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Crossing Web Boundaries


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A decade ago, higher education online experiences were segmented into walled gardens -- the public Web site, the course management system, online transactions, alumni communities, events calendars. The legacy of that structure was that our lifelong relationships with the college were interrupted as students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni moved from system to system.

The next-generation online ecosystem will let us re-organize these experiences, allowing for deepening engagement throughout our lives: from prospective student to elder alum. How can we evaluate, select, and configure systems to support our users' needs, rather than the other way around?

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Crossing Web Boundaries

  1. 1. CROSSING WEB BOUNDARIES in Higher Education Penn State Web Conference Jay Collier • June 14, 2011 jaypeg21
  2. 2. Emerging media for learning organizations• WGBH Educational Foundation• Public Broadcasting Service• Massachusetts Institute of Technology• Dartmouth College• Bates College• Maine Department of Education jaypeg21
  3. 3. • Where are the current boundaries?• Why should we bridge them?• How can we cross those boundaries? clearly ambiguous
  4. 4. Where are our current Web boundaries?
  5. 5. CURRICULARNON-CURRICULAR design-dog, rozenchipmunk
  6. 6. CLASSROOMFIELD WORKtostie, europedistrict
  7. 7. STUDENTS ALUMNIorcsa, rberteig
  8. 8. DEPARTMENTS OFFICES moriza, willi
  9. 9. MARKETING TECHNOLOGYswami stream, patrick hosely
  10. 10. SYSTEM ASYSTEM Bhegemonx, psd
  11. 11. SILO 1 SILO 2binary ape, neosnaps
  12. 12. Why should we cross those boundaries?
  13. 13. Digital MCLUHAN MEDIA Expanding media Personal computer Digital networks Evolution of communications Electronic World Wide Web technologies MEDIA Telegraph Printed Telephone MEDIA Radio Written Television Movable typePhysical MEDIA Printing pressEXPERIENCE Cave walls Photograph Bamboo slips Motion pictures Verbal Parchment Visual Paper mauricedb, schizoform, wilhei, mightyboybrian, wonderlane
  14. 14. Web 1.0 was “It” Web 1.0 ~2000 “IT” You went out “onto it” The first Web was Web media and content hosted locally A WEB SITE Business data Phone Television Email jaycollier
  15. 15. Web 2.0 ~2007The next Web waswas “Ours” Web 2.0 “YOURS” and“MINE” Facebook Delicious Flickr WordPress Google Docs My Wikipedia Pages and LinkedIn profiles YouTube NetVibes Twitter jaycollier
  16. 16. The next Internet “Is” An ecology integrating real and virtualBuild connections Share knowledge Online persona Online Online persona persona Use services jaycollier
  17. 17. Each medium “is anextension of ourselves ... an extension of consciousness” Marshall McLuhan, 1964 cearly ambiguous
  18. 18. How can we cross the boundaries?
  19. 19. Cross divisional boundaries
  20. 20. jaycollier
  21. 21. jaycollier
  22. 22. Common principles for online experiences• Be dependable – anywhere, any time, any device• Be intuitive – simple publishing, searching, inding• Be helpful – helpul information and instructions• Be interesting – appealing, personal, immersive• Be personalizable – up to date feeds by interest• Be welcoming – online spaces for collaboration• Be meaningful – insight into what matters to you
  23. 23. Cross staffing boundaries
  24. 24. Content development Content manager/producer Information architect Content manager/producer Information architect Channel editor, writer Interface/ Channel editor, writer Photographer, photo editor Photographer, photo editor Communityinteraction design Client liaison Client liaison stewardship Art director/producer Community manager Interface designer Channel coordinator Graphic designer Leadership Social media producer Interface developer Brand evangelist User testing specialist & management Research analyst Strategic guidance Media Software admin Director of Online Media production & development Executive Producer Program Manager Producer/director Technical producer Videographer/recordist Software administrator Post-production editor Web developer Motion designer Quality assurance Training Animator specialist and support Client relations Project coordination Staff Vendors and contractors jaycollier
  25. 25. 1-FTE TEAM 3-FTE TEAM 5-FTE TEAM Web producer/ Content manager/ designer editorWebmaster/ Web director/ Designer/ Web director/ Producer/ coding manager steward manager manager Web developer Software administrator/ developer Core team Extended team Extended team jaycollier
  26. 26. Cross marketing boundaries
  27. 27. FROMPowerful, universal ideas Ambivalence to Awareness to Interest to Participation to Commitment TOWARD Personalized interactions jaycollier
  28. 28. jaycollier
  29. 29. General PublicProspective Prospective Corporations, Faculty & Students Foundations Sta & Families Current Current Philanthropic Faculty & Students, Partners Sta & Families Alumni & Friends jaycollier
  30. 30. Cross communication boundaries
  31. 31. OFFICIAL CONTENT CONSTITUENT COLLABORATION Formal communications Community-facilitated Highly-crafted editorial and design Simple interface, individual voices, independent domain Core News & Program Communities Public Internet Services site updates subsites of Practice Professional Cloud News People resources servicesGateways Home Search releases Subsite Groups Bookmarks Features Recommendations YouTube Directories Tasks Notations Comments Profile Subsite Ratings Flickr Publications Subsite Skype Enterprise data Ad hoc Learning groups object Gathering Reporting repositories Social media Data Data service service Groups by Facebook content area Twitter Groups by geography LinkedIn jaycollier
  32. 32. Warning! tm-tm
  33. 33. Cross experience boundaries
  34. 34. “The individual and thecultural are inextricably bound by patterns of relational exchange.” Ken Wilber, 1981 sallyrye
  35. 35. TEILHARD DE CHARDIN Patterns of experience Noosphere THOUGHT Evolution of awareness Atmosphere AIR Biosphere CELLSGeosphere MOLECULES geishaboy, jing-a-ling, wwworks
  36. 36. MASLOW IntuitiveTypes of exchanges MEANINGRelational exchanges with manymultiple environments Symbolic Vision Integrity RESPECT Authenticity Emotional Discourse PresenceMaterial SECURITY Achievement Reflection SAFETY Recognition Awareness Family Friendship Esteem Breath Confidence Food, water Intimacy Shelter PowerReproduction Sleep krislitman, ajawin, tristanbrand, opoponax
  37. 37. Broadcast > Engagement > Collaboration > EXCHANGE Ibrahim Iujaz
  38. 38. GE Healthcare
  39. 39. How will you open the doors? sportsilliterate