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Start up


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Start up

  1. 1. 4/8/2011 Irrigation System Spring Start UpThe greatest threat to system start up is waterhammer.Acceleration of water through empty pipescan cause: • pipe breakage • fitting breakage • sprinkler damageBefore filling the lines: (Note** Much of this workshould begin as soon as you winterize. I.e. May need toorder parts or set up repair dates with contractors)1.Restock inventories over the winter2. Think and take action on any last minutechanges of head locations or the moving ofpipes and sprinklers! 1
  2. 2. 4/8/2011 3. Controllers check for (late winter before start up) • 110v power • Damages wires (from frost heaving etc.) • Ground connections resistance 10 ohms or less • Nesting animals or rodent damage • Vandalism4. If mechanical clocks- (timing mechanismsshould be checked out in the winter)5. Check all pumps for • Wear • Vandal Damage • Ice damage to control valves and pump casings • Nesting animals 2
  3. 3. 4/8/20116. General components • Broken or raised heads from frost • Broken valve boxes • Broken or exposed pipes i.e. bridge or river crossings7. Turn on the Water slowly• Reduces water hammer• Pressure surges through rapid filling of apipe can exceed 15 times the regularoperating pressure.• When water moves through a pipe andreaches a sprinkler it abruptly stops or slowsbecause water escapes at about 20% that ofair.• TAKE YOUR TIME figure at least two days forfilling the lines•Turn on and check system early in theseason before demand is to high for irrigationrequirements but not to early to risk freezing!•Place quick couplers around property (a fewhigh points) for air to escape. Can also turnon a few heads•Once main lines are full start turning on tees,greens, isolation valves.•Patrol for leaks throughout system 3
  4. 4. 4/8/20118. Once up and running begin to check everysprinkler to make sure it’s: - Spraying correctly - Turning•Keep a watchful eye out for leaks•The process for start up begins after blow out.•Successful start-up does not happen overnight ittakes TIME 4