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Access Group Case Study- NAM Youth College Marketing & College Advertising Authority, Experts, & Consultants


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NAM Youth Marketing specializes in college marketing, youth marketing, and campus marketing. Check out more at . Let us connect your brand with the $400 billion youth market.

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Access Group Case Study- NAM Youth College Marketing & College Advertising Authority, Experts, & Consultants

  1. 1. New Age Marketing Case Studies Page 1 of 2 CLIENT: ACCESS GROUP VIEW PHOTO GALLERY BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: RESULTS: School Statistics (totals) 215,535 Promote Access Group Student Loans to target specific Law, Medical graduate and undergraduate students on client selected college COLLEGE MARKETING SERVICES: campuses. Campus Posters Place high volume of advertising materials on location media TOTEM Displays STRATEGY: Media Posters Sampling Brochures Creative Print, OOH Media, Sampling, Brochures, and Flash Drives Flash Drives Create awareness and “BUZZ” on campus for Law, Medical graduate Printing & Design and undergraduate students about Access Group Student Loans. THE SCHOOLS: MARKETS: Law Medical - National Metro Market American University Washington College of Law National Ave Maria School of Law Boston College Law School Brigham Young University TIMING: Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law 2.5 Months Spring Brand Awareness Duke University Emory University George Mason University School of Law MESSAGE: George Washington University Law School George Washington University School of Medicine I know Access Group’s student repayment option will work for me and & Health Science my future goals. Nice. Georgetown University School of Medicine I know Access Group’s got my back. I mean what student loan Golden Gate University School of Law company tells you to borrow as LITTLE as you need? Harvard University Your job is to go after your dreams. Ours is to help you get there. Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago - Kent College Law PROGRAM ELEMENTS: Louisiana State University & Ag & Mech & Hebert Laws Center Loyola Marymount University Law School Postering: 6 Campus Visits (2.5 Months) 12,938 11 X 17 Posters Loyola University of Chicago School of Law Media Posters: 6 Campus Visits (2.5 Months) 1,035 36 X 48 Posters New England College of Optometry Medicine 3D Kiosks: Big 4 Lama two sided (18.5’’x60’’); Lama Big 18.5’’ x 60/75” Program Open size (16”x18.5’’ folded) with 1/C printed foot support. Northern Illinois University College of Law Sampling: 100,000 Brochures (56 Schools) Northwestern University Sampling: 50,000 Flash Drives (56 Schools) Northwestern University Feinberg School of College Website: Medicine Northwestern University School of Law IMPORTANT LINKS: Rosalind Franklin University School of Medicine & Science Rush University Rush Medical College Santa Clara University School of Law Seton Hall University School of Law Southwestern University School of Law NAM SERVICES: Stanford University Law School Stanford University School of Medicine Identified School Criteria UCLA School of Law Assigned School Availability UCLA School of Medicine 5/28/2008
  2. 2. New Age Marketing Case Studies Page 2 of 2 Client Designed/NAM Approved/ Printed Media University of California San Francisco School of Shipped Materials To NAM Warehouse For Medicine Processing/Sorting/Shipping To Agents University of California-Berkeley Utilized 22 AGENTS & 42 Student Ambassadors For On Campus University of California-Davis Distributions University of California-Los Angeles Targeted Distribution (Graduate Students-Law Buildings-Law Centers- University of California-San Diego Law Libraries-Medical Buildings-Medical Libraries-Undergraduate- University of Chicago Law School Political Science-Government Buildings-Science Buildings) University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine Wave Photo Tracking Verification - Results University of Detroit Mercy School of Law University of Florida EXPOSURE ANALAYSIS: University of Georgia University of Houston Law Center University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign Average number of students 922 University of Maryland Baltimore School of Law Number of days in sponsorship (maximum) x 75 University of Maryland Baltimore School of Medicine Total number of students per 60 sponsorship days 69,150 University of Massachusetts Medical School Number of colleges x 56 University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill University of Pennsylvania Total number of visits per run dates 3,872,400 University of Texas At Austin Average number of gross Impressions Per VISIT Per University of Texas HSC Houston Medical Program 8.7 Poster University of the District of Columbia School of Law TOTAL GROSS IMPRESSIONS PER CAMPAIGN 33,689,880 University of Washington University of Wisconsin-Madison Wayne State University College of Law PROGRAM RESULTS: Wayne State University School of Medicine Whittier College Whittier Law School SUCCESS – Client was amazed by the amount of interest generated via sampling and signage programs as evidenced by traffic driven to their web site. ROI exceeded expectations in terms of loan volume generated. Copyright 2008 NewAge Marketing, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Design: EO Design Studio, Inc. 5/28/2008