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Introducing the Campaign for Good Curatorship


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Presentation by Dr Tim Ewin about the Campaign, it's aims and actions.

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Introducing the Campaign for Good Curatorship

  1. 1. The Campaign for Good Curatorship: Great Museums Need Good Curators. How to reverse the decline of curators in British museums Dr Tim Ewin Supported by:
  2. 2. Do we need specialist curators? 93% said yes! Why Campaign for Curators? % loss of curators in 10 years: Natural history: 35% Art curators: 23%, “Human history”: 5% An accompanying poll found that 91% agreed that a loss of curators was bad for the sector. Expertise identified as a top priority in the ‘BritainThinks’ consultation.
  3. 3. Need to know something? You need a curator… •Provide credibility, quality and authenticity to front-facing services. •Do the research that drives projects. •Provide the information that make objects interesting. •Develop collections and keep them relevant. •Keep alight the flame of knowledge. •Tell you when Wikipedia is wrong! Why Are Curators Important? Exhibitions Com m unityengagem ent and Outreach Collections care and management Curatorial Knowledge
  4. 4. What is Good Curatorship? The Good Curatorship Campaign seeks to encourage appropriate levels of curatorial staff within the museum sector. Thereby; •Ensuring the collections are relevant to the communities they serve; •Producing more effective exhibitions & outreach which enhance the visitors’ understanding beyond a distraction; •Providing more efficient collections management to promote relevance, sustainability and audience value; •Delivering on the public expectation that museums will care for and understand objects of cultural significance both now and for generations to come.
  5. 5. What do we want? •Museum Studies courses to positively represent the importance of curatorial knowledge in all aspects of museum work. •Arts Council England to promote curatorship as a tool for supporting engagement in the Museums Accreditation Scheme and more robust definition of curatorial care within the Designation Scheme. •The Museums Association to acknowledge the ethical responsibility of museums to understand their collections via good curatorship in future versions of the Code of Ethics for Museums. •We call on the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to support research into the public benefit of curatorship. •Future curatorial conferences to provide curators with the forum to present examples of excellence. •Museums and museum professionals to show their support for this campaign by signing up to its manifesto. Campaign for Good Curatorship
  6. 6. What do you think? • Please contact me at: – – Tel: 0207 942 5531 – On Facebook: ‘Good Curatorship Campaign’ – Web site: We Need You!
  7. 7. What do you think? • Please contact me at: – – Tel: 0207 942 5531 – On Facebook: ‘Good Curatorship Campaign’ – Web site: We Need You!