Digital content leadingpractice_webconference2_march9


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DigitalContent_Leading Practice web conference 3 March 9, 2012

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Digital content leadingpractice_webconference2_march9

  1. 1. Workshop 2 – March 9th 2012
  2. 2. Where are you?
  3. 3. Learning experiences?
  4. 4. What is Digital Content?“Digital learning content: A designers guide” Clive Shepherd! content- material stored on a network server, local drive or some form of removable storage, which is accessed through a browser, media player or some other application, whether that’s on a personal computer, tablet, mobile device or any other piece of computing equipment however disguised!Digital content vs Digital learning content ?6. As a basis for self paced learning7. As reference materials accessed by employees on demand8. As classroom aids for use by teachers/trainers with a group
  5. 5. Digital Content forms?Interactive tutorials and simulations - Your research Presentations ? Podcasts ?Streaming media - Screencasts ? files
  6. 6. My.TAFE David, Mark, Honora , Kerry, Tom, Sandie for posting into the “who am I”thread in our my.TAFE discussion forum!
  7. 7. Blogging
  8. 8. Delicious…..ingJo Hart
  9. 9. Break-out room activities1. What have you explored since the workshop last week?2. What have you contributed to this DC-LP learning community?3. What have you created?4. Have you implemented anything based on your learning from this DCLP program?5. What have you shared recently with your colleagues/DCLP learning communities or other?6. What are you reflecting on?7. Do you have any current mentors?
  10. 10. I have explored…
  11. 11. I have contributed..
  12. 12. I have created…
  13. 13. I have shared…
  14. 14. I have reflected on…
  15. 15. PinInterest
  16. 16. Your project plans1. Action Plan template2. March to do list3. Your Nomination form4. DC-LP program planning
  17. 17. Your Sponsor
  18. 18. Learning StartingManagement Enabling Learning Evaluation Doing
  19. 19. Learning Model
  20. 20. Where to from here? To do list activities Requests for personalNext web conference coaching support fromMarch 23 12- 1pm Colleen and or other identified coaches now available
  21. 21. Colleen HodginsSenior Project officerLearning Management Services, QVDC1 Cordelia Street South BrisbanePh: