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LinkedIn Profile Builder Guide.Intero Advisory.812

  1. 1. 1LinkedIn —Best Practices for Building A ProfileThat Builds Your Professional Brand.©2012 Intero Advisory
  2. 2. 2LinkedIn –Best Practices for Building A Profile That BuildsYour Professional Brand.The LinkedIn Profile Builder is a tool to get you going whether that means creating an account or becoming a more advancedmember and user. Jot notes or write it all in this template rather than just filling it spontaneously in LinkedIn.LinkedIn is changing almost daily. New functionality, views and apps are expanding LinkedIn’s footprint so getting comfortable withthe LinkedIn landscape will allow you to sail right over the changes and benefit from them rather than being frustrated by the factthey are one more thing to learn.LinkedIn now has 175+ million+ members, and so, before creating your profile, I suggest you think about how you will you use it.What do you hope to take away from the training session?What are your top objectives for using LinkedIn? Or what will they be?Will you commit to checking it daily? Over 77% of members do.Weekly?Strategy, yes, it can be become a key component of your personal and professional brand and marketing.Do you want to be openly accessible or more selective? Remember, the foundation of all social media and networking platforms is tobe transparent and open.Do you want your network open for other connections to see or do you prefer to keep it closed? [This is a key strategicconsideration, can be changed in the settings area].Do you want to create a static or dynamic profile and voice on LinkedIn? This comes down to how often you engage within LinkedInand the extent to which you participate.
  3. 3. 3 Is your company active with a company profile, are you connected to it? Will you search for prospects and customers? Will you join and participate in groups? Will you add apps to customize and round out your profile? Look under the More tab for the current list of apps. Will you recommend colleagues, clients, vendors etc? Will you ask for referrals, recommendations and introductions?Before you begin to build your profile in LinkedIn, use this document to lay it out and consider what you want to say Ok, so let’s get started. Create an account: Join, skip steps 2 and 5 where it asks who you know, you will go back to that later. Jot down your username and password: Username ___________________ Password ___________________ Confirm the account If you have a current profile, how many connections do you have: _______
  4. 4. 4 Settings Create the settings you are comfortable with before building your profile. Go to the upper right hand corner of the page, it is the arrow next to your name.Before you begin to build your profile in LinkedIn, use this document to lay it out and consider what you want to say.How do you get to a profile that is 100%? LinkedIn ranks the components differently below. Use this to guide andencourage you as you build your profile.
  5. 5. 5Suggestions Keywords for your Individual ProfileUpload your resume right into the profile and What keywords best represent who you are and what you do. List themthen tweak from there. below:Use keywords to optimize your page. Write thesewords down, see list below.You also want to think about longtail key words,three to five word phrases that reflect howpeople search online. These keywords andphrases need to be strategically placed withinyour profile to help optimize your rankings.Summary Area Personal SummaryYour summary is your personal experiencesynopsis.I suggest a mention, the value proposition orcorporate statement about your company andthen go into your personal summary. Why? Iwant to create a corporate marketing touch aswell; if someone is reviewing several members ofan organization it looks more polished when theyare speaking the same language about theirorganization.
  6. 6. 6SpecialtiesAdd your specialties, once again; they shouldmirror versions of your keywords.Skills [go to MORE at the top and click on Skills]Key in your skills and notice what appears, checkout the left navigation bar and see other skillsrelated to the one you just keyed in.Add between 6-12 key skills that mirror yourkeywords
  7. 7. 7Experience ExperienceAdd all your relevant experience; the more youadd the more LinkedIn suggests people youmight know.
  8. 8. 8Other Sections Certifications Courses Honors and Awards Languages Organizations Projects Patents Test Scores Volunteer Experience & CausesThese are especially helpful for students andemerging young professionals create astronger profile.You will find these under “Edit Profile”below Summary.Volunteer and Cause ExperienceInclude your volunteer experience, thecauses you support and become anadvocate for those organizations.
  9. 9. 9Education
  10. 10. 10RecommendationsAsk managers, clients,colleagues for a specific, businessrecommendation.Don’t forget…recommend others as well.
  11. 11. 11GroupsGo to the directory and look for groups that youmay be interested in joining.You can join up to 50
  12. 12. 12ApplicationsGo To MORE at the top and at the bottom youwill see “Get More Applications”Now that you’ve started, don’t forget to engage and post Status Updates, invite people you know,introduce people and connect the dots.Questions? Connect with Colleen McKenna —colleen@interoadvisory.com410Qu