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I connect chseptember17_2010


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Published in: Technology, Design
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I connect chseptember17_2010

  1. 1. TNQ iConnect web-conference set up room iConnect webconferencing using (elluminate) Click through these slides for further information
  2. 2.  This TNQ web-conference room has been set up so you can experiment with the features of this web-conference technology  So click through these slides and have a play
  3. 3.  Click on tools then audio then audio set up wizard this is what the screen will look like  Follow the prompts on the wizard to configure your headset and microphone
  4. 4.  Whiteboard  Play with the tools and feel free to write on this screen
  5. 5.  Text chat  Feel free to write in the text chat and post some information about who you are and why you are here in this TNQ web-conference test room
  6. 6.  Explore and click wherever you want  For further information click on the next slides for further details about other places to access information about iConnect webconferencing.  Log on to my.TAFE and so on….
  7. 7. TNQ Training site – work in progress
  8. 8. Where to from here  Future training sessions – Staff training TNQ intranet site – bookings preferred  Wednesday personal and team coaching – 1-8pm Cairns library  Other coaching times can be negotiated with Colleen  Email  Phone 0740422484  Mobile 04139791594