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Digital content leadingpractice_webconference3_march23


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DigitalContent_Leading Practice webconference March 23,2012

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Digital content leadingpractice_webconference3_march23

  1. 1. Workshop 3 – March 23rd 2012
  2. 2. Tessa, Maria, Rod, Greg, Robyn, Jane, Honora, Leeanna,Owen
  3. 3. Where are you at with your project? Activity 1: Log into my.TAFE the QVDC site and post a comment into your profile page. Date and time and then three sentences or less where are you at with your project? Activity 2: With your buddy go into your designated break out room and discuss your project issues and then application share and share your my.TAFE project comment.
  4. 4. March to do List?
  5. 5. My.TAFE siteRenovating and adding your information to the my.TAFE site
  6. 6. Digital Content Research? 1.What have you discovered? 2.How did you discover things? 3.Who has helped?
  7. 7. Social media policy ? What is this?
  8. 8. Sarah Jane Commenting and subscribing options –File transfer - excel spreadsheet - April to do?Google docs activity?
  9. 9. Web Tour – research
  10. 10. Pinterest/copyright May web- quest activity
  11. 11. Your project planning documents1. Action Plan template2. March to do list3. Your Nomination form4. DC-LP program planning
  12. 12. Your Sponsor Strategies? DM – provides sponsor with a link to the blog
  13. 13. Learning ModelWhere are you?
  14. 14. Where to from here? Complete the To do list activities for MarchNext web conference Survey monkey workshop 1April 20 12- 1pm feedbackPrepare a 10 minutecoaching activity
  15. 15. Colleen HodginsSenior Project officerLearning Management Services, QVDC1 Cordelia Street South BrisbanePh: