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Colleen guthrie small business

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  2. 2.  Hamden Sport Center is a sole proprietorship company. The Bush Family decided to run their business this why becausethey wanted to keep it in the family also because they felt that it would beeasier this way. Owner Dan Bush said that Hamden Sport Center is not like the largechain stores or warehouse-type hockey stores, Hamden Sport takes theproper amount of time that needs to be spent to perfectly fit our customersneeds. How long they have been in business? The business began in 1971 and began expanding their shops to otherlocal towns in 2005.
  3. 3.  How did they get started? In 1971 Cheshire Sport was created in 2005 the name was changed to Hamden SportCenter. Sports have always been popular in Hamden and Cheshire and giving athletes a small andmore professional view on what type of equipment to buy. Why did they start the business? they started this business so that young children can experience different sports at ayoung age. Also because hockey is such a popular sport in the town of Hamden and it wasconvenient for Hamden Hockey player to have a shop to go to. Also it is a one stop hockey shopthey you will need. What is the owner’s training or background in the business? Dan Bush’s father was the original owner of the small company Dan said that he did nothave much experience running a business. How does the company today compare to the company when it started? Hamden Sport is some much more advanced and organized than it was when it started in1971. There are three locations with a very reliable staff.
  4. 4.  What have been the successes? There have been a number of successes from this sport shop. Manyprofessional athletes such as Jonathan Quick bought their equipment fromhere for years. Also Hamden Sport Center to be “Connecticuts Hockey Shop” What is the most rewarding aspect of running the business? The most rewarding aspect of running Hamden Sport center is seeingthe joy of young athletes pick out their equipment for the first time andseeing them come back year after year growing and becoming moresuccessful in the sport. What are the critical success factors for this type of business? Our focus of this hockey shop is for the customers need or desired istranslated through our knowledgeable employees of the sport, andequipment that we sell. Almost every one of Hamden Sports employees is orwas high-level ice hockey player
  5. 5.  What have been the challenges? Some challenges are that a lot of hockey and lacrosse equipment is veryexpansive when a player is first starting so sometimes it can turn a person awayfrom the sport. What is the most challenging aspect of running the business? One of the most challenging aspect of running sport business is thatsometimes the inventory is not in on time and also some of the name brandproducts doesn’t not fit all the customers needs How did they overcome the challenges? We over came these challenges by working together and not giving up on
  6. 6. Competition Who do you consider two of your closest competitors? We really on have one other local competitor which is Whitie Bensons.They are the same type of company and sell almost the same popular namebrand items at Hamden Sport does. How do you keep your customers satisfied? How do you build customer loyalty? Our customers are very loyal to us and came back every year for moreequipment and excitement each season. They are always satisfied with theirpurchases.
  7. 7.  What type of strategies do you employ to market your business? When marketing our shop we put little advertisements inthe local news papers and flyers in all the local hockey rinks andsport complexes. When considering new employees for your business, what type of qualities and fit are you looking for? All of our employees have some time of expectance witheach sport item we sell weather it is ice hockey, field hockey orlacrosse at least one of out employees has some type ofexperience playing or practicing the sport. When considering anew employee we think about how they can connect withcustomers and how much they know about the products.
  8. 8.  Does the owner plan to stay in business for the extended future and, if so, what are some of their future plans/goals for the business? Yes there are more plans to explained our sport shop. InDecember of 2011 we made a little shop inside of Hamden ‘s Ice Rinkwith all the arsenicals that a hockey player will need. Also in June of 2012Hamden Sport Center moved to a larger location and expanded the shop.
  9. 9.  What advice does the business owner have for the members of this class? The advice that Dan game me was if you are going to open or create your own smallbusiness make sure it is something that you really love and also something that relates closely toyour life style. Also be prepared for all of the hard work that gets put into having your own smallbusiness. What did you learn? I’ve learned a lot from what Dan has told me. Although I do shop at Hamden Sport CenterI was amazed to actually know what happened behind the scenes of the shop. And how muchwork, time and organization going into running the shop. He has the help from his father andyounger sister who help run the store in Cheshire. It is an eye opening experience to see howmuch time and hard work it is to run a business