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Digital content leadingpractice_webconference7_june22


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Digital content leadingpractice_webconference7_june22

  1. 1. Web conference 7 – June 22 2012Digital Content – Good gardens/good gardeners? Apologies: Annette Rae, Maria Olivera
  2. 2. Personal activities.. 1,2,3.
  3. 3. Room 1. Feed and grow off others I created an app! File transfer PDF Its simple but will test it with the students. So far it has worked well
  4. 4. Room 2. resilient/sustainable
  5. 5. Room 3:Looks pretty/design digital content my.TAFE site andlink to curate and then Technologies for resource learning object E-learning tool?Username alex004 password is password
  6. 6. Designing digital content File transfer – designing Let’s do a e-learning options for e- review and see learning materials – a where we are quick guide to skills at? required. Developing e-learning digital content
  7. 7. Learning design checklists File transfer PDF Vicki Halsey – Design for how people Cathy Moore learn
  8. 8. Learning design checklistClive Shepherd Digital Learning Content: a designers guideWhat does exemplary learning content look like?1.Does the resource meet an identified need? the resource accessible and inclusive?3.Is the resource accessible and inclusive?4.Is the resource (and the material within it) easy tolocate and navigate?5.Does the resource provide valuable guidance andinformation for learners, managers and L&D staff?6.Does it provide adequate flexibility and support forthose who design, deliver and support learninginterventions?7.Does it engage learners?8.Does it enable effective learning?9.Does it track progression and achievement? it distinctive and innovative?
  9. 9. Developing digital content What has David Martin Let’s do a got to share with us? review and see Simon Brown delicious stack where we are digital capability ? at? See here
  10. 10. Learning design checklist criteria examples/ideas
  11. 11. Mentors – the missing link?What’s happening with your mentors?
  12. 12. What’s the link for us?
  13. 13. Infographics for a project report?
  14. 14. Where to from here? Next web conference July 20, 12- 1pm F2F workshop scheduled for 13- 14 September in BrisbaneStay tuned re adobe Travel request forms software training +contact me re any adminroadshow….., issues on 0408744357Digital capability –NBN sessions
  15. 15. Update you’re my.TAFE page?
  16. 16. Colleen HodginsSenior Project officerLearning Management Services, QVDC1 Cordelia Street South BrisbanePh: