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College Pro Painters - Goal setting and review


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College Pro Painters - Goal setting and review

  1. 1. GOAL SETTING & REVIEW Facilitated by: Liz Jonasson VP College Pro Painters
  2. 2. Purpose  To introduce goal setting and review (GS&R) to the leaders of ACE  To help you hold your team accountable to the goals of your program  To give you a process to follow to hold accountability with your team
  3. 3. What are your goals?
  4. 4. Why is GS&R important?  Effective use of your time  Holds people accountable  Gives structure to problem solving
  5. 5. Effective GS&R’s  Ensure Buy-in to the long term objectives  Find out why they are involved and why.  Set Long term, Proximal and Short term goals  Make sure they see what they need to do in the short term to hit the long term...break it down  Ensure the goals are S.M.A.R.T  S-SMART  M-Measurable  A-Actionable  R-Realistic  T-Time phased
  6. 6. Effective GS&R’s  Set up meetings weekly, bi-weekly or monthly  This can be one-on-one or in a group or both  Make a detailed plan that achieves the goal  Ensure you give them the proper direction so they can achieve the goal.  Make a plan to overachieve  Review the goal  Set a time to review the goal at the date of the goal  Ask them to tell you the goal and the result
  7. 7. Effective GS&R’s  Review restrainers and drivers to the goal  What held them back? What went well?  Decide if the goal was missed due to skill or commitment  Did they miss the goal because they didn’t know how or because they didn’t really care.  Set a new goal  Go back to the long term goals and see what they need to do this week to stay on track
  8. 8. Effective GS&R’s  Problem solve to achieve the goal  Use what you learned from the previous week  Validate the goal and plan  Make sure they tell you and write it down
  9. 9. Summary  Get buy-in and commitment  Start with the long term goal and work backwards  Have scheduled meeting to do GS&R every 1-4 weeks  Give lots of direction so they can hit the goal  Hold them accountable!