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  1. 1. SPECTRUM 101 www.collectionslink.org.uk/spectrum @NickPoole1
  2. 2. What is SPECTRUM? • SPECTRUM is an open, and freely-available standard which defines and promotes best practice in the management and use of collections in museums, archives, galleries and similar cultural organisations. • Now in its 4th edition, SPECTRUM is used by more than 23,000 museums in 40 countries worldwide to improve the management, sustainability and use of their Collections.
  3. 3. The core elements of SPECTRUM • SPECTRUM Standard including translations/ localisations, SPECTRUM Digital Asset Management, the SPECTRUM Schema and the Archive of previous versions of SPECTRUM • SPECTRUM Labs, including new ideas and potential applications of the SPECTRUM Standard • SPECTRUM Resources which support the application of the standard • SPECTRUM Community which includes anyone who uses the standard nationally or internationally
  5. 5. http://standards.collectionslink.org.uk
  6. 6. http://www.vocman.com/cultureGrid
  7. 7. SPECTRUM Mission • Our mission as the international community responsible for the development, localisation, promotion and support of SPECTRUM worldwide is to ensure that wherever collections are, they are managed accountably, professionally and with due regard to public interest. • SPECTRUM is an open standard, developed by, with and for the international cultural community on behalf of the audiences we serve.
  8. 8. The SPECTRUM Community The development, localisation, promotion and support of SPECTRUM is the responsibility of an international network of partners, each of whom have a role to play, depending on their relationship to the standard.
  9. 9. SPECTRUM National Partners • Publicly or state-funded organisations with a charitable or public-benefit remit • In a position to sign the SPECTRUM National Partners Agreement on behalf of their Community • In a position to support the development of SPECTRUM on an ongoing basis • In a position to promote SPECTRUM to their national community • Share responsibility for the direction & sustainability of SPECTRUM worldwide
  10. 10. SPECTRUM Champions • Willing to commit voluntary time and effort to promoting and supporting SPECTRUM in their national community • Able to lead or support translation and/or localisation of SPECTRUM • Able to promote SPECTRUM to the appropriate organisation to act as the National Partner for their community
  11. 11. SPECTRUM Users • Willing to commit voluntary time and effort to promoting and supporting SPECTRUM in their organisation • Committed to best practice and to managing their collections accountably, professionally and with due regard to public interest • Able to contribute ideas and knowledge to the future development of SPECTRUM
  12. 12. SPECTRUM Partners • Developing and supporting commercial products which support Collections Management & make use of the SPECTRUM standard • Committed to the development and promotion of SPECTRUM and standards of best practice to their client communities • Able to contribute expertise and knowledge to the future development of SPECTRUM
  13. 13. Role & responsibilities Sign National Partnership Agreement? Download & distribute free of charge? Translate & localise (under Share Alike)? Distribute for commercial use? Validate for compliance (or submit for validation)? SPECTRUM National Partner      SPECTRUM Champion                SPECTRUM User SPECTRUM Partner
  14. 14. Process for adoption There isn’t one process for adopting SPECTRUM in a new region, but most museums go through a process something like this…! “I’ve never heard of SPECTRUM” “I’ve heard of SPECTRUM, but I’m not sure I like it” “It’s ok, but I don’t have time for anything new right now” “I’ll give it a go, but only the one procedure…” “Actually, we’re doing most of this already” “SPECTRUM is great”
  15. 15. SPECTRUM & Museum Data standards CIDOC CRM Abstraction layer Collections management layer LIDO, ESE, ? Data interchange layer By mapping up to CIDOC CRM from SPECTRUM, we can support COPE by supporting a richer & more future-proof data interchange layer
  16. 16. Collections Management Skills Framework • What professional skills will the sector need in future to maximise the impact and sustainability of their collectionsbased services? • Developing a skills framework to inform teaching and training at a higher academic level and provide employers with a structure for professional development
  17. 17. ENTRY-LEVEL CORE VALUES ACADEMIC MID-CAREER LEADERSHIP LEGACY Integrity, accountability, openness, honesty, diversity, efficiency Environment, IPM, security, labelling etc. Strategic CM, Collections development Organisational knowledge transfer, research PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Housekeeping, handling, packing Collections theory, research, documentation MANAGEMENT Timemanagement Project Management PPM, Risk, HR, Finance, Marketing Strategic planning, advocacy Continuity planning Broad interest General subject focus Practice-based expertise Specialist academic knowledge Subject knowledge transfer SUBJECT EXPERTISE SOFT SKILLS Mentoring, facilitation, negotiation, communication, networking
  18. 18. Collections Management Performance Indicators • A framework of Key Performance Indicators to demonstrate the value and impact of SPECTRUM-based Collections Management
  19. 19. SPECTRUM Digital Asset Management • NOT a standalone DAM standard • A guide to integrating the management and use of digital assets into a SPECTRUM-based collections management workflow • Ultimate aim is to bring the management & preservation of digital collections into same context as physical ones
  20. 20. Thank to the SPECTRUM Community! SPECTRUM is the work of more than 3000 practitioners just like you. It is owned and developed by the community, for the community. Thank you for all of your work testing, evaluating & improving SPECTRUM
  21. 21. Take it further… http://www.collectionslink.org.uk/spectrum