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Tqr project palm instructionaldesign_blendedlearning (2)


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Tqr project palm instructionaldesign_blendedlearning (2)

  1. 1. Reinvigorating your instructional design– learning design in the blended world
  2. 2. This workshop is all about re-invigorating how you design learning (Often called instructional design)
  3. 3.  The success of your learning program hinges on a critical question: does it help your audience learn and apply relevant skills and knowledge? If not, it’s probably because the instructional design got lost in the shuffle…
  4. 4. What is this workshop all about?  Finding out what I.D. means to you/what you know already  Clarify your understanding  Explore new learning  Share new learning and apply to your classroom  REFLECT on what you will do differently
  5. 5.  this in a web-conference, using the functions and features of iConnect elluminate software
  6. 6.  What do you know?  What processes do you follow?  Do you follow a particular model?
  8. 8.  =MdeAbH1nqYk&feature=related Using ADDIE to get a date
  9. 9. ADDIE MODEL-Is this model still relevant?
  10. 10.  Poll-Agree with Author?
  11. 11. WHITEBOARD  Agree? Text in black-why? Example?  Disagree? Text in Red-why? Example? Put your name next to comment
  12. 12. =i_8MB9F2cts&feature=related Gagne 9 Events of Instruction-TEACH
  13. 13.  QUIZ TIME
  14. 14.   TOPICS include:  What is Instructional Design?  Learning Science  First principles of Instruction  What do designers do? Allocate topics to read, reflect, explain to rest of group-can you give an example to demonstrate your understanding or example of how you might use/have used this info in your teaching?
  15. 15.  Guest speaker-Tracie Regan Senior Training Consultant-Wide Bay Don’t forget that being online should not make you a mystery person. Hi! I’m Tracie. Welcome to my class! Open the audio file below to hear about me. (you can even save this mp3 file to your iPod!) (not available on this presentation)
  16. 16.  Tracie says:  Look at the ‘whole of course’ I.D. from a learner’s perspective  Is it interesting enough that you would log in on your own?  Can someone not familiar with your course work out what to do next?  Can you find the teacher or others in the class?  Is the jargon appropriate?
  17. 17. Logo Course information Learning resources Communication tools Assessment tools This first page is very important! What should it include?
  18. 18. How does your student know they have finished their studies? Is expiry of COS enough?
  19. 19. Other things to think about: • Student privacy in forums (set as group and not course forums) • Archiving old forum threads (do this regularly) • Print versions of resources • Consider releasing ‘new’ areas as the group progresses (staged learning) • Add Teacher support areas (for training plans, TAS, marking guides..) • Where’s the fun?
  20. 20. Reflect  Has your Instructional Design process been reinvigorated?  What have you learnt/remembered?  What will you do differently to prepare for you next program/class? (reflect 2 mins, then share)