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Presidential Project


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Published in: News & Politics
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Presidential Project

  1. 1. Presidential Project Samantha Hildebrand Jessica DePaul Rachel Marinari Colleen Brickley
  2. 2. Fierce Party Mascot - Grizzly Bear
  3. 3. Campaign Issues & Legislation Same Sex Marriage: No laws saying marriage is only between a man and a women. Couples of the same sex can marry and receive the same benefits as couples made of one man and one women War in Iraq: Propose legislation to get out of the war with as little casualties as possible and without stepping on to many toes Global Warming: Propose legislation to find a better energy sources Fund projects that promote quot;Going Greenquot;
  4. 4. Presidential Candidate Jessica DePaul Gender: Female Religion: Roman Catholic Race: White Education: Graduate of WHS Lehigh University (Degree in Political Science and Pre-Law) Princeton (Grad School with a Juris Doctor Degree).
  5. 5. Presidential Candidate Work Experience: Lawyer with the Davis Polk & Wardwell firm based in New York City Sergeant in the United States Marines Corp Joined the Pennsylvania Senate (and is currently still serving for her 25th year) Political Ideology: Part of FIERCE party
  6. 6. Roles of the President of the United States of America 1. Chief of State 2. Chief Executive 3. Chief Diplomat 4. Commander-in-Chief 5. Chief Legislator 6. Chief of Party 7. Chief Guardian of the Economy
  7. 7. Chief of State role: to be an inspirational example to the American People How she did it: 1. Awarded medals to the winners of college scholarships. 2. Served in the Marine Corps 3. Volunteered in the Memorial Hospital in York, PA 4. Makes patriotic speech's at Philadelphia Parades
  8. 8. Chief Executive role: quot;bossquot; of millions of government workers How she did it: 1. Appointed Philadelphia Cheif of Police for the year 2020 2. Signed a bill to enforce gun control laws in the state of Pennsylvania
  9. 9. Chief Diplomat role:help make foreign policy of the US How she did it: 1. During college, Jessica traveled to Africa to volunteer with the Red Cross 2. After joining the Senate, Jessica traveled to Darfur, to witness the situation 3. Backpack through Europe during High School to experience global culture
  10. 10. Commander-in-Chief role: the head of the US Armed Forces How she did it: 1. she was a Sargent of the Marine Corps 2. she quelled a protest during her second year in the Marine Corps
  11. 11. Chief Legislator role: power to influence Congress in its lawmaking How she did it: 1. Helped pass a bill contributing to the widespread cause of quot;going greenquot; 2. made a speech to the local communities about equal rights (in regards to same-sex marriage)
  12. 12. Chief of Party role: helps members of his political party get elected or appointed to office How she did it: 1. She choose a subordinate officer to serve with her during her time as a Sargent in the Marines Jess Other party members!
  13. 13. Chief Guardian of the Economy role: The president does not control the economy, but is expected to help it run smoothly. How she did it: 1. She met with local business owners to discuss the current economic slide and brainstorm ideas on how to combat going out of business due to bankruptcy. 2. She helped to pass a bill dealing with small business owners.
  14. 14. Cabinet Postitions homeland energy secretary secretary of state defense secretary attorney general
  15. 15. Homeland Security Secretary Who: Janet Napolitano Why: Since she is the Governor of Arizona and is used to dealing with border problems, it comes as a natural choice that she would fit in perfectly with out party because you can't have freedom for your country with people from others trying to get in. She will do a good job of protecting us by watching the borders.
  16. 16. Energy Secretary Who: Leonardo DiCaprio Why: As a figure who is under constant spotlight, political activist/environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio spends most of his time shedding light on new ways to quot;go greenquot; and alternate energy sources. he has recently made a documentary about what is going to happen to the earth if something is not done to protect it. If her were energy secretary, he would then have the funds to do more research and try to find a way to solve the current energy crisis. This is soomething he is very passinate about and I know that he will not take the job lightly.
  17. 17. Secretary of State Who:Bono Why: As a member of many different organizations for the help of other poor countries, Bono has been to meetings such as the G8 Summit and has traveled all over the world. He is used to speaking out for what he thinks is right and I have full confidence that he will be able to deal with overseeing foreign policies and United Nations meetings.
  18. 18. Defense Secretary Who: Colin Powell Why: As a former 4 star general in the army and previous Secretary of State, Colin Powell is well informed in the way the government and the armed forces is run. He will be able to lead the armed forces if anything were to happen to the president and he can independantly make calls concerning the different sections of the Department of Defense.
  19. 19. Attorney General Who: Eric H. Holder Jr. Why: He has worked at the Justice Department since 1976 after exiting Columbia Law School. He has experiencing in being a deputy attorney general, which is just a step down from attorney general. He has all the experience we need for someone to help spread the FIERCE campaign.