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  1. 1. Contemporary Traditional Maori Culture, Part 1 ''Who are the Maori?'' By: Collin Branch,11212 Per:8, Culture and Geography. 
  2. 2. The Maori are indigenous culture of New Zealand.
  3. 3. New Zealand is a large island in the South Pacific Ocean off the south east coast of Australia.
  4. 4. Some contemporary Maori are traditional, some live non-traditional, modern lives.
  5. 5. One tradition of the Maori Culture is the Haku war dance.
  6. 6. Another tradition of Maori is Ta moko: tattooing or painting the face and body with dark arching patterns.
  7. 7. Traditional Maori culture is truly interesting.
  8. 8. Sadly, like other conquered indigenous peoples, many maori struggle with poverty, alcoholism and drug abuse.