5K that takes place on a main runway at JFK airport in Queens. The runway is closed to aircraft traffic during the race and planes are routed to a secondary runway. The JFK Rotary Club hosts this race, but all donations raised by Shamoun supported The Family Center work keeping families stronger, longer.! Nearly 1,000 runners participated in the JFK Runway Run this year, however TFC runners Shamoun and Mark were the only ones with a cheering squad equipped with colorfully homemade signs. See all the team spirit caught on film below.! The race is over, but you can still donate to TFC through Shamoun’s FirstGiving JFK Runway Run page.! !
  12. 12. Healthy Living Through Self-Care Posted: April 18, 2013 | Author: The Family Center | Filed under: Social Service Story | Modify: Edit this | Leave a comment »! !L ast month, I led a Self-Care Training for our partners at Community Health Action of Staten Island (CHASI). The training was aimed at teaching counselors and case managers why self-care is important, how to engage with their clients around self-care and how to use these techniques to take better care of themselves.! Alicia bowling with Family Center youth. Recreational activities are a good way to reduce ! Self-care is when we meet our own needs in an effort to engage in over-all healthy and positive living. When we engage in self-care we are being mindful of how we take care of ourselves and make ourselves feel good. Lack of self-care can cause stress and feelings of being over-whelmed, tired, or sick. Self-care skills help us deal with everyday life situations and stresses. For example, self-care skills can help us:! ◦ Handle getting our kids up and out of the house in time for school;! ◦ Take care of ourselves when there does not seem to be enough time in the day; and! ◦ Manage medical, physical, and emotional needs.! ! At The Family Center, we meet many clients who don’t take care of themselves well when they first enroll in our services. As a counselor, I have seen that when I successfully engage clients in developing self-care awareness and their family skills, they go on to lead healthier, happier lives. When I work with a client about self-care our focus is on:! ◦ Understanding what makes them feel cared for;! ◦ Meeting their needs;! ◦ Balancing their needs with the needs of the family;! ◦ Enhancing personal relationships;! ◦ Managing their health; and! ◦ Investing in themselves and making themselves a priority.! ! We at The Family Center work hard to promote healthy living and self-care. If you are interested in keeping our New York families stronger, longer, please click here to see how you can help.!
  13. 13. ← Credit Suisse Hits Another Home Run for TFC! Race for A Cure with TFC! →! Posted on July 18, 2013! This past Wednesday night, July 17th, the Leadership Council celebrated the success of BLOOM 2013 by taking over the bar at the Upper East Side’s Brasserie Magritte for their first social. With over 20 people in attendance, it was a refreshing time for everyone to get out of the heat, enjoy a cocktail and great food, while socializing with our up-and-coming leaders.! Thanks to The Family Center Leadership Council and all those who joined us to express interest in this dynamic volunteer professionals group. As pictured below, it was an entertaining evening. If you were not able to join us, but are interested in getting involved with our Leadership Council, please feel free to contact Family Center Development & Communications Associate Tonya Collins by sending her an email now.! We hope to see you at the next Leadership Council Social!! ! ! This entry was posted in News. Bookmark the permalink.! ← Credit Suisse Hits Another Home Run for TFC! Race for A Cure with TFC! →! ! Sociable Leadership
  14. 14. Black-White Breast Cancer Disparities: TFC Bears Witness Posted: July 31, 2013 | Author: The Family Center | Filed under: Executive Director's Corner |Leave a comment! ! The New York Times’ recent article, “Black-White Divide Persists in Breast Cancer,” highlights a research study exploring the wide disparities in breast cancer survival rates between black and white women. The article emphasizes stark statistics that The Family Center witnesses in the lives of our client families, their beloved mothers, aunts and grandmothers. Tragically, despite all the advances in diagnosing and treating breast cancer, black women are still not only receiving inferior treatment, but also simply receiving less health care over all.! “Among black women studied, 20% received a diagnosis of Stage III or IV disease, when the cancer is far less likely to be cured. Among white women, only 11.4% had a late-stage disease.” -New York Times ! In 2012, The Family Center provided legal and social services to 304 cancer-affected clients, 113 of which were specifically impacted by breast cancer. As nearly 50% of our client families are black, facing late detection, encountering barriers to care and receiving poor medical care are very real –and frightening– aspects of their lives. Even for our clients with private health insurance, regular doctor visits can be hard to maintain due to other responsibilities, like work and childcare.! “Black patients were also more likely to have at least a three-month delay in receiving treatment.” -New York Times ! The Family Center works with these client families to ensure that they are accessing all the benefits and entitlements that will help them get through the painful difficulties that arise when someone in a family has breast cancer. We also emphasize the importance of planning for the future care of minor children, regardless of their mother or primary caregiver’s prognosis. And for those families who must face the loss of a mother or caregiver due to breast cancer, The Family Center works with the new caregiver and the children on grieving and healing.! “Over all, white women with breast cancer lived three years longer than black women.” -New York Times ! The Family Center is grateful for the support of our Board of Directors and numerous donors who support our work with breast cancer -affected families. We are particularly thankful for the support of Susan G Komen for the Cure -Greater NYC Affiliate, Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert, and Sullivan & Cromwell, all of which fund our expert legal and social services for breast cancer -affected minority women. If you would like to support The Family Center’s services for breast cancer -affected women, including black women who face the starkest disparities in getting their disease treated, make a donation or volunteer today.
  15. 15. A Healthy Start in Spring Can Lead to a Healthy Life Posted: March 19, 2014 | Author: The Family Center | Filed under: Social Service Story, Uncategorized |Leave a comment! TFC is bringing back the Walking Club this year! ! Thanks to funding from the NYS Health Foundation, TFC is adding new diabetes programs this year that could add years to our clients’ lives.! Last year TFC became a certified Center of Disease Control (CDC)-recognized diabetes prevention provider. What does that mean? That means we will begin hosting a series of free Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) workshops in Central Brooklyn- a location with the highest rate of diabetes than any other area in NYC. DPP is a lifestyle change program that can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in more than half of the people with prediabetes.! ◦ DPP can help people cut their risk of developing type 2 diabetes in half.! ◦ DPP research study showed that making modest behavior changes helped participants lose 5% to 7% of their body weight- that’s 10-14 pounds for a 200-pound person.! ◦ Theses lifestyle changes reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58% in people with pre-diabetes.! ! The 16-week program will feature lessons on healthy eating, problem solving, stress management, and ways to stay motivated. Also, DPP is bringing the walking club back! In 2011 we started the walking club to help clients be more active and motive each other to be more active. In the two year duration of the club, the members and I walked at least 29,000 miles, which is at least one time the circumference of the earth.! If you are at risk for prediabetes or diabetes and interested in getting involved, contact TFC’s DPP at 718-230-1379, extension 192.! Catherine Duckett - Diabetes Specialist
  16. 16. ← Our Proficio Volunteers Legal Services Open House → ! TFC Hits the Runway at JFK Posted: April 7, 2014! On Sunday, April 6th, three Family Center Board members, four staff members, and at least twelve more enthusiastic TFC supporters joined the 2014 JFK Runway Run with over 1,100 other runners. As our team hit the tarmac, planes took off and landed, flying right over our awe-struck runners’ heads.! ! Thanks to their generous friends, family and coworkers, Board members Shamoun Afram, Mark Boyer and Andrew Costagliola collectively raised over $13,000 in support of The Family Center’s work keeping families stronger, longer. While Andrew just recently joined our Board, this was Shamoun and Mark’s 2nd year in a row at the JFK Runway Run. We are grateful to all three Board members and their very generous contacts who sponsored their fun, healthy and creative fundraising campaigns!! ! You still have time to support a Family Center Board member’s dedication to our client families and their children:! ! •! Click here to donate to Shamoun’s campaign!! ! •! Click here to donate to Andrew’s campaign!! ! •! Click here to learn more about Mark’s FUNraise for the Family raffle!! Many thanks to our Board members, everyone who donated and all our JFK Runway runners! We can’t wait to see what 2015′s JFK Runway Run will bring!! This entry was posted in News. B!ookmark the permalink. ← Our Proficio Volunteers Legal Services Open House →
  17. 17. ← TFC Turns 20!! ! April Showers bring May Happy Hours Posted on April 30, 2014! Leadership Council events always attract a great crowd!! ! The Leadership Council is shaking off those April showers by throwing a spring social, Wednesday, May 7th at The Hair of the Dog, located at 168 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side.! Festivities are from 7p to 9p with free drinks the first hour, when you purchase the $20 bracelet at the door. After 8p, enjoy drink specials including $2 cans and $8 pitchers, along with an array of delicious menu items. Every single cent, 100%, of the proceeds earned through each bracelet will go to funding Family Center programming.! If you have any questions about the social or want to learn more about the Leadership Council, please contact Tonya at 718-230-1379, ext. 122 or! Remember Wednesday, May 7th, 7p-9p. Come out for a fantastic organization, mix and mingle with some new faces, and enjoy a drink or two to get you over the rest of the hump.! This entry was posted in News, Upcoming Events. Bookmark the permalink.!
  18. 18. Q&A on Good Parenting Posted: April 30, 2014 | Author: The Family Center | Filed under: Social Service Story |Leave a comment! ! To close out Child Abuse Prevention Month, we spoke with one of our expert Child Development Specialists in the ESLS program. Lina gave us a brief Q&A on preventing child abuse and why TFC is such an amazing advocate and support system for parents.! ! Q: As a professional in the field of child development, how you think the ESLS program prevents child abuse? A: ESLS prevents child abuse by providing supportive services for our families. We are a helpful and nurturing presence in the home that praises, educates and empowers. We observe the family life and converse about day-to-day parenting topics. We praise the positive as well as educate around family concerns. We do not judge but empower parents to be better role models for their children. ! Q: What is your favorite part of being a part of the ESLS program? A: I truly enjoy the interaction with the families. I like meeting the children and I like the way we meet our families here. It’s not invasive. The families aren’t forced to be here; they’re just here to become better parents.! Q: With that said, many parents believe in spankings. What is your professional take on that? A: Spankings is a tricky topic. Many parents do believe in spankings and it’s not necessarily if they are bad or good, it’s understanding what is good parenting and not child abuse. Everyone has to look at the results of continued spankings, like have they altered the child’s development in any way.! Q: How have you handled child abuse cases with client families in the past? A: With my families, I express the importance of understanding what the state views as child abuse. Everyone has their own method of parenting, and that’s fine, but when it comes to what is parenting and what is considered child abuse, we have to refer to what could have their children removed from the home.! Q: What do you think our local community as a whole can do to help prevent child abuse? A: I think the community needs more education. We all need to think of child abuse in a different way. It’s not just the children that are battered and that you see headlining the news. It’s malnourished, unkept children. It’s children that may not have bruises but are being abused every day. We also need to look at how discipline is handled in the home on a cultural basis.! Q: What makes The Family Center a good place for a program like ESLS? A: TFC is a good place because we’re a community-based organization. We’re an organization that offers support and guidance, without judgment. Plus, we’re always smiling. A lot of my families say they like it here because we’re always happy. We’re happy people.
  19. 19. ← TFC Hits the Runway at JFK! Information & Support for People Living with HIV →! ! Legal Services Open House Posted: May 15, 2014! ! Thank you to everyone who joined the Legal Services Department for their open house Wednesday, May 14th, at the TFC office. With 19 social service professionals from various organizations in attendance, the event was set up as a round-table discussion to introduce everyone to TFC’s legal services as well as to provide a networking opportunity among the organizations.! ! If you were unable to attend the open house, but would like more information about our legal services, please click here.! !!!!!!!! This entry was posted in News. Bookmark the permalink.! !! ← TFC Hits the Runway at JFK! Information & Support for People Living with HIV →
  20. 20. ← Don’t Blink ! ! Again Justice Prevails →! ! TFC Experts on Domestic Violence Posted: June 9, 2014 | Author: The Family Center | Filed under: Social Service Story |Leave a comment! ! Family Net/ Family Connections Child Welfare Experts! ! The US Department of Justice reports there are an estimated 960,000 domestic violence incidents per year, with approximately 6 million+ children witnessing this familial trauma.! ! TFC’s FamilyNet/ Family Connections program works with a number of families impacted by domestic violence. For Abused Women & Children Awareness Day, our expert team of counselors combined their years of knowledge to point out the warning signs and advise on ways to empower those affected by abuse.! ! What are some of the the warning signs for someone who may be suffering from abuse? Aside from the bruises and marks, isolation is a significant indicator. Those suffering from abuse usually have no contact with their family or friends. They tend to be distrustful of others and seek the approval of their abuser. One of the biggest warning signs in children is fear of, or aversion to, interacting with others. Spouses, or significant others, who constantly check in with their partners, or know nothing about household finances, can also be exhibiting signs of being in an abusive relationship.! ! How can someone intervene if they suspect a friend or neighbor is being abused? Just be upfront and ask. People will usually tell you the truth. From there, you can ask specific questions. Another good way is to ask the person about their feelings; it can help better identify what may be going on in the relationship. Sometimes those suffering abuse simply need to say it out loud to realize they are being abused.! ! What steps would you give someone who is trying to leave an abuser?! First, someone suffering from abuse needs a legal order of protection. This serves as documentation that abuse is happening. If someone leaving an abusive situation files for divorce, or there is a custody proceeding, the courts need this documentation. Also, there needs to be a safety plan with schools attended by the children involved, so the abuser will not be able to remove the children without permission. Family Net/ Family Connections experts also encourage clients in domestic violence situations to reach out to family or friends, because those recovering from abuse need a support system. Domestic violence shelters and their counselors can also be a significant resource for a family’s recovery from domestic violence and its trauma.! ! Eighty-five percent of women who leave an abusive relationship return, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Why do you think victims return to their abusers so often?! Being in these relationships is almost behaviorally addictive. It sometimes feels normal to women, so they keep going back. Most victims also find it very difficult to be on their own. They realize that it’s hard to provide food for the family, or the money is not there like it may have been previously. It’s basically starting all over again and that can be very hard and also traumatic for a recovering family.! ! What have you noticed in victims after they have left their abusers?! Once those suffering from abuse explore and address their self-esteem issues, and build up a support system, they thrive. They usually want to do better for themselves and for their children. The kids will get involved with more organized activities and the parents try to become more socially active. Unfortunately, those fleeing domestic violence situations tend to pick the same kind of person in their next relationship. Another stumbling block is that children sometimes act out or reflect behaviors that they witnessed. For these reasons, we strongly recommend individual and family counseling so domestic abuse survivors can learn what is a healthy relationship, and parents and children can learn to deal with the emotional trauma.
  21. 21. ← Lindsey Wilson’s Human Heart Tour Comes to TFC! Family Center Clients Exhibit Work at MoMA →! ! Self Care Workshop Posted: July 21, 2014! ! ! On Wednesday, July 23rd, The Family Center is hosting a Self-Care Workshop from 10am to 12pm at our Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn office. The workshop will teach caregivers how to take care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, while still taking care of others. The two-hour session will include discussions, meditations, relaxation practices, and a chair yoga activity. The Self- Care Workshop is open to current Family Center clients, 18 years-old and up, and everyone is welcome to bring a friend.! ! If you would like to attend the workshop and learn how to recharge your battery as a caregiver, contact Julian at 718-230-1739, ext. 182.! ! If you’re a service provider interested in self-care, please read our blog Advocacy Through Self-Care.! !!!!!!!! This entry was posted in News. Bookmark the permalink.! ! ← Lindsey Wilson’s Human Heart Tour Comes to TFC! Family Center Clients Exhibit Work at MoMA →
  22. 22. Crafting Happiness Posted: August 18, 2014! On Thursday, August 14th, Credit Suisse’s CFO Change staff team welcomed Family Center client families to their office at 11 Madison Avenue for an arts and crafts project. Each person created two greeting cards -one for someone in their life and one for an area hospital or nursing home patient. Along with the help of Credit Suisse volunteers, client families demonstrated their artistic skills by decorating over 30 greeting cards with silk flowers, glitter, shapes, and stencils. Volunteers’ and clients’ creative talents did not stop there, as they also designed posters with empowering messages like “Smile!” and “Love, Laugh, Learn.” These custom cards and posters will be delivered by Family Center staff and clients to hospital and nursing home patients in the neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, where our main office is now located. Our children and families thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are excited about their new friends at Credit Suisse! Everyone at The Family Center is tremendously grateful to the staff team of CFO Change for this wonderful event. We hope it will be the first of many! This entry was posted in News. Bookmark the permalink.! ! ← The Buddy Program Visits The Staten Is Yankees! ! TFC Pink Ladies + Gents Rock the Susan G. Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure on Sept 7th →
  23. 23. School's in Session Posted: September 17, 2014 | Author: The Family Center | Filed under: Our Legal Lifeline, Social Service Story | Tags: intern, internship, student |Leave a comment! L to R: David, Ifeoma, Adam Halper (Legal Services Director), Nkeonyeasua, and Nicolas! ! With another school year starting, TFC welcomes a new batch of interns, Proficio volunteers, and fellows into the office.! In the last eight years, TFC has provided credit to over 100 interns, hailing from school such as NYU, CUNY, Columbia, and Fordham. This past summer TFC hosted Rachel (City University of New York School of Law), Rita (New York Law School), and Devin (Hofstra University of Law), who are featured in an upcoming intern vlog. In the next few weeks and months, various departments will accommodate interns.! The legal department will host two fellows- David from Cardozo and Ifeoma from Columbia -and two Proficio volunteers: Nkeonyeasua (Harvard) and Nicolas (NYU). While on staff, these students and pro bono legal professionals have an opportunity to learn about an array of legal matters, like guardianship and adoption, and how to secure benefits, like housing and disability, for clients.! ! Right to left: Caitlin, Sofia, and Polly! ! Over the next few months the research staff will enjoy the company of the new research interns- Caitlin (Hunter), Estefani (BMCC), Sylvia (Hunter), and Polly (SUNY Downstate). While assisting research staff with The Buddy Program study and on-going evaluation of ESLS, they will also collaborate with the social service department, learning the process of survey administration. Through this, these eager interns will gain knowledge of different assessment tools, such as KIPS, Ages and Stages questionnaire (ASQ) and Social Skills Improvement System assessment (SSIS).! ! Sabina! ! The Family Support and Counseling Program has also welcomed Sabina (Brooklyn College Mental Health Counseling Master’s Program) this semester. Utilizing her previous experience working with children, Sabrina will expand her work to family counseling while at TFC.! TFC opens its doors to interns all year round. If you are interested in interning with the legal department, or becoming a Proficio volunteer, please contact Adam Halper at, if you are interested in learning more about becoming a research intern, please contact Casey Castro at, and for individuals interested in working with the family services department, please contact Rebecca Kim at
  24. 24. ← TFC Pink Ladies + Gents Rock the Susan G. Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure on Sept 7th! !! Fall Bereavement Group Posted: September 19, 2014! ! The Family Center is now registering families for our free 10-week bereavement support group starting October 1st for children and their parents/caregivers who have lost a loved one. Register today!! ! •! Who Should Attend? Children ages 6 – 16 and parent/caregivers! ! •! When? 5:30-7pm on Wednesday evenings, starting October 1 and running for 10 weeks! ! •! Meeting Location? The Family Center office at 493 Nostrand Avenue, on the northeast corner of Fulton Street and Nostrand Avenue! Dinner will be served at every meeting and metrocards will be available for transportation home. Individual and family counseling are also available.! To register or more information, please contact Marya Gilborn at (718) 230-1379 x 114 This entry was posted in News, Upcoming Events and tagged bereavement, grief, grieving, services for caregivers, services for fathers, services for grandparents, support group. Bookmark the permalink.! ! ← TFC Pink Ladies + Gents Rock the Susan G. Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure on Sept 7th