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HandsOn Marketing

  1. 1. HANDSON MARKETING We’re Hands On so You Don’t Have to HandsOn Marketing was created in 2007 by former radio senior account executive, Jai Jones. HandsOn is a full service marketing company, primarily focused within the entertainment genre. The company handled artists’ images including their press material, booking and the vision of their brands. HandsOn was most recognized for the creation of the seven month long concert series Signature Sundays, which ran for three consecutive years. KATIE SHU SIGNATURE SUNDAYS TOW THE LINE
  2. 2. How Summer Concerts Should Be Signature Sundays was a series of concerts created and coordinated by HandsOn Marketing along with client Big City Events. The concerts were held every Sunday April- Thanksgiving, at the Big City Events venue, Firewater Bar & Grill. ! The concept of the concerts was to feature a local artist and a national artist once a month. Over the summer concerts by national artists grew to 2-3 times a month and came upon request, due to increasing popularity. Signature Sundays became the most talked about and notarized live music venue for any and every artist in Dallas. As part of the Sunday brunch portion, Signature Sunday provided a bottomless buffet, featuring various Dallas caters. In the evenings, the venue offered a complete menu including speciality dishes created by the house chief. Buckets of beers was available as well as premiere brands of wines and top shelf liquors. SEASON OPENER J. HOLIDAY HIP HOP LEGEND DOUG E FRESH REALITY STAR AND ARTIST RAY J
  3. 3. Best Live Music Venue in Dallas Dallas’ Best Outdoor Bar Firewater Bar & Grill ! 10261 Technology Blvd E, Dallas, TX ! This North Dallas hot spot offers a diverse menu, casual indoor/ outdoor scene and state-of-the-art stage for live music.! Tips: Get a dollar off everything Monday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm.! ! Author: ! DallasCitysearch! ! Author's Guidespot Page:! http://www.guidespot.com/authors/dallascitysearch THE FACTS 1. 64% CLIENTELE RETENTION 2. 25% PROFIT GROWTH 3. RECOGNITION AS A PREMIERE ENTERTAINMENT VENUE 4. PRODUCED OVER 100 SUCCESSFUL SHOWS 5. HOSTED OVER 36 ARTISTS’ CONCERTS
  4. 4. Katie Shu Katie Shu was born and South Korean and raised in Iowa from the age of seven months. She began playing the piano at seven and has performed live since the age of ten. She received a Bachelor degree in Oboe Performance and Music Composition and degrees from the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri Kansas City. Afterward Shu took a year to aggressively pursue her career as a freelance artist. Her musical resume includes the oboe, saxophone, English horn and the guitar, along with an impressive vocal sound. ! ! Despite a rocky path which led Shu to a year incarcerated, she continued writing and composing her songs with the determination of building her solo career. Shu has opened for Grammy nominated Floetry, R&B legend Freddie Jackson and Oscar winners Three-6 Mafia. She has been the visionary mind behind Katie Shu Jazz Trio, The Katie Shu Quartet and the Wildflowers. She is the voice, writer, producer and promoter of her albums- Exotic PersuAsian, Blossoms, The One and Matters of the Heart- which combined distributed nearly 10,000 copies independently.! ! Upon the finalization of her album Exotic PersuAsian, Shu needed a press release, which she distributed independently. She was in the beginning phase of obtaining higher paying gigs and trying to aline herself as a professional musician.
  5. 5. Introducing Ms Katie Shu ! Kansas City, MO (Unsigned) March 2, 2009– Very few embody the talent and vocality of jazz, R&B, hip hop, classical, folk, neo-soul and rock. Katie Shu not only possesses this ability but commands every essence of each separately as well as combined. An eloquent sound so beautifully displayed in her new full-length album Exotic PersuAsian available early 2009. ! ! South Korean born, Shu was adopted at seven months and raised in Iowa. She began playing the piano at seven and has performed live since the age of ten. Her talents earned her a scholarship in Oboe Performance and Music Composition and degrees from the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri Kansas City. During her college career, Shu delve herself into the art including a hiatus after receiving her Bachelor’s degree to aggressively pursue her career as a freelance artist. After a year of struggling to make ends meet, Shu re-enrolled to receive her Master’s degree. Her year abroad was not in vain however; her musical resume had expanded to include saxophone, English horn and the guitar, all on top of her sharpened vocal sound. ! ! Although heavily involved in her music, Shu found herself involved with the wrong crowd and subsequently serving over a year in a maximum security woman’s prison. Her time incarcerated, never flattened her tone and instead ignited a flame to truly follow her love and dream of making music. She continued writing and composing her songs only to re-emerge with a new sense and the determination to build her solo career. Once paroled, Shu’s drive was stronger than ever and her ambition has continued to be endless. ! ! Throughout her career, Shu has opened for Grammy nominated Floetry, R&B legend Freddie Jackson and Oscar winners Three-6 Mafia. She has been the visionary mind behind Katie Shu Jazz Trio, The Katie Shu Quartet and the Wildflowers. Shu is not only the blossoming voice of her album but has also been the writer, producer and promoter of her previous albums- Blossoms, The One and Matters of the Heart- which combined distributed nearly 10,000 copies independently. ! ! Shu is ready to catapult herself to the main stage of the music scene with the new album Exotic PersuAsian, by not only being the vocalist but demonstrating her musical skills in every aspect of the album. With a slightly tattered past, Shu is set to prove herself as a rose in the concrete. ! ! For booking of Katie Shu, please contact Katie Shu at 816.359.1919 or email at katieshu@gmail.com; also listen to music and receive performance updates at www.myspace.com/ katieshu. For media information, please contact Tonya Collins with HandsOn Marketing at 214.969.7209 or email at tonya@marketinghandson.com.! !
  6. 6. Tow The Line Tow The Line is an unsigned, Dallas based rock band. They are said to have “cultivated a sound that gives off not only creative energy, but a real feel of passion for the music.” In 2007 founding members’ guitarist David Lusk and vocalist Ryan Kohler, both formerly of the San Diego bands Swallowed and Gen 13, began working on new material. They also began searching for a rhythm section to complete the group. Eventually they added drummer Darren Doyle and bassist Chris Davis, who was shortly replaced by current member Daddio (pictured above). Having finished new material and now performing with a complete group, Tow The Line was in the transition of booking gigs consistently. As a band just starting out, we created a simple biography to include on their myspace page and when bidding for shows. In the process we were also able to initiate a string of opening act and intimate performances stretching from parts of Arizona and California.
  7. 7. Tow The Line Biography Evolving their sound and lyrical content has kept Tow the Line going through the last four years, giving off not only creative energy but a real passion for the music. Considerably an up and coming band, Tow the Line’s music resonates that of a rock heavyweight like 3 Doors Down, Staind and Chevelle. ! Born in Dallas and the other in South Carolina, band founders Ryan Kohler and David Lusk eventually crossed paths while being stationed in San Diego with the US Navy. At the time both were members of two separate San Diego bands, Swallowed and Gen 13. Following jaw-dropping performances, Swallowed and Gen 13 took a West Coast tour lasting the full year of 2003; covering every major city in California as well as several cities in Washington state and Canada. While still riding the wave of success, 2004 brought about a large unexpected change in the bands- due to lyrical, musical and creative differences the bands took a break and eventually broke up. ! All wasn’t lost and in the mist of touring one night at a party, Lusk happen to be strumming cords on his guitar when Kohler picked up the sound and began to sing. The duo knew they had a sound few, if any, could imitate. Months later after the bands cut ties, Kohler and Lusk planted roots in Kohler’s hometown of Dallas. Once the two collaborated it was a matter of time before they cultivated a new sound and a new band. Meeting again breathed a whole new life into the music; urging them to form Tow the Line- derived from the thought that “music is the representation of our lives- life is the line in which we tow it willingly“. ! Although the two created a powerful sound alone, both felt the need to build Tow the Line to a full four piece band and posted online ads for a bass and drum player. What they received were two perfect pieces to their puzzle- drummer/percussionist Darren Doyle and bassist Chris Davis. Doyle had been a member of two local Dallas area bands, RX and Hammer Head. After playing only small area gigs and parties with his previous bands, Doyle felt like he needed a change and jumped on the opportunity to join up with Tow the Line. Four months and three failed bassists later, Chris Davis was brought on board. Davis had played with the band 60 Foot Sammy, which opened for well-known Dallas band, Burden Brothers during the Taste of Dallas festivals. Following stints in two other bands, Davis responded to the ad on Craigslist and took his place as the fourth and final member of Tow the Line.! Now pushing through 2008 with all the right people in place with the same goal and passion in mind, Tow the Line is a band set to make a name for itself on the Billboards. Preparing to release their self-titled debut album, Tow the Line is ready to take on anything. With singles like Worlds Collide, Tidal Wave, Hollywood and newly written Voodoo Love this album is standing front and center for mainstream breakout. Tow the Line plans to head out on a full tour, beginning with fan-based shows in the Dallas area. ! Despite a rollercoaster past, Kohler and Lusk have proven themselves to be timeless. Leading their own band and producing their own sound along with Davis and Doyle, Tow the Line is in for the long haul. ! For press information please contact Tonya Collins with HandsOn Marketing at 214.969.7209 or tonya@marketinghandson.com.
  8. 8. THE PROPHET BAR The Prophet Bar has been transcending Music in Deep Ellum for 25 years. Great original Live Music concerts weekly – Full Service Bar – All Ages, All the Time. The Prophet Bar opened in 1985, spearheading an unforgettable art and music scene. Russell Hobbs’ vision for the Theatre Gallery was to make and promote art, music and theatre in its purest form whether it was profitable or not. In a city obsessed with status toys, trophy wives, and designer drugs, The Prophet Bar stirred up Dallas and made waves by challenging its belief systems with controversial booking, provocative advertising, and promoting a counter-culture of seekers. The Prophet challenged the city with music, theatre and special events transcending the traditional bar scene. Now, The Prophet Bar operates for those who love art and music and will dare to step out of the parade of the status quo. Where can I hear them? Tow The Line booked appearances at various venues and shows throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. With a sound as powerful as rock heavyweights such as 3 Doors Down, Staind or Chevelle, Tow The Line is a group that’s built a fan base out of anyone who heard them, even only once. In the midst of the social media peak, the group was able to captivate an following through MySpace and later through Facebook. The group solidified a sting of shows at O’Riley’s Billiards, which lasted over three months. They also performed at Dallas notable Trees in Deep Ellum.! TOW THE LINE PERFORMED AT IAROCKFEST, WHICH IS KNOWN AS THE MIDWEST’S BIGGEST BADDEST ROCK CONCERT.! In 2009 and 2010 Tow The Line ! performed at IARocfest, which is held at Van Buren County Fairgrounds in Keosauqua, Iowa. IARocfest is titled “The Midwest’s Biggest Baddest Rock Concert.” It is a 3 day, 3 night festival chalked full of “pure” rock and roll. The show hosts at least 30 bands, food vendors, tattoo artists, retailer displays and giveaways. The festival has been the stage for acts like Skid Row, Slaughter, Full Throttle and Bleed Down, among many, many others. ! Over the last year, the group has ! been working on producing new music and still trying to make Tow The Line a household name. Most recently they appeared on Jack’d Up, which airs on the Dallas local CBS affiliate station, 11/TX21. O’RILEY’S BILLIARDS O’Riley’s Billiard is a pub located on the east side of Dallas, on the corner of Greenville avenue. Along with a full service bar and a delicious menu, they give local bands the opportunity to perform on stage for an audience. They are open until 2am every day and provide live entertainment 6 days a week, including karaoke, a weekly Beatles tribute, singer songwriter night and two nights dedicated to open mic nights. Despite having the appearance of a small venue, O’Riley’s has a occupancy of as many as 2,400 people. On a good night this is an incredible audience for a local band, group and/or artist just starting out.
  9. 9. Rickey Smiley’s Big City Talent It’s a night of best dressed, comical satire, unpolished talent, church announcements, occasional epic concerts and some famous people. It’s also live so there are no retakes- Say Cheese! Rickey Smiley’s Big City Talent was created as a comic, variety talent show with nationally known comedian Rickey Smiley as the host. The contestants were rated by a panel of judges, which consisted of a HandsOn staff member, a co-host from the Rickey Smiley Morning show and a celebrity guest. The winners from each show would later compete on the season finale. The show was taped at Firewater Bar and Grill Thursday nights and aired on TXA 21 on Saturday nights at midnight. Auditions for the featured talent was held every Tuesday night and contestants were notified by me two weeks prior to their appearance date. The show gained a large draw from local celebrities, such as the Dallas Cowboys, and national celebrities like Wyclef Jean-all who appeared as celebrity guest judges. ! ! The venue was designed as an upscale evening out. The attire, dress and the tables laced with burgundy table clothes. Doors opened at 5 P.M with the show beginning at seven. The menu was alter to reflect the atmosphere and accommodate a live show setting. ! ! Rickey’s new radio show was the perfect collaboration with the television show. As host, it was jam-packed with comic relief, including the addition of the uncredited co-host Rickey coined “Pastor’s Aid.” For the not-so-talented “talent” the possibility of maybe being asked to join the morning show antics, even for the purpose of being mocked, was prize enough. The show was always a hot topic over the airwaves the following Friday morning. ! ! Rickey’s growing radio power was a driving force to aid in solidifying celebrity guest judges and guest hosts, in Rickey’s absence. The “Fly Jock,” Tom Joyner graced the table to provide his two cents on the talents’ performances. Lupe Fiasco, Jamie Fox and Michael Baisden also added their names to that roster. ! !