Mn Valley ATV Riders


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Duane Anderson speaks on the MN Valley ATV Riders at the Tatanka Bluffs Corridor Meeting March 16, 2012.

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Mn Valley ATV Riders

  1. 1. Tatanka Bluffs Corridor Stake Holders Meeting
  2. 2. •85+ family memberships, over 200+ riders, primarily fromRenville and Redwood Counties•Family orientated club for teens to grandparents•Focused on safe, legal family riding activities and youth safetycertificate training•Monthly meetings – 7 PM on the 3rd Tuesdays at the OliviaAmerican Legion•Monthly club rides during the summer/fall riding season
  3. 3. 1st Annual Nicholas Scott Warner Memorial
  4. 4. ATV’s lined up for Parade Lap
  5. 5.  Prepared by Ingrid E. Schneider, Ph.D. Tony Schoenecker, Graduate Research Assistant With the analytical assistance of Analysis & Evaluation at the Department of Employment & Economic Development March 2006
  6. 6.  The average household spent about $172 per riding experience, which includes spending by riders on day trips and those including nights on their trip. This spending is equivalent to $43 per person per day. When these dollars are combined with the number of riding experiences and other household factors results in $641.9 million in consumer expenditures related to ATV riding, with the single highest share of costs typically going toward groceries.
  7. 7.  Expenditures: When residents use ATVs throughout the state, significant direct (expenditures or economic activity), indirect (suppliers to industry) and induced (employee spending) impacts flow into the local areas visited. In terms of total employment, resident expenditures due to ATV riding supported 8,756 jobs. Resident spending resulted in Gross State Product (GSP) impacts (i.e., contributions to the state economy) of $491.2 million.
  8. 8.  Demographics: Mirroring a national sample, the typical 2005 Minnesota ATV rider wasa white male in his mid-forties with some college or technical schooling. The typicalrider is most often full-time employed with an income greater than $50,000 that supportsa family with an average size of 2.8.
  9. 9.  Direct ATV-related expenditures: $641.9 million. Of the total residential travel expenditures ($572.1 million): $260.3 million spent in destination ◦ $311.8 million spent at home and en route Economic impact of resident expenditures: Jobs: 8,756 jobs ◦ Wages and salaries: $224.6 million ◦ Contribution to GSP: $491.2 million Tax Revenue: $48.9 million ATV-Related Retail activity: Jobs: 1,477 jobs ◦ Wages and salaries: $39.2 million ◦ Contribution to GSP: $79.3 million Tax revenue: $6.9 million ATV manufacturing activity: Jobs: 4,216 jobs ◦ Wages and salaries: $165.6 million ◦ Contribution to GSP: $349.2 million ◦ Tax revenue: $30.4 million Total state and local tax revenues: Tourism: $48.9 million ◦ Retailer sales: $6.9 million ◦ Manufacturing: $30.4 million
  10. 10.  Consist of two properties totaling 275 acres: (Both landowners are willing sellers.) Tufto property is 160 acres and lies to the west of the Zimmerman tract Gravel extraction is occurring in the tract north of the county road Future gravel extraction is planned for the tract south of the county road There are no permanent conservation easements on this property and it is the intent of the family to remove all aggregate resources over time
  11. 11.  Zimmerman property lies to the east of the Tufto property and is separated from the Tufto property by the township road. Gravel extraction is completed on the 80 acre tract north of the county road, but the property was never reclaimed. Gravel extraction is completed on the 35 acre tract on the south side of the county road, but the property has never been reclaimed.
  12. 12.  Is in the center of a commercial aggregate mining area with 4 additional active pits: Dunnicks have an active gravel pit to the south of the Tufto property Zimmerman’s have another 40 acre gravel pit to the north ofthe Tufto property William Zaske has a gravel pit to the north of the active Zimmerman pit Wayne Zaske have a gravel pit slightly down to the county road to the southeast
  13. 13.  Will be operated as a Renville County Park: With the same season as the other parks: April 15th to November 1st With daily operating hours With an enforcement presence (stock mufflers, ATV training certificates, helmets, etc.), and other policies as determined by the Renville County Parks Commission and County Board
  14. 14.  Will be co-managed (including enforcement) in partnership with the MN Valley ATV Riders club Acquisition funding will come from state and federal ATV grants. Maintenance and annual operating costs are reimbursed by state grants at 90% Primary route that will marketed for visitors to the ATV park will be Highway #212 to Renville County Highway #12, which the club proposes to extend from the Tufto Bridge, where it currently ends, to the east less than a ¼ mile to the proposed ATV parking area on the river bottom road. This primary access route will avoid all dust related visibility issues with potential trucks hauling aggregate and the potential dangers of limited visibility.
  15. 15.  CCL has previously designed the Minnesota River Trail, County Community Trail System, and the Renville County Park improvement projects in the local area. They also did the overall design work for state trail planning. They have been recognized for their work with multiple design awards. CCL has agreed to design an ATV park that addresses the multiple concerns with safety, noise, dust, ecological disturbance, wildlife disturbance and scenic blending.
  16. 16. ◦ Primary road access route (CR #12) to have asphalt extended to the ATV parking lot or liberal and frequent applications of dust retardant◦ ATV Park to have 4 quadrants:  35 acre SE quadrant will be designed as a wildlife/buffer zone around the private residence and will not be developed for ATV use at this time. This site may include wildlife shelter belts with food resources and potentially a cooperative wildlife food plot managed by the DNR Wildlife Division
  17. 17.  The remaining three quadrants will be developed as “enclosed paddocks” with guard rail fencing to keep all ATV’s within the park. There will be a single access point from the parking lot into the first paddock. Access to the other paddocks will be by box culverts under the county road and under the township road. At no time will vehicles be able to access the county or township road from the interior of the ATV park.
  18. 18. • Exterior access roads for emergency vehicles only• Hedges/other appropriate plantings to shield guard rail fencing and blend it into the landscape• Protection of undisturbed ecologically sensitive areas• Restoration and protection of the creek banks which have been disturbed• appropriate sight and sound barriers where needed• any other issues that may surface
  19. 19.  ATV club met with Renville County Trails Commission at their November meeting ATV club met with residents/property owners on November 29th to hear their concerns ATV club met with Renville County Park Commission on December 1st DNR will do an Environmental assessment review Initial presentation made to Renville County board on December 13th with public comments Future public meeting with the Renville County Park Commission. Future public meeting with the County Planning Commission. Future public meeting with the County Commissioner, prior to the vote for final approval.
  20. 20.  The ATV park will create economic development in Renville county The ATV Park will enhance the Minnesota River Valley. It will restore a damaged and degraded gravel pit. It is WIN WIN project for everyone in Renville and Redwood counties.