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FedEx Kinkos Case Study - NAM Youth College Marketing & College Advertising Authority, Experts, & Consultants


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NAM Youth Marketing specializes in college marketing, youth marketing, and campus marketing. Check out more at . Let us connect your brand with the $400 billion youth market.

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FedEx Kinkos Case Study - NAM Youth College Marketing & College Advertising Authority, Experts, & Consultants

  1. 1. New Age Marketing Case Studies Page 1 of 2 CLIENT: FEDEX/KINKOS VIEW PHOTO GALLERY BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: RESULTS: School Statistics (totals) 215,535 Promote FEDEX/KINKOS Offers to College Students on Client Selected College Campuses. COLLEGE MARKETING SERVICES: Place High Volume Of Advertising Materials On Location Media Campus Posters STRATEGY: Table Tents TOTEM Displays DoorHangers Creative Print/Sampling Copy Offering A Call To Action To Visit local Sampling Fedex/Kinkos Copy Centers Printing & Design Call To Action Student Discount THE SCHOOLS: Boston Metro Market MARKETS: Babson Bentley College New England Boston College Boston University Brandeis University TIMING: Bunker Hill Community Emerson College 4 Month Fall/Spring Brand Awareness – Call To Action Emmanuel College Fitchburg State College Framingham State College MESSAGE: Harvard University Lesley College Let FedEx Kinko’s print and assemble your class work. Upload your document Mass College of Pharmacy using FedEx Kinko’s Print Online, select your preferences in just a few clicks Mass. Institute of Technology and pick up your completed project at any FedEx Kinko’s Office and Print Mount Wachusett CC Center®. GO TO FEDEXKINKOS.COM/FREETIME TODAY AND SAVE 10% Newbury College OF YOUR ORDER WITH PROMOTION CODE STU321. North Shore Community Northeastern University PROGRAM ELEMENTS: Quincy College Quinsigamond Community College Radcliffe College Postering: 8 Campus Visits (2 Months) 12,000 11 X 17 Posters Salem State College Table Tents: 6,000 4 x 6 table tents Simmons College Doorhangers: Staggered Distribution (2x per campaign) 49,576 4 x 9 Door Stone Hill College Hangers Suffolk University 3D Kiosks: Big 4 Lama two sided (18.5’’x60’’); Lama Big 18.5’’ x 60/75” Open Tufts University size (16”x18.5’’ folded) with 1/C printed foot support. University of Lowell Sampling: 15,000 Viral Marketing Frisbee Branded Promotions (25 Schools) University of Mass Boston College Website: Wellesley College Wentworth Institute of Tech NAM SERVICES: Wheelock College Identified School Criteria Assigned School Availability Client Designed/NAM Approved/ Printed Media Shipped Materials To NAM Warehouse For Processing/Sorting/Shipping To Agents Utilized 50+ AGENTS For On Campus Distributions 5/28/2008
  2. 2. New Age Marketing Case Studies Page 2 of 2 Targeted Distribution (Student Union-Mail Rooms-Dorms-Academic Buildings) Wave Photo Tracking Verification - Results EXPOSURE ANALAYSIS: Average number of students 922 Number of days in sponsorship (maximum) x 60 Total number of students per 60 sponsorship days 55,320 Number of colleges x 31 Total number of visits per run dates 1,714,920 Average number of gross Impressions Per VISIT Per Poster 8.7 TOTAL GROSS IMPRESSIONS PER CAMPAIGN 14,919,804 PROGRAM RESULTS: SUCCESS – ROI met or exceeded expectations. Copyright 2008 NewAge Marketing, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Design: EO Design Studio, Inc. 5/28/2008