SSN Conference 2010 - Networking the Networks


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A presentation by Nick Poole and Laura Whitton from Collections Trust about the development, support and services Collections Trust provide for Subject Specialist Networks.

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  • Come to OpenCulture 2011 – delegates from all SSNs would be fantastic, great chance to network and promote your work and find out what other networks, organisations, suppliers, academics and sector professionals are involved in. We want to ensure that you have the opportunity to grow your membership, get involved in events, present your successes to the sector in person as well as online and let others benefit from your expertise.
  • SSN Conference 2010 - Networking the Networks

    1. 1. NETWORKING THE NETWORKS Supporting SSNs 01.10.10
    2. 2. Collections Trust <ul><li>Working with museums for more than 3 decades </li></ul><ul><li>Advocating Collections Management as central to resilience & sustainability </li></ul><ul><li>Our priorities for Collections: </li></ul><ul><li>Connect Collections and Collections Management to Mission and Audience </li></ul><ul><li>Provide tools for strategic Collections Management & improvement </li></ul><ul><li>Address the problem of unaccessioned, unmanaged material </li></ul><ul><li>Democratise Collections development and interpretation </li></ul>
    3. 3. The challenge ahead Threatened cuts and closures shorten our horizon The loss of internal skills and capacity may result in ‘collections blight’ This is fast becoming a ‘self-help’ sector (again) The problems we had – too much stuff, too little time, disposal too difficult – haven’t yet been resolved Moving past the Digital agenda into the collaborative service agenda There will be a return to fortune in 5 years time – will we be ready with the next big idea?
    4. 4. The vital role of networks Museums have always run on formal and informal networks Chunks are being taken out of the infrastructure for expertise Self-starting, self-sustaining networks are better suited to their purpose Professional orgs need to learn to collaborate in agile, local, effective ways You know this – networking is about much, much more than sharing knowledge Networks can’t replace the loss of curatorial knowledge, but they can help fill some of the gaps.
    5. 5. Our role in a networked world Participate in networks Capture, preserve and share knowledge as it flows through the system Provide support, resources, knowledge and solidarity Minimise the damage to collections in the next 2-3 years Help the sector prepare for reinvestment in the future
    6. 6. SSNs SSNs enable the sector to identify, share, transfer and exploit knowledge, expertise and learning by bringing together the wider museums community around specific collection subject areas. The Collections Trust enables the sector to identify, share, transfer and exploit knowledge, expertise and learning by bringing together the wider museums community around Collections Management.
    7. 7. SSNs Both supporting Collections and supporting the growth and transfer of knowledge about Collections. Knowledge Expertise Collections
    8. 8. SSNs Connect to... Collections Link SSNConnect Culture Grid Partnerships Events
    9. 9. Your community Your networks Your members Your resources Your events Your contacts Your links Your logo Your opportunity to tell the rest of the sector about your SSN Collections Link
    10. 10. Web functionality survey: What do you really need? How can your network communicate better? What takes up your time that could be done faster online instead? What time can you commit to your website? SSNConnect
    11. 11. Connecting cultural content with mainstream audiences – unlocking digital output Reach more people in more ways with your collections information Culture Grid SSNs and the Culture Grid: See who the members of your network are Search all your SSN member collections online through the Culture Grid from your SSNConnect website, or your institution website Another way for audiences to reach your collections as well as network members
    12. 12. Partnerships Affiliates Network Working with the Spectrum Partners to make access to the Culture Grid easier The Collections Trust Affiliates Network connect you to the leading suppliers of consultancy and services for museums, libraries, archives and private collectors Partnership to promote the accessibility and sustainability of cultural services by building the next generation of skills, research and expertise in Collections Management and technology
    13. 13. Events Annual event focussed on Collections Place to network Promote your SSN and your Collection Share your expertise Discuss key issues Enjoy yourself!
    14. 14. Nick Poole CEO Collections Trust Laura Whitton Partnerships Officer Collections Trust Contact SSN