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Situational leadership


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Published in: Business, Education
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Situational leadership

  1. 1. Situational LeadershipFebruary 2010College Pro Painters
  2. 2. Transfer In Name, Turf Naturally Directive or Supportive? Outcome for the session
  3. 3. Agenda Developmental Levels Directive & Supportive Leadership Behaviors Leadership Styles Delegation Group Work Close
  4. 4. Situational Leadership Definition? Providing the right blend of direction and support given the individual and the task.
  5. 5. The delegation myth… “I want to be a better delegator”
  6. 6. Diagnosis Competence  Experience & Knowledge (Low, Some, High) Commitment  Motivation & Confidence (Low, Variable, High)
  7. 7. Developmental Levels – TaskSpecific Level 1 – Low Competence, High Commitment Level 2 – Some Competence, Variable Commitment Level 3 – Moderate to High Competence, Variable Commitment Level 4 – High Competence, High Commitment
  8. 8. Directive & Supportive Leadership Directive Behaviors Supportive Behaviors
  9. 9. The Four Leadership Styles – TaskSpecific Directive – High Direction, Low Support Coaching – High Direction, High Support Supportive – Low Direction, High Support Delegating – Low Direction, Low Support
  10. 10. Delegation You need to help someone move to Developmental Level 4 first on any given task you would like to delegate. You already do this! Simpler tasks  Simpler to delegate Shared goal, follow-up
  11. 11. Group Work – Moving toDelegation Build a 4 week plan for training a JSM, Cold Caller, or Production Manager so that you can start to delegate specific tasks to them.  Step 1: Define the overall goal and break it into tasks.  Step 2: What are the behaviors that you will see at each developmental level on the way to delegation?  Step 3: Given the behaviors, what are the directive and or supportive things you will do to help the learner progress?
  12. 12. Group Work Wrap Up Present your Plan
  13. 13. Transfer Out What are you taking away?