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Tqr project i connectinformationsessionmay2010

  1. 1. TQR iConnect Information sessions May 2010 Colleen.hodgins@deta.qld.gov.au Mobile: 0439791594
  2. 2. Background:  iConnect is a web-conferencing platform managed by Education Queensland.  TQR Institutes have access to this webconferencing platform in semester 1, 2010 as part of a trial program  iConnect uses the elluminate software for web conferencing
  3. 3. What is web conferencing?  Web conferencing allows communication between computers using an internet connection, a headset and a video-camera  It has many functions and features that may be useful in your teaching and learning practices  Project PALM is providing support and information sessions for iConnect web conferencing so that you can consider it’s use for you, your learners and your TQR colleagues over the coming semester and beyond… no pressure!!!!
  4. 4. Who should be interested in iConnect?  Teachers who would like to expand their communication and teaching and learning strategies with clients, colleagues and industry  Managers who would like to connect themselves and their teachers across campuses and ITG networks  TQR Teaching and learning ITG’s who could explore virtual collaboration and networking to share delivery strategies, resources and assessment practices and tools across TQR Institutes  TQR Institute Managers who see the benefit of enhanced communication and virtual learning and networking options
  5. 5. Why should people explore iConnect?  This trial program is available to TQR staff in semester 1 and is supported with an online moderator training program coordinated and managed by Education Queensland – Sonya Watts  Adding another communication and collaboration tool to our repertoire is timely and enhances our professional skills.  Networking and learning from others across the TQR region is an efficient 21st century learning strategy PLUS save time and effort by….  MINIMISING TRAVEL TIME,  NOT REPEATING THE SAME INFORMATION OVER AND OVER AGAIN  CATCHING UP ON THOSE MEETINGS AND PD SESSIONS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED IN YOUR OWN TIME VIA AN INTERNET LINK  USING IT AS AN ASSESSMENT AND DELIVERY TOOL TO RECORD, STORE AND DEVELOP A REPOSITORY OF RESOURCES, ASSESSMENT RECORDINGS FOR AQTF AUDIT etc…..
  6. 6. Where can iConnect web conferencing be used?  iConnect can be used by all staff across TAFE Queensland Regional Institutes  The who, what, when, where, how and why will be decided by you!
  7. 7. What are we providing you in these information sessions  March 2010- June 2010  How to set up iConnect web conferencing on your computer at work/home  Experience in the iConnect web conferencing tool  Possible Ideas in applying the functions and features of web conferencing to your professional practice  Discuss future “moderator” training options for you
  8. 8. Examples of possible uses of iConnect web conferencing Conducting classroom activities/workshops RPL assessments Visual/ auditory assessment activities meetings/workshops with colleagues across TQR and T&L networks Guest speakers for your classes – National /International Recordings of sessions for people to access in their own time one on one tutoring Industry connections and moderation activities Information sessions for prospective clients virtual graduations Other?
  9. 9. Let’s now have a look at some iConnect Features: Participant window The whiteboard The chat window Audio Video – web camera Polling Quiz manager Desk top sharing Others: breakout rooms, notes, multimedia etc
  10. 10. The Participant Window  ESP – no one left behind  Individual tool permissions  Emoticons  Hands up  Visual indicators for tool usage
  11. 11. VOIP – voice over internet protocol  Control mic levels of all participants  Mute mic  Push to talk  Individuals speaker adjustment
  12. 12. The Whiteboard  Selection Tool  Objects  Text  Freehand  Images  PowerPoints  Follow Moderator
  13. 13. Chat Window  Whispers to one or more  Live links  Emoticons  Moderator control  visibility of all conversations  Loud hailer
  14. 14. Web Cams  Quality, colour and size adjustable to suit bandwidth  Snapshot tool  Preview mode  Up to 6 web cams can be shared at once
  15. 15. Connectedness  How can this tool help you connect with:  Students  Staff  Communities  Corporate initiatives  Professional Development Opportunities
  16. 16. Moderator tools
  17. 17. Polling
  18. 18. Quiz Manager
  19. 19. File Transfer
  20. 20. Application Sharing
  21. 21. What you need to do from here? 1. Consider whether you wish to become a moderator and discuss with your manager your interest in doing iConnect moderator training 2. Get PD approval to complete the moderator training (4-6hrs) on line through Ed Qld. 3. Get out there and give it a trial 4. Spread the word!
  22. 22. Contact – Help & Information – Project PALM  Colleen Hodgins Ph: 0439791594 Email: colleen.hodgins@deta.qld.gov.au  Julie Woodlock BRIT  Peter Carr CQIT  Nicole Shang Wide Bay TAFE Institute Contacts - TBA