Green corridor horse trails minnesota river valley 031612


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Green corridor horse trails minnesota river valley 031612

  1. 1. Green Corridor Horse Trails Minnesota River Valley• Who we are• Horses have been in the MRV for centuries• Creating a Premier Trail Riding Destination
  2. 2. Partnering Saddle Clubs• Granite Falls Saddle Club• Hawk Creek Saddle Club• Triple T Saddle Club• Renville Amigo Riders Saddle Club• Redwood Valley Riders Saddle Club• Sunktanka Riders – Dakota Wicohan• Fairfax Saddle Club
  3. 3. Green Corridor Horse Trails Board• Marvin Breitkreutz Renville• Annie Tepfer Danube• Mariah Heffner Morton• Loran Kaardal Morgan• Cindy Swierenga Redwood Falls• Dave Woodford Redwood Falls• Brian Minkel Hector• Sarah Maass Fairfax• Dick Brown Middle Creek (RWF)
  4. 4. Preserving the Legacy of Horses in the Minnesota River ValleyHorses were present in the Minnesota River Valley:• In the 1700’s when it was a French Territory• In the 1800’s following the Louisiana Purchase• In 1851 when it became a Dakota Reservation• In 1863 when it was forfeited and opened to European settlement• Into the early 1900’s with pioneer agriculture• At Fort Ridgely State Park and USASP for the last 100 years• In the 1940’s & 1950’s as saddle clubs organized local trial rides• In the 1960’s as trails were developed in the new county parks• For the last 70 years on a system of trails developed by the local saddle clubs with cooperating private landowners
  5. 5. Creating a Premier Trail Riding DestinationKey assets within the MRV corridor:• Existing horse trails on private property• Local saddle clubs & cooperating landowners• Bookend state park horse hubs at FRSP/USASP• Renville County park horse hubs• How to connect the assets?
  6. 6. Existing Horse Hubs& Potential Connecting Trails
  7. 7. Key GCHT StrategySimilar to the snowmobile trail system:• Organize as a 501c(3) non-profit organization• Secure partnering saddle clubs for trail maintenance and enforcement• Buy horse trail liability insurance• Utilize “Temporary Special Use Permits” with cooperating landowners that allow a public horse trail from May 15th to October 15th
  8. 8. Existing North Redwood Trail System
  9. 9. Cooperating LandownersLegacy Funding Challenge
  10. 10. Some of the Existing Whispering Ridge Horse Trails
  11. 11. Some Options for Saving the MRV Horse Trails and Future Hike and Bike Trail Corridors• Find unrestricted funding for trail corridor acquisition – SF1564/HF2129• Request legislative exemption on each parcel, as it is acquired• Request and advocate for changes in the state outdoor recreation statutes that will allow trails in designated corridors, even if they are acquired with “Legacy” funding
  12. 12. $50• The problem with Iowawegians is they come with $20 and a clean shirt and leave with $20 and a dirty shirt. (Ralphism)• Every time the door swings at the casino the register goes “cha-ching” and adds $50.• Every day a horse trail rider stays in the MRV, he leaves a $50 bill.• We need more tourists to come more often, stay longer and swing the doors on all of our hospitality businesses.
  13. 13. Major League SummaryA major league horse trail system:• already exists on private property• will attract major league crowds, if we protect and enhance it; and• will be a major economic engine for the Tatanka Bluffs Corridor Recreational Economy