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Lawsocpresentation j une2011


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Ruggie guidance and the law

Published in: Business
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Lawsocpresentation j une2011

  1. 1. Ruggie GuidingPrinciples- integratingthem in business10.05.2011
  2. 2. Introduction• Number of reasons why the Guiding Principles were not made a treaty• What is the legal nature of the principles?• What is soft law?
  3. 3. Harder than law?• The Guiding principles well grounded in international law• Cite international principles in almost every principle• Legal theory that creation and application of law cannot be clearly separated• Standard setting
  4. 4. Operational principles for companies• Guiding principles to identify corporate responsibility: Respecting human rights Take account of impacts Create a policy Internal due diligence Integration into internal processes Reporting Remediation of problems
  5. 5. How?• Addressing strategy• Addressing risk• Addressing operations• What about reporting?
  6. 6. A lesson from Sustainable development• Companies embracing sustainability• Strategic reviews• Procurement• Supply chain management• Stakeholder engagement
  7. 7.