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Digital content leading practice _webconference

  1. 1. Digital Content – Leading Practice Capability 10 week Challenge Oops “butt”!
  2. 2. ConnectConnect and buddy up with your other Institute DC-LPparticipant and take responsibility to check in withthem once a week, to ensure that they have completedat least one of these 10 challenge activities each weekover the next ten weeks. (Jane can you buddy up withTom, Nijole, Greg and Jan and Honora with Jodi)
  3. 3. CommentOnce a week, schedule a set time and day for 30minutes in your outlook calendar , when you will goto my blog posts or blog pages and read throughit. Check out a link, video, slide-share presentation,tool, technology etc and post a comment to myblog with your thoughts, reflections, comments, rant!
  4. 4. CreateCheck out this site and consider trying to make onesmall digital content artifact using one of these toolsthat you have been wanting to explore and use. Tell uswhat you are going to do by posting into the DC-LPdiscussion forum and then sharing the link to the itemwhen it is completed.
  5. 5. Contribut eMake an audio podcast/webinar (documenting whatyou have done, achieved and learned or unlearned!) asa participant in this digital content - leading practicelearning community. Add this link or file to yourpersonal page in the DC-LP my.TAFE site.
  6. 6. Co- CreateDevelop a short video presentation that captures any aspectof your Institute project for this DC-LP project. Perhaps liaisewith your learning technologies team and or librarian to helpyou with this activity. (Dont forget that you also have a fewcoaches that you met at the first workshop who would beonly to happy to help you in this activity.)
  7. 7. CompleteComplete your iConnect moderator training as part of your DC_LPproject activities. I am happy to provide one on one/ small grouptutorials with you to get you completed by the end ofSeptember. Send me an email if you would like to do this and wecan get started next week. You would need to schedule one hour aweek to get completed. If you are already a moderator considergetting your head around using the elluminate software, plan andpublish, there are recordings available to get you "capable!"
  8. 8. Collaborati onSchedule an update with your mentor and ask them toprovide you with 3-5 key ideas/strategies for presentingand reporting on this DC_LP capabilityprogram, Document their feedback onto the wallwisher wall I have set up or ask them to do so:)
  9. 9. Capability Set up a DC_LP project portfolio. Might I suggest signing up with VUMI a free e-learning portfolio platform. Once you have joined you can set up a DC-LP portfolio and add in useful information and content/links etc. This is particularly useful if you are going to undertake the RPL process for the unit DES503A, in the last week in September.
  10. 10. ConsiderConsider designing your own personalinfographic as a 2012 Digital Content leadingpractitioner. This link provides you with ideason infographics and this site provides youwith templates to get you started.
  11. 11. Comealong…Schedule in your attendance where possiblefor the up and coming web conferences andworkshop sessions. Web conference linkhere, password digitalcontent.