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Library Hack - It's Time to Let the Data Loose


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Edge Catalyst Colleen Morgan presents a whole host of fabulous data visualisations and mashups to get you excited and inspired for National Library Hack competition. Data visualisations are a way of making complex data sets meaningful. They can be beautiful, insightful, informative, entertaining, digital or physical and can reveal relationships you may never of thought of, like that most Facebook breakups happen just before the weekend! Colleen will also highlight the data sets that have been made available by the State Library of Queensland and we will all throw around some data visualisation ideas.
Some resources to whet your data whistle: and

Colleen Morgan is a Catalyst for the Digital Visual Arts at The Edge, Queensland's Digital Culture Centre. When she's not at The Edge tinkering with sewable electronics, Colleen is a a PhD candidate at Queensland University of Technology looking at the opportunities for using intelligent systems to improve teaching and learning. She also teaches Communication Design at QUT and is learning how to be a Jeweller.

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Library Hack - It's Time to Let the Data Loose

  1. 1. Library Hack it’s Time to Let the Data LooseColleen Morgan | Digital visual Arts catalyst | the edge
  2. 2. What is Library Hack•••••
  3. 3. Comp Categories
  4. 4. Photo MashupsABC Open Producers - Now and Then
  5. 5. Photo Mashups Warren Handley
  6. 6. Photo Mashups Warren Handley
  7. 7. Comp Categories
  8. 8. Comp Categories
  9. 9. Visualising Narrative
  10. 10. Visualising Narrative
  11. 11. Visualising PoetryBoris Muller -
  12. 12. Visualising WordsEbon Heath -
  13. 13. Visualising Networks
  14. 14. Visualising Networks
  15. 15. Visualising Travel
  16. 16. Visualising Travel
  17. 17. Visualising Politics Hungry Beast -
  18. 18. Visualising Politics
  19. 19. Visualising Feelings Jonathan Harris & Sep Kamvar
  20. 20. Visualising Events Jonathan Harris -
  21. 21. Visualising Names
  22. 22. Visualising World History Hans Rosling -
  23. 23. Visualising Archives
  24. 24.
  25. 25.
  26. 26.
  27. 27.
  28. 28.
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Visualising Collections
  31. 31. Visualising StatsChris Jordan - Prison Uniforms-
  32. 32. Student Examples Kate Lyons
  33. 33. SLQ Data Sources••••••••
  34. 34. Picture Queensland
  35. 35. Music Queensland
  36. 36. Assisted Immigration Index 1848 - 1912
  37. 37. British ConvictTransportation Register
  38. 38. Real Estate Maps
  39. 39. Tips and Tricks•••
  40. 40. Helpful tools•••••••
  41. 41. Sites for inspiration••••••
  42. 42. Library Hack Events Photo Mashup Workshop April 20 Learn how to mash up old photos using Gimp (Linda Barron) Hack in Motion WorkshopMay 7 & 15 Learn how to animate old photos using aftereffects and photoshop Hack to the Future May 8 Learn how to turn old scores into MIDI files for remixing Data Mashup May 14 Learn how to use Yahoo Pipes and PHP to create your very own mashup Library Hack Lock In May 28 Come along to make your own Library Hack entry. Learn special techniques from the experts. Mini comps on throughout the day. Then and Now Digital Media MashupMount Isa Match old and new photos, add vox-pop questions and turn it into a mini 90 sec documentary snap shot