Celebrating SPECTRUM at 20!


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Presentation to the SPECTRUM Community at OpenCulture 2014 celebrating 20 years of SPECTRUM, the international standard for Collections Management.

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Celebrating SPECTRUM at 20!

  1. 1. Welcome to the 2014 SPECTRUM Community Meeting! Nick Poole, CEO, Collections Trust
  2. 2. Welcome to the 3rd annual meeting of the international SPECTRUM Community!
  3. 3. But first...
  4. 4. Happy 20th Birthday SPECTRUM!
  5. 5. What is SPECTRUM? • SPECTRUM is an open, and freely-available standard which defines and promotes best practice in the management and use of collections in museums, archives, galleries and similar cultural organisations. • Now in its 4th edition, SPECTRUM is used by more than 23,000 museums in 40 countries worldwide to improve the management, sustainability and use of their Collections.
  6. 6. SPECTRUM Mission • Our mission as the international community responsible for the development, localisation, promotion and support of SPECTRUM worldwide is to ensure that wherever collections are, they are managed accountably, professionally and with due regard to public interest. • SPECTRUM is an open standard, developed by, with and for the international cultural community on behalf of the audiences we serve.
  8. 8. The SPECTRUM Community We are a global community working together to help create great museums for audiences worldwide, sharing best practice and preparing to meet the challenges of the future
  9. 9. SPECTRUM National Partners • Publicly or state-funded organisations with a charitable or public-benefit remit • Sign the SPECTRUM National Partners Agreement on behalf of their Community • Support the development of SPECTRUM on an ongoing basis • Promote SPECTRUM to their national community • Share responsibility for the direction & sustainability of SPECTRUM worldwide
  10. 10. SPECTRUM National Partners • Netherlands • Germany • Flanders • UK • Finland • Norway • Sweden • Portugal • Brazil
  11. 11. SPECTRUM Champions • Commit voluntary time and effort to promoting and supporting SPECTRUM in their national community • Able to lead or support translation and/or localisation of SPECTRUM • Able to promote SPECTRUM to the appropriate organisation to act as the National Partner for their community
  12. 12. Copyright Roger Layton, Roger Layton Associates (c) 2013
  13. 13. “We work together”, I told him from the heart. “Whether we work together, or apart.”
  14. 14. Thank you so much to everyone that has worked so hard to open SPECTRUM up to museums all over the world!
  15. 15. SPECTRUM Users • Willing to commit voluntary time and effort to promoting and supporting SPECTRUM in their organisation • Committed to best practice and to managing their collections accountably, professionally and with due regard to public interest • Able to contribute ideas and knowledge to the future development of SPECTRUM
  16. 16. SPECTRUM Partners • Developing and supporting commercial products which support Collections Management & make use of the SPECTRUM standard • Committed to the development and promotion of SPECTRUM and standards of best practice to their client communities • Able to contribute expertise and knowledge to the future development of SPECTRUM
  17. 17. SPECTRUM Partners • Adlib Information Systems • Axiell • Collector Systems • The ETHER Initiative • Gallery Systems • Keepthinking • KE Software Ltd • Media Equation • Mobydoc • MODES Users Association • Picturae • Selago Design • Semantika • SKINmuseum • System Simulation Ltd • Vernon Systems • zetcom Ltd We have a responsibility to support these companies who support our sector and help drive innovation & best practice. Do take time to meet with them over the next 2 days & find out what they have to offer!
  18. 18. SPECTRUM DAM Partners • Integrating Digital Asset Management alongside core Collections Management practices • Committed to the development and promotion of SPECTRUM DAM best practice to their client communities • Able to contribute expertise and knowledge to the future development of SPECTRUM and SPECTRUM DAM
  19. 19. SPECTRUM DAM Partners • Extensis • KE Software • Media Equation • System Simulation DAM is likely to be the next big development for museums worldwide. Meet with the SPECTRUM DAM Partners and find out how they are supporting best practice!
  20. 20. Highlights of 2013-14! • SPECTRUM launched in Germany • Welcoming Norway, Sweden, Finland, Brazil as National Partners • SPECTRUM DAM launched • SPECTRUM & Collections Management System events in Norway • Regional SPECTRUM Workshops in South Africa • Collections Management Competency Framework Launched • New SPECTRUM section on Collections Trust website
  21. 21. PRACTITIONER MANAGER LEADER Commitment to customer focus Collections Management as a tool to support effective display & interpretation Ethics and social responsibility Collections Management underpinned by professional values & ethics Delivering effective outcomes Professional practice competencies (eg. documentation, environmental management) Developing positive relationships Managerial and communications competencies
  22. 22. http://www.vocman.com/cultureGrid
  23. 23. Challenges for our industry • Do more with less • Maintain accountability and public trust • Open up collections for discovery, use, enjoyment and research • Achieve and maintain best practice in collections stewardship • Develop integrated workflows to manage & share collections knowledge • Remain relevant, exciting and innovative • Engage audiences before, during and long after the visit
  24. 24. Challenges for SPECTRUM • Strategy • Organisation • Technical
  25. 25. SPECTRUM Strategy • Define our vision for the future of SPECTRUM • Set out our strategy for achieving it • Define the impact we are seeking to achieve • Evaluate our performance • Advocate for the value and impact of SPECTRUM for our audiences
  26. 26. SPECTRUM Organisation • We are now a global community • New communities in Turkey, China, Qatar, Japan, Ukraine & elsewhere • How can we best organise our work? • How do we avoid duplication? • How can we ensure that everyone benefits from individual community activity?
  27. 27. SPECTRUM Technical • Is SPECTRUM fit for purpose? • What are the technical challenges that lie ahead? • How is documentation evolving? • What are the challenges and opportunities of COPE? • How do we address DAM integration? • What are the other museum processes & workflows we need to address?
  28. 28. Thanks to the SPECTRUM Community! SPECTRUM is the work of more than 3000 practitioners just like you. It is owned and developed by the community, for the community. Thank you for all of your work testing, evaluating & improving SPECTRUM
  29. 29. Let’s go forward together! http://www.collectionstrust.org.uk/spectrum