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Shakespeare Birthplace Trust presentation v2


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Published in: Education
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Shakespeare Birthplace Trust presentation v2

  1. 1. Case Study: Accreditation Pilot.
  2. 2. Invited to participate in the pilot scheme: Autumn 2010. Submission date: April 2011.
  3. 5. Italic text here
  4. 8. To be completed…
  5. 9. Complex organisation. Integration of museum, library and archive. All organisations experience change.
  6. 10. A&D Policy 2008 – 2012. Fwd Plan 2008 – 2012. Draft Corp Plan 2010 – 2016.
  7. 11. Accreditation should reflect what we do, not drive it. Opportunity to pause and reflect. Opportunity for external scrutiny. Opportunity for internal audit of practice.
  8. 12. Need… A benchmark against which to audit ourselves. Models to fill in any policy or procedural gaps.
  9. 17. Results: Self audit. More integrated collections management plan. Input into next forward plan. External validation.
  10. 18. A better museum!